You Let Your Kids Do What!?

Dirt good for children

Why I Let My Kids Eat Food That’s Been Down For More Than 5 Seconds

Kids love to get dirty don't they? At least it seems like my girls do. On any given day they can be found in our backyard digging with their small shovels and piling dirt on one another. It's in their hair, in one's diaper, and under their nails. They are yucky. 

But is this actually a bad thing? Or is it that our children and babies innately know what is best for them? Are their natural tendencies smarter than our learned fear of germs…most definitely. Our children instinctually know that an immune system only matures by being exposed to the icky grimys we fear as a culture. And sadly this fear for all things dirty and grimy is leading us into an emerging era of poor immunity and chronic illness.

Read the rest of the article here as I guest post over at Kitchen Stewardship 

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