Treating Depression Naturally Is Possible

Depression, it effects massive amount of people throughout the world. It is 100 times more common today than it was 100 years ago (1). Why do you think that is?

Wreaking havoc on the lives of those with depression, their friends, and families it leads to life altering choices and paths. Unfortunately, western treatment often falls short causing radical side effects and poor control of symptoms. I am not going to get into mile long list of side effects or why I think SSRI are an absolute no-no, instead I am going to show you one incredibly viable treatment option that is safe, natural, effective, and has minimal side effects...amino acid therapy. 

There are clinics around the US using these treatment protocols and hundreds of thousands of lives changed forever because of them. This is a real option for those seeking to get off SSRIs, MAOIs, and other antidepressants. This is a real option for those who have depression, are trying the natural route, and are unsatisfied with their current results. I have seen first hand amino acid therapy have a tremendous change in multiple peoples lives. Why can't yours be next?

Natural Depresison Treatment with amino acid therapy

What Is Causing My Poor Mood?

With multiple theories on the causes of depression and most of them actually complementary to one another finding the true cause can seem like jumping down a rabbit hole. However, they all boil down to neurotransmitter dysfunction and compromised flow from the neuron junctions. Yeah, yeah, probably not what you really care about, but I thought it was worth a mention. 

Causes of neurotransmitter dysfunction:

  • Neurotoxin exposure - thousands of substances, some individuals are more susceptible than others due to genetic predisposition. Things like: fluoride, lead, botulism, exhaust, pesticides, plastics, caffine, aspartame (source).
  • Trauma
  • Biological Insult 
  • Stress

These four things cause harm the neurons in our brains which damage the flow of electricity across them that is needed to keep the brain healthy. This is called the Bundle Damage Theory. If you want to know more on how this works feel free to contact me. Also, here is a great resource from Johns Hopkins (source). 

Unfortunately, once the neurons are damaged they never come back…sad face. So, in order for the remaining ones to function at a level that is disease free they must be “turned up” in electrical flow. This way they are giving off the same amount of electricity as they would if none had died. The way we turn the electricity up is to supply the brain with an abundant amount of neurotransmitters. 

How do we get more neurotransmitters? 

Get control of your depression with amino acid therapy. A safe, effective, and natural treatment without the horrendous side effects of antidepressants.

We eat them. Amino acids are the building blocks of neurotransmitters and we eat amino acids everyday, anytime we eat protein. So, by eating protein we get more neurotransmitters…to an extent. When our brains are sick, in a depressive state, there is no way to consume the sheer amount of amino acids needed to build levels of neurotransmitters back up to normal. Therefore, we must take amino acid supplements in specified doses to achieve normalcy. Read my post here on the four specific neurotransmitters and to learn which ones you are deficient in.  

Thankfully, amino acids have minimal side effects. Plus, they are readily available on Amazon and the like without a prescription for a fairly low cost. The only catch is figuring out which neurotransmitter you are in need of (learn more here). There are actually four different types and each has its own set of symptoms associated with it. Keep in mind that we can be low on more than just one neurotransmitter as well. Meaning we have to take a few supplements throughout the day. Make sure you pick up, The Mood Cure, for the dosing protocols and read my article on The 4 Neurotransmitters to get you started. 

The Food Connection

Another component to restoring your brain chemistry is a good diet. Diets high in sugar, low in protein or low calorie cause low serotonin. When we eat sugar and starches our bodes get a temporary high from the serotonin rush, but once the blood sugar plummets so does the serotonin. This leads to a cycle of sugar addiction so common in society today, giving reason to why depression is so common now.  

It is vitally important to consume enough protein on a daily basis for many reasons, one being your mental health. Amino acids are protein, so when you consume protein you are directly helping your body balance its neurotransmitters…therefore warding off depression (source).

Also, if our guts are sick, like in leaky gut then the proteins (amino acids) are not being absorbed and mood changes will ensue. Depression, ADD, anxiety, autism, etc all have a relation to leaky gut. This is, in portion, why so many people have found success with the GAPS diet for their mental health issues. 

There is great potential for us yet, don’t let depression and mood issues control your life. Holistic health has options for almost every disease and most of us are not aware amino acid therapy is a highly effective and incredibly safe option for depression. Whether you feel unfocused with low energy and need a boost in your catecholamines or overly emotional and craving sweets because your GABA is low there is a straightforward treatment for you. Amino acid replacement therapy can help you. It’s time to get out of that dark cloud and take back your mood. 

Please always consult a licensed physician prior to starting amino acid therapy and most definitely before stoping any prescribed antidepressant. And most importantly, read Julia Ross’, The Mood Cure, for a wealth of information on this subject. To find out which amino acid you are low in head on over to this post that dives into each of the neurotransmitters individually.

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