5 Reasons Beauty Greens Should Be Your Next Breakfast

Collagen, collagen, collagen...with so many topical products advertising they will increase collagen production in your skin it's become a hot topic in the beauty community, and for a good reason. Collagen is the building block of the skin and by boosting its structure we are preventing aging. Topically, we can apply botanicals that stimulate the skin to build collagen. However, the best way to increase collagen is taking it orally. By mouth, we can eat actual animal collagen to increase our skins structure (here’s what I use).

Vital Proteins Beauty Greens review

Collagen is THE beauty supplement we should be taking to nourish our bodies from the inside out. Not only is collagen 70% of the protein that comprises the skin, it's necessary for supple, wrinkle-less, hydrated skin. Being that it's the skin's main support structure, collagen is responsible for elasticity, renewal, and cohesion. It also helps to keep the skin moist.  

To get my daily dose of collagen I choose Collagen Peptide Powder added to my tea or juice (more on gelatin and non-beef collagen here). 

collagen for anti-aging

But what if we take collagen a step further and add in some extra awesome beauty boosting ingredients? Then my friends, you have the birth of Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty GreensA beautiful blend of marine collagen peptides with raw organic greens, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics it gives our skin multiple ways to stay radiant. 

  • The hyaluronic acid keeps skin moist by drawing water into the cells and promotes collagen production. 
  • The marine collagen sourced from wild caught non-GMO project verified red snapper offers all the benefits mentioned above and here. Plus a hefty dose of protein.
  • Probiotics, well you know I'm already a fan, but the specific shelf stable SBO Bacillus Coagulans found in Beauty Greens is great at repopulating the gut with good bacteria which promote radiant healthy skin. One serving provides 2 billion bacteria. Get the 4-1-1 on probiotics in this post
  • The raw organic greens offer a wide array of vitamins and nutrients in whole food form. A mixture of all organic wheat grass, spinach, alfalfa, kale, and barley grass this blend is a superstar. With vitamins a, k, c, folate, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, and other macronutrients we’re really getting a good nutritional boost. 

The blend is flavored with vanilla bean and coconut water with no added sweetener and offers 10 gm of protein per serving. I love mine in coconut milk or jut plain ol' filtered water (here's the filter I use). The taste is mildly sweet, freshly green, and frankly delicious. I haven't be able to get my kids to approve of the taste just yet, but frankly their anti-aging processes are quite well intact at this point so, I'm not too concerned. 

organic collagen drink

Reasons to try Beauty Greens


10 gm protein per scoop and an array of amino acids, this collagen boosts beauty and protein levels. With so many protein supplement on the market containing body damaging or GI irritating highly processed proteins it’s imperative that our protein supplements are from healthy minimally processed sources (more on that here). And Beauty Greens (as well as the other Vitals Proteins products) are some of the best on the market. 

Easy meal replacer

When I drink Beauty Greens in the morning, I am satisfied with just that. If I choose use it as a replacement for breakfast I usually use coconut or raw milk for the liquid, as to offer a bit more sustenance. The protein in the Greens and fat in the milk keeps me feeling full well into my snack time. Plus, I feel content knowing I've already eaten some greens by 7am….cause that almost never happens. 

Skin Health

With the loads of research on the subject, collagen is THE nutrient for increasing skin elasticity, hydration, structure and overall youthfulness. Touted as "natures Botox", although I wouldn't go that far, collagen is a must have for anyone concerned with aging. 

Body Wide Wellness

Not only does collagen promote skin health but it as well supports multiple other body systems. Joint, muscle, nails, hair, nervous, digestive, and immune. The best benefit to me is the digestive as collagen helps treat leaky gut, (and the probiotics in the Beauty Greens, too!).

No Nastys

No added sugar, no fillers, no harsh processing, or fluff this is a legit nutritional drink. Non-GMO verified wild fish, organic ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors it's all good and nothing bad. 


Contrary to what you may be assuming, Beauty Greens is definitely palatable and rather tasty in my opinion. The taste is mild, slightly sweet, and lightly "green" tasting. Years ago I bought powdered wheat grass, but I just couldn't stomach the super grassy green taste and smell. Needless to say I didn't finish the container, what a waste. Beauty Greens on the other hand is honestly 100% drinkable without any "I hate my life" face. This is super important to me as the millions of dollars a year we waste on supplements that just sit on our shelves is heartbreaking. There's no amount of good intention that can force yourself to drink something unpalatable. 

I mix my BG up with water, raw milk, or homemade coconut milk and if I'm feeling crazy I'll add a scoop of cacao powered for some added antioxidants and chocolately taste. Mixed with 8 oz of liquid you have yourself a delicious am meal or anytime drink. 

Beauty Greens can be found here, starting at $44.

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