The Secret to Resilient Oral Health

“Gosh your breath smells," something no one ever wants to hear but probably all of us have. 

Bad breath is a widespread issue that is both embarrassing and difficult to tackle. At its root are multiple types of bacteria that produce sulfur compounds which overtake the oral cavities and eventually escape when talking/breathing. Mouthwashes, toothpastes, gums and mints usually only suffice for an hour or so…and then the bad breath comes creeping back in and you're stuck in the vicious cycle (source). Something I think we could all live without but so often wrestle with. 

PRO-Dental review

Why is it that common treatment never seems to do the job?

Because we are going about it all wrong! Gum, mints, and sprays work just to mask the odor for a very short period of time with their overpowering scents. Mouthwash, works a bit better by killing all the bacteria in your mouth. Unfortunately, its help is short lived as eventually that stinky odor comes creeping back in when the bacteria begin to regrow. And that’s because the mouthwash is killing the good bacteria too. Yes, you read that right, there are good bacteria our mouths need in order to stay fresh, cavity free, and healthy just as our guts and skin need good bacteria. 

So What Are We To Do?

Probiotics targeted specifically for your oral health are making waves. Come see how repopulating your mouth with good bacterial will fight bad breath, cavities, peridontal disease, and more.

We need to boost the levels of good bacteria in our mouths, then the bad guys will be crowded out. Thankfully, you can treat the imbalance with chewable oral probiotics designed for oral health. These probiotics should contain specific strains of bacteria, S. salivarius K12 and M18, L. reuteri and L. paracasei, as these strains are found time and time again in healthy cavity and stink free mouths and those with no sinus, ear, nose, and throat issues. 

There’s another added HUGE bonus from taking these strains of probiotics…less tooth decay. Yeah, that whole brush and floss and avoid sugar diatribe the dental industry has been telling us for years isn’t the whole tomato…or even half the tomato, it’s like a small portion of it that needs to be used in addition to a Real Food diet and selective oral probiotic supplements. 

Here’s how these 4 bacterial strains help us

  • K12 produces a protein that stops bacteria from growing that cause smelly breath. Study after study supports that this bacteria reduces the amount of multiple types of bacteria that make us smell. (source)(source)
  • M18 works against plaque and biofilms in the mouth by producing enzymes that dissolve these coatings. Creating a healthier oral environment that is less prone to cavities. This study supports this by showing plaque levels were significantly reduced in those who took M18 for 90 days, especially for those with initially higher plaque levels. 
  • L. paracasei binds S. mutans (the bacteria that causes cavities) together so that they are unable to cling to the tooth surface and therefore cause tooth decay. (source)(source).
  • L. reuteri helps to reduce gingivitis and plaques in many studies. This study from the Journal of Oral Microbiology shows that pocket depth and bleeding were reduced after 42 days of oral use and reduced even more so when used in combination with scaling and root planing.

An easy way to get these four strains in a tablet designed specifically for oral health is PRO-Dental. Everyone in my family uses it, and we have seen great results. PRO-Dental is chewable mint flavored tablet that’s GMO-free as well as yeast, soy, gluten, artificial anything, and lactose free. These tablets require no refrigeration, thanks to LiveBac, and this lets the company guarantee their CFU until opening. Making them more potent that many probiotics on the market today. 

I use my PRO-Dental after I brush my teeth and either chew or dissolve the tablet in my mouth. The flavor is lightly minty and even loved by my kids…so much so that they ask for multiple in a day! I take one a day, unless I’m feeling an illness coming on, then I’ll take two twice a day. PRO-Dental keeps me at ease knowing I am taking an active part in my families oral health each day. You can find it here or on Amazon here

Have you ever tried probiotics specifically for oral health?

For more on what probiotics can do for urinary and feminine health read here!

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