A Delicious Way to Beat the Afternoon Slump + Giveaway

HUM Raw Beauty

I have never been one for morning health shakes, it's not that I think they are unhealthy but rather that I am simply too lazy to do something so elaborate in the morning...translation I’m not a morning person.

I have many a friends and family that make the most delicious am shakes, full of hand selected ingredients tailored to their individual needs. Coconut oil, wheat grass, powdered vitamins, and chia seeds abound to be swirled up into a tasty delight to nourish for hours...but not in my house. All those lids to unscrew, blender parts to wash, and measuring spoons to handle are just too-much a.m. nonsense. 🙅

Because of this I will occasionally find myself in the powered meal replacer section of the health food store perusing the labels to see if finally a company has made a nutritional drink that meets my standards. But I have never found one...they either taste like a horses hoof or are full of things far from organic and clean. 

So, when HUM nutrition (read my review on two of their other products here) approached me about sampling their new Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder I dove in head first because the ingredients are awesome and all I had to loose was a bad taste in my mouth. 

I was very eager to try the product so when the shipment finally arrived I glided into the kitchen only to find my fridge was barren, no milk of any kind to mix it with. So, I said what the hell, and tried it with water - boy were my expectations on taste exceeded. No nasty taste, zero…actually the opposite was true. The chocolate mint taste was just that - chocolate and mint! Plus, I knew it would be even better with milk. Woohoo, I finally found an anytime "shake" that is healthy, tastes good, and combats the anti-am person in me. 

HUM Raw Beauty is a delicious way to curb those afternoon cravings and give you a healthy energy boost. Read my full review here

What’s all the fuss about?

HUM’s Raw Beauty is formulated to bring out our inner beauty, if you remember from this post their philosophy is Beauty Starts From Within. By nourishing our bodies internally our skin, hair, and nails become glowing and healthy. #winwin

This superfood powder was formulated as a healthy snack alternative…an easy way to keep weight off and keep skin glowing because we women so often choose unhealthy snacks. For me, as mentioned above, its also a great breakfast replacement when mixed with a full fat (why full fat? read here) milk of choice.    

With 39 superfoods, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fiber, adaptogens, and organics fruits and veggies HUM really covered all the bases here. Superstar ingredients like Organic Wheat Grass, American Ginseng, Organic Blueberry and Goji Berry, Ashwagandha Root, Organic Chlorella, and Matcha work to provide an array of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. 

This drink has nothing artificial and is sweetened with organic coconut sugar and stevia (only 2gm per serving!). It’s GMO-free, gluten free, soy free, yeast free, and vegan, plus many ingredients are organic. It’s also easily adaptable as you choose what to mix it with…water, milk, a fresh pressed juice, wine.

Well, maybe not wine.  

Hum's Raw Beauty gives me sustained energy, keeps me feeling full-especially when mixed with homemade full fat coconut milk (read here why coconut milk should never be from a can even if organic), and provides my body with the nutrition to stay strong and fend off snacking.

The powder does clump when added to cold liquid so I find it helpful to stir the liquid as the powder is slowly poured in…ya' know like when you're baking. The drink is medium brown and immediately releases mint and chocolate aroma. The taste is, as I mentioned above, just great- Girl Scouts promise- there is only a slightly “green” taste to it, but mostly just mint and cacao with a mild sweetness. No chalky, overly sweet, or just plan nasty taste here. The taste is what sets Raw Beauty levels above their competition.

What does Raw Beauty taste like

But all those fancy supplements are so expensive!

Perphaps...but stay with me here and I think you'll agree that Raw Beauty is not just affordable, but saves you money. 

A 30 day supply of the powder is $39. Which, seems moderately spendy at first, but let me do some math for you: Raw Beauty is $1.30 per serving, if you are replacing it with a snack you may be breaking even (but not nutritionally) or even saving a few dollars depending on the snack…those “healthy” snack bars aren’t even that affordable. If you are using it to replace breakfast well then you are really saving yourself some money, probably between $1-5 if you eat at home. If you buy a coffee and breakfast sando then the savings is more like $8-10.

To save even more you can buy three jars at one time (or any three of their products) and you’ll get 25% off plus free shipping, bringing your total to $87.75 or each individual serving to 0.97 cents! You can also save up to an additional 25% more by purchasing automatic shipping plans. Only available here, on HUMs site. 

AND... you use the code HUM10 at checkout you'll get $10 off your first order as well! 

Oh yeah, you thought I forgot huh? The Giveaway! Enter below for a chance to win a multiday trial pack of HUM Raw Beauty for yourself...and then you can see what all the fuss is about

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