A Cause for Anxiety With a Simple Nutrition Based Treatment.

A cause for social anxiety, pyroluria

A pit develops in your stomach, the room is growing smaller with each minute as it crowds with people. You can feel your heart starting to quicken and your muscles tense up. Anxiety is setting in and it’s all you can do to stop yourself from running out of the crowded room to be alone. You usually avoid these types of situations…large public crowds…but sometimes it’s inevitable you have to put your fears aside and handle it. But what if you didn’t have to “handle” it anymore, and instead feel relaxed? You can, actually. And overcoming this type of anxiety is usually more straightforward that you would think. 

If you couldn’t tell by my many posts on mental health (like this one on depression and this one about anxiety), I have a passion for it. It’s complex, often misunderstood, and fully treatable holistically. With real evidence based research emerging the field of holistic psychiatry is growing in both popularity and credibility. I am so thankful for this because people can truly experience long term recovery from mental illness. Without prescription pharmaceuticals because the REAL cause of their disease is being addressed

Fortunately and unfortunately diet is a HUGE contributing factor to the cause of many mental illnesses. With a powerful connection between the gut and the mind a poor diet directly effects our brains delicate neurochemistry. How sensitive we are to our diet choices are also related to our genetics. Which, is why many mental illness seem to “run” in families and mutations in genes can cause drastic changes in the way our bodies process nutrients. 


Conquer your social anxiety naturally by treating the cause. Find out what pyroluria is and it's simple treatment

Pyroluria is a common genetic condition that causes anxiety. The genetic mutation causes the body to excrete excessive amounts of B6 and Zinc in the urine (source) and deficiencies in those two nutrients cause a myriad of symptoms which include anxiety. Anxiety, with a particular set of symptoms most often social anxiety (like I described above), bouts of depression, inner tension, and fear of crowds. Here is a full questionnaire that goes over all the symptoms of pyroluria. 

Common Symptoms

  • Easily Sunburned
  • Disliking protein
  • Uncomfortable with strangers
  • Easily upset
  • From a family of look alike sisters
  • Cold hands/feet
  • Anemia
  • Hiding feelings of anxiety since childhood
  • White spots on nails
  • Poor dream recall

If you have any form of anxiety and relate to some of the symptoms above I urge you to look at the questionnaire. If you identify with the symptoms, there is a strong chance you have Pyroluria and thankfully supplementation with key vitamins and minerals will help you resolve your anxiety without the use of prescription anxiolytics.

Pyroluria is quite common and chances are you or someone you know has it and is suffering silently.  According to Trudy Scott, CN and author of The Anti-anxiety Food Solution, says it effects, “11 percent of the healthy population, 40 percent of adults with psychiatric disorders, 25 percent of children with psychiatric disorders, 30 percent of people with schizophrenia, and 40 percent of alcoholics…pyroluria is also present in about 46 percent of people with autism spectrum disorders and 71 percent of those with Down syndrome,” (source). 


Thankfully, pyroluria is fairly easy to treat, much easier than taking Ativan or another anxiolytic which comes with a laundry list of side effects and only masks the symptoms. Daily does of Vitamin B6 and Zinc along with a multivitamin and Evening Primrose Oil should resolve the symptoms. Also, vitally important is addressing any GI issues you may have, including leaky gut. And in turn following a healthy diet

Another caveat it to ensure you avoid copper. Do not supplement any copper as copper will deplete Zinc within the body. Make sure your multi doesn’t contain copper as well. 

Dosing is as follows

Please always remember that just as important as taking the supplement is the quality of the supplement you are taking. Garbage lab made synthetic vitamins do little for the body. Synthesized from petroleum byproducts, GMOs, cyanide, ammonia, etc. synthetic vitamins are poorly absorbed, toxic, and contain unnecessary fillers. Instead use whole foods based products from reputable companies, the ones I use and recommend are linked in the dosing info above. 

Want to know more about anxiety and it’s connection to food? Check out the book, The Anti-anxiety Food Solution. Also, check out my post on oral lavender as a natural anxiety treatment. And for natural depression treatment this post is a great place to start.

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