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The power of energy based medicine is strong and lasting, from Reiki, to meditation, to homeopathy, to crystals, this type of medicine treats the whole body and treats it fabulously. It addresses the underline subtle energy changes that occur in our bodies when something is a miss. From emotional issues, to body aches, to chronic illness there's nothing energy medicine cannot help with. 

One basis of energy medicine is understanding the 7 chakras, or energy meridian points, that are based along the vertical axis from pelvis to head. From the root to crown chakra each resonates with a certain color and certain emotions, body parts, and functions. To learn more about chakras read this beautiful description from Mindful Health. When any of the chakras are out of balance it leads to negative changes in the body and emotions. Therefore, keeping the chakras balanced and flowing is important to wholesome wellness.  

mindful mosaic flower essence review

Mindful Mosaic are a collection of chakra healing tools comprising of a set of seven Flower Essences and seven Essential Oils blends each correlating with one chakra. So, you have both a flower essence and an essential oil for each chakra. The Mindful Mosaic collection remedies help balance the chakras and therefore heal the mind, body, and soul at the deepest level. They are safe for anyone, even pets and children, and can be used throughout the day to revive our energetic balance. Coupled with meditation, crystals, and other interventions they are what I use to help keep my chakras flowing smoothly. 

Some may notice changes immediately after using the products and other changes can be felt overtime. The changes also may be subtle or quite obvious. To discover which chakras are out of balance in yourself try their chakra assessment quiz. Then try out the essence and/or essential oil for that chakra. You can also choose to try an essence for one chakra and an oil for another chakra. To discover what other chakra needs help take the quiz for a second time, this time choosing your second choice answers. 

Mindful Mosaic chakra balancing tools

The Flower Essence Blends

Chakra balancing floral essences

Mindful Mosaic Flower Essence Blends are fine herbal infusions of 3-4 types of flowers chosen for their specific action on the chakra. If your familiar with Bach Flower Remedies or his Rescue Remedy these essences follow the same general idea, but Bach's are for particular emotional imbalances and fears. 

The essences are made by taking particular flowers and putting them atop a bowl of water and allowing the sun to infuse their vibrational message into the water. The flowers are then removed and the water diluted and preserved with high quality brandy. You are then left with a scentless elixir that’s taken under the tongue (because it’s so vascular their) up to four times a day. These elixirs are completely safe with no side effects. Because they are in brandy they do taste like mild alcohol but that fades rapidly as the dose is only 1/2 of a dropper full. All 7 Flower Essence Blends can be found for purchase here

Mindful Mosaic Essential Oil Blends review

Essential Oil Blends

The Mindful Mosaic Essential Oils Blends are aromatherapy combinations infused with gem energy to correlate with a specific chakra. Made to be used straight from the roller bottle, these blends are diluted in moisturizing sunflower and jojoba oils. The roller ball packaging makes it easy to take them wherever you need and use without fuss. 

gem infused essential oils for chakras

Made from one or two high quality essential oils the blends are a delight to the senses as their beautiful aroma fills the air. Each has a particular gemstone that the oil infuses in (as you can see in the photo), so that the vibrational energy of the crystal is infused into the oil and transfered onto us. The Essential Oil Blends are designed to be applied to specific meridians of the body, near that chakra center. The back of each bottle will tell you where to apply. Unlike the flower essences, essential oils do have some precautions. Therefore, if you are pregnant or nursing please consult an aromatherapist before using. The entire collections can be found here. 

Mindful Mosaic essential oils

My Experience

I started out using the Sacral Chakra Essence and Oil after the results from my test. Prior to starting I was feeling overly serious and generally blah. I was unmotivated regarding the creative things, like this blog, in my life, overreacting to the smallest things, and trending towards hormonal imbalance. All of these points are related to the sacral chakra and they soon improved after just a few days of using Mindful Mosaic. 

After about a week of using them consistently I was feeling more easy going, joyful, balanced emotionally, and more motivated in all aspects of my life. After my intuition told me that chakra had been tended to enough I moved onto the root chakra essence and the sacral chakra oil. The changes I have felt with these two have been profound. My nurturing motherly instincts have been heightened, irritation decreased, and sense trust and self worth increased. There are other more subtle changes that are too much to list here, but the overall effects these remedies have had on my wellness is remarkable. 

Energy balance is important in everyones lives and I highly recommend you all try at least one set of Mindful Mosaic tools. There is only good to come from improving our chakra imbalances and these products make it easy to take a step in the right direction. 

Mindful Health Retreat

Mindful Health

Lastly, if you're loving the vibes Mindful Mosaic products are giving you should look into Mindful Health, the sister company that delivers whole body wellness. From health consultations, to Bioenergetic Evaluations, to nutritional counseling Mindful Health helps women fell whole. Specifically they have Cleanse program that looks amazing and Womens Retreats I’ve got my eye on. 

Mindful Mosaic womens retreat

The Mindful Mosaic Women's Retreats are the perfect getaway for holistic healing. The retreat focuses on falling in love with yourself again by energy balancing and soul nurturing. Through chakra balancing with the Mindful Mosaic collection, yoga, spa treatments, beautiful locations, and farm-to-table meals you will emerge a healthier, happier, and more whole soul. The next retreat is this October 21-24th in Hudson Valley New York. If you sign up here, you will receive the special gift of the entire Mindful Mosaic line I reviewed above, all the Flower Essences and all the Essential Oil Blends. 

Peace and Love,

  Jena 💕

Disclosure:  In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary or other types of compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. However, I always give my honest opinion and findings of the products and would not recommend anything that I do not use for myself or family. All of the products recommended will adhere to the Standards of Clean, listed here.

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