The Ultimate Way To Relaxation

You know who could use some extra relaxation? Me! And probably you too! 

Weather we’re sick, tired, in pain, stressed, or anxious, relaxation can help mend even the worst of ailments. You know what I wouldn’t have ever dreamed would be relaxing? Laying on a bed of nails. 

But it actually it…girls scouts promise. 

If laying on 10,000 nails doesn’t sound relaxing to you, you’re not alone. I didn’t think it sounded remotely amazing, but I know firsthand the benefits of acupressure so I gave it a whorl. And ya’ know what, all those nails actually are amazing. 

Bed of Nails review

The Bed of Nails mat and pillow bring the thousands of year old tradition into the modern home with a minimalist design and ease of use.  With the Bed of Nails mat and pillow you are literally laying on over 10k plastic nails. The nails are not sharp enough to break the skin, but still feel pokey for sure. However, when you lay on the mat and/or pillow the pressure of these nails is distributed across the body surface and the pressure morphs into a calming wave of stress relief. Using the principles of acupressure, Bed of Nails offers numerous healing benefits that just about all of us can benefit from. The main ones I noticed, deep relaxation and pain relief. Bed of Nails brings acupressure to our homes simply and effectively. 

The way it works is the Nails triggers our inner ability to heal through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, endorphins, and oxytocin. That nervous system is the calming side and actives organs when at rest. This puts us into a deep state of rejuvenating relaxation, reduces pain, increases feelings of happiness and satisfaction. It may also help with sleep troubles, circulation issues, chronic pain, constipation, and high blood pressure.

Accupressure mat at home

How to Use It

Bed of Nails can be used multiple ways, the mat can be laid on by your back or front, sat on in a chair, or stepped on with your feet. The pillow can go under the neck, lower back, or feet. Really, there’s no wrong position to use it in, let your imagination run with it. My favorite way is simply on my back with the pillow under my neck. Second fav would be under my feet for an ultra soothing post 12 hour shift foot rejuvenation. 

Preferably used daily and for a minimum of 10 minutes with skin to nail contact…yes basically naked. There’s no upper limit on time here and you can use a light covering between your skin and the mat, although, it’s more effective without. I love to use mine during the time I have a face mask on, it creates the ultimate relaxing experience. 

Bed of Nails Pillow

How it Feels

The first few times I used it the nails felt more prickly than they do now. I think the body must get used to the feeling. When first positioning on the mat it’s the most uncomfortable because the weight isn’t distributed yet, but once you’re laying in position pressure is immediately relieved. After a few minutes of laying the pressure points of the nails become unnoticeable and for me I start to feel super calm. The experience then turns from uncomfortable to wonderful.

Getting off the mat can also be a bit unpleasant, again because the pressure is suddenly placed on small areas. Once I’m up my skin is reddened with little nail indents are all over, kind of like alligator skin or something. Sometimes it feels a bit itchy as the blood flow pulses in those regions. These feelings all dissipate in less than 5 minutes for me though. 

Laying on the nails has become so relaxing for me that I actually find myself craving to use Bed of Nails. There’s just something about the calm yet aware state it puts me in. Plus any aches and pain are immediately relieved. Headaches, backaches…gone! While, I don’t use my mat everyday, I have consistently used it multiple times a week and know it’s something I will continue to incorporate into my life. Bed of Nails is truly a great way to de-stress, rejuvenate, and reduce pain. 

It can be purchased here, available in pink, black, or green. And check out my Instagram soon for a chance to win your own mat and pillow. 

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