Is Salt Our Enemy?

Is salt really bad to eat? Come find out, only from Clean's the New Black

Low-salt & No-salt, on many packages and from the mouths of many physicians...this is the tune they have been singing for years. In the name of heart health and blood pressure reduction...add no salt to your food and give yourself some extra years of life. However, is this really what all of us should be doing? 

Medically speaking you may be surprised to learn that the wide spread recommendation of low salt diet for high-blood pressure treatment is being questioned. While, it is correct that over short periods of time blood pressure lowers when salt intake is lowered it is not correct to assume this is true in the long term. In this study, as well as others, blood pressure reduction was pretty minimal when following a low salt diet. The blood pressure was reduced by only 3.5% in hypertensive and 1% in normotensive patients. Plus cholesterol and triglyceride levels increased in a low salt diet!

The Low salt, no salt diet recommended for heart health is not all it's chalked up to be.

Another study published in the American Journal of Hypertension, analyzed seven randomized controlled trials (the most valuable kind of study) that focused on salt reduction and its effects on cardiovascular health and death. What they found was, "there is still insufficient power to exclude clinically important effects of reduced dietary salt on mortality or CVD morbidity," (source). Meaning, reducing salt in the diet has no real provable effect on health. 

Also, quite interestingly, this study shows that when mineral rich salt, like Real Salt, is substituted for normal table salt blood pressure lowers by 7.5% as well as overall salt intake lowers. One of the reasons for this is most likely that mineral rich salt has high levels of magnesium, which by itself is responsible for lowering blood pressure. You see unrefined salt is not only sodium, but a host of other minerals that balance one another out...helping the body to maintain cellular functions.  

Once again, eating food as it comes from the earth shows to be best for our bodies. So, fear not of salt, when used properly it is a necessary part of a healthy diet. After all, sodium is a major component of our body fluids. Salt has been used for thousands of years to preserve, pickle, and season foods yet hypertension is a modern day disease. Perhaps in part, hypertension is related to the processing and refinement of table salt. 

Like I mentioned above, not all salt is equal and not all salt is bad for you. The typical table salt (like Mortons) has additives and anti-caking agents. It is also washed and processed so it is devoid of any of the 60+ naturally occurring mineralsDon’t use this kind of salt...besides it tastes pretty strange don't you think?

For my daily cooking needs I choose to use Real Saltfind it here. Real Salt is true sea salt with all the goodness still in place. There are also other brands and types of sea salt that have the naturally occurring minerals intact, like Grey Celtic Salt and Himalayan Pink. They all have different flavor profiles and I find I like them all. I keep a few types of salt on hand in my kitchen and use them in different recipes. However, Real Salt, is by far my favorite for daily use. 

Studies support ditching the low salt diet

Real Salt is from an isolated ancient sea bed in Redmond, Utah which has no chance of being contaminated with ocean water pollutants. It is unrefined and still contains the 60+ naturally occurring minerals. There are no additives and no anti-caking agents. Basically, it is pulled from the mine, broken down into desirable size and bagged for sale. Real Salt is delicious and you can definitely taste a huge difference when comparing it to table salt. It is sweet and clean with no aftertaste. It looks different also, flecks of red and pink throughout a pale ivory base. For further information click here

So there you have it, another western medical recommendation, debunked. Follow a diet with foods directly from the earth that are as minimally processed as possible and your health will be maintained. Exchange that overly bland food or over salted packaged food for a salt shaker full of Real Salt.

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