The Wardrobe Makes All the Difference: How Dressing Well Keeps Away Seasonal Blues

Oh winter, how we love you so. Your beauty, your unexpected storms, the crisp snow cracking under-toe, and the opportunity to create an ultra cozy home. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum we usually have more sadness and depression in the winter and going into spring, thanks to our lovely sun spending more time in the opposite hemisphere. 

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Because I sure as heck don’t want to feel down if I don’t have to I am always taking extra steps to prevent seasonal blues. While there’s many ways, like light therapy and eating right, to fend off depression there is one often overlooked, yet super easy way…dressing well!

Yep, did you know that dressing well lifts the spirits! (it’s even supported with research like this peer-reviewed article and this book). Those who dress in clothes that make them feel good are more positive and happier, plus they have higher self confidence. To me, it’s one of the most simple things we can do to prevent seasonal sadness. 

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By consciously choosing to wear clothing that we feel great in we are boosting our confidence, self love, and happiness. And all those feel good hormones swirling around in us will be sure to help fend off the winter down in the dumps feelings. 

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To help me you’ll find me armed with cute warm bennies, bright sweaters, cozy boots…and lets not forget the accessories. An outfit doesn’t feel complete without jewelry, it adds that extra special touch and lifts my spirits. Who’s with me here?

One item I’ve found particularly helpful as a wintertime accessory is my JORD watch. This unique watch is ultra feminine, bold, and beautiful! Made from koa wood, the watch features an all wood band and case, sapphire crystal glass, Swarovski crystal markers, and a captivating rose gold toned face. Each time I glance at this beauty, I feel beautiful, which I know does tons for my overall happiness. 

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JORD has an entire collection of women's watches that are equally as gorgeous as my Cora, and of course mens watches too…in case your man is a wood enthusiast like mine. All of JORD’s watches are wooden, artistic, and definitely make a statement. Offered in an array of woods like ebony and purpleheart plus a large variety of face colors, there’s a fashion option to make everyone smile. Let JORD watches be the reason your springtime will be blues free. 

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AND…to bring just a bit more joy to your winter JORD and I have teamed up for a very special contest. 

One winner will receive a $100 e-gift code to JORD! Plus, all other entrants will receive a $25 consolation e-gift code at the close of the contest…hooray! and happy wintertime!!

Enter the contest here by filling out a simple form  

Contest runs from now until April 23rd midnight. Good luck, stay cozy, and stay happy!





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