7 Tips For Making the Switch To Real Food

Want to stop dieting? Eat Real Food and have a healthy weight for the rest of your life. Come read these 7 tips to help  switch to Real Food.

Think of our journey to eating Real Food as a lifestyle change, and one that brings you to optimal health.

There are no fad diets or restrictive starve yourself protocols. Basically we will be returning to REAL food, food that gives our bodies the nutrients it needs to heal themselves from any ailment they come across. Cells will go back to working properly leading to healthy skin, strong nails and hair, www.cleansthenewblack.com/health/vital-proteins-beauty-greens-review, proper hormone balance, and weight control. 

If you have a few extra pounds hanging around from the holidays or from the past few…years…your weight will return to a normal healthy level. And if you are at a weight you are happy with eating Real Food is a way for you to maintain that healthy level for the rest of your life. 

By eating Real Food myself I avoided the massive pregnancy weight gain so many women fall subject to and shed the pounds afterwards easily. I have maintained the same weight since I was a senior in high school…except for the two years I was distracted by college and ate processed fake foods which resulted in a bit of a weight gain and acne. However, once I returned to eating real foods those extra pounds came off and my acne vanished. Real Food is the answer to everyones weight gains and health struggles, we can be the strong robust healthy people our genes so want us to be….Real Food is the key…plus a bit of exercise. 

So what is Real Food? Basically food as our ancestors used to eat, hundreds and thousands of years ago, food from the earth, food as minimally unprocessed and unadulterated as possible. This type of food leaves the nutrients and crucial enzymes intact that the body so badly needs to digest food and keep cells thriving. It is important that this food is organic, grass-fed, and/or non-GMO

7 Steps to Getting Started with Real Food

  1. Eat veggies and fruit with every meal. The veggies can be a bit difficult to eat in the am, unless you cook a hot breakfast. Green juices and smoothies are great for this.

  2. Eat soaked or sprouted grains - Grains which are not soaked have phytic acid, which strip the body of its mineral content. This leads to many issues including cavities as the phytates rob the body of calcium. Unfortunately many people eat whole wheat thinking it is a healthy alternative, however, whole wheat, because it has the bran and germ has higher levels of phytic acid meaning more mineral robbing properties.  You can easily soak your grains at home with a little advanced prep. Oats can be soaked overnight to cook the next am, sprout or soak lentils, flour, and beans before cooking them. You will notice less bloating and other GI symptoms when eating traditionally prepared grains than with the standard counterpart. Some people who are gluten sensitive find they can eat soaked grains without a problem. Some examples are Alvarado St. Baking Company Bread, One Degree Organics Cereal, real sourdough bread, and sprouted flours.
  3. Change all the white sugar in your home for maple syrup, local raw organic honey, coconut sugar, or sucanat (unprocessed cane sugar). And use it as little as possible. The reason you want to avoid white sugar is, for one, unless it is 100% cane sugar, white sugar is from GMO sugar beets. Also, white sugar spikes the blood sugar and therefore insulin levels dramatically, more than unprocessed sugar like maple syrup, honey, and sucanat. When insulin levels spike and drop repeatedly the body is at risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. These spikes also happen when you eat refined grains like white bread/flour.
  4. Eat whole fat dairy products. Read here why this is much healthier than low fat and non-fat dairy.
  5. Include healthy fats in your diet. Such as coconut oil, grass-fed butter, red palm oil, tallow, and fermented cod liver oil. This article will explain in depth why it is important. 
  6. Drink water, and fermented beverages like kefir and kombucha. Avoid soda, diet drinks, and juice.
  7. Eat 100% grass-fed meats and wild caught fish. Avoid fish from the pacific ocean due to the radiation from Fukushima polluting the waters. Also don't eat farmed fish as their feed is GMO, same goes for any non-organic meat.  One of the most important things to eat organic is meat, as the conventional animals are fed GM corn and soy. 

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