The Single Best Way to Restore Yourself

Mindful Health Tulum womens retreat

Just a quick note to share with you an amazing retreat coming up by my favorite chakra loving company, Mindful Health. This retreat would be the single quickest way to reset your entire wellbeing I can think of. Health, yoga, and energy balancing focused you're sure to emerge with a revived soul. Check out this post to learn all about the company and the beautiful chakra balancing products they formulate which I use weekly. 

Join Mindful Health for a 6 day 5 night chakra immersion in Tulum, Mexico, April 28th-May 3rd.

Womens yoga retreat

This retreat will use innovative tools to help you unearth which chakras need balancing and teach you practical ways to center yourself through nutrition, meditation, yoga, crystal healing, flower essences, essential oils, color therapy and more.

Sanara resort

The retreat is being held at Sanara which literally translates to "You will Heal" and it's almost impossible not to! Yoga is held in a glass enclosed atrium...how cool is that!..that faces the water so most often all you hear is your breath and the sea. The massage therapists use local herbs to relax and unwind your muscles and the food is incredibly healthy-as there is a smoothie and green drink menu a mile long! The location is stunning and you never need to wear shoes as the property literally sits on the sand and the sea.

Sanara jungle suite

Join Mindful Health for an intimate retreat where you can connect with like-minded women, nature, nutrition, your body, your joy and your path.

Payment plans available and early bird ends Jan 25th, make sure to mention my name at checkout! Join the retreat here!

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