A One-Two Punch Against Acne

HUM Flawless and Fearless Review

If you've been following me for sometime you probably know I am big on skin health as a reflection of internal health. Between acne, eczema, rashes, and oil/dryness levels our skin tells us how well our body is functioning internally. 

With diet changes, targeted supplementation, and other approaches we can achieve clear skin because our bodies are healthy internally. I mention in this article how important fish oil (omega-3's) is for acne. Also, detoxing your liver, lymph, and colon is vital to achieving lasting clear skin without harsh conventional products and pills (which really only mask the symptoms anyway). 

If you struggle with skin issues, mainly acne or breakouts during your cycle I would recommend an internal detox and supplementing with fish oil. Now you could try FCLO and attempt to find an herbal detox regime to help you. Or you could try HUM's convenient 2 week kit, Flawless and Fearless. HUM is a supplement company that believes the same as I do, Beauty Starts from Within. Their Flawless and Fearless program contains two supplements. OMG is their fish oil and Daily Cleanse is an herbal detox formula. When taken together on a daily basis these form a duo to combat acne. 

HUM Nutrition Review

A few words about HUM

HUM is a revolutionary company that knows proper nutrition is key to personal wellness. They believe in, "supplementing with micro nutrients to balance deficiencies and to provide nutrients that help achieve specific beauty and wellness goals that are hard to get just in diet,” (source). Really, that couldn’t be said any better and understanding this concept is so important to achieving health. Our bodies have a constant fluctuating need of nutrients. And HUM has made it simpler to know which nutrients we are in need of.  

Their products are all GMO free and many made with organic ingredients, vegan, or vegetarian. They are unique in that they have you take a questionnaire that profiles your individual supplemental needs. A nutritionist then creates a unique nutrition report tailored to you. At HUM they know that one supplement doesn't fits all, in fact our nutritional needs are as unique as our fingerprints. HUM makes supplementation approachable for anyone interested in maintaining beauty and health.  


Fish oil is so vitally important to vibrant health for many reasons. You can read more about it here. A caveat with fish oil is we must be VERY careful what fish oil we use. There are a number of factors to consider like type of fish, source, processing method, nutrient profile, and contaminant levels. I was careful to screen HUMs OMG before testing it out and man was I impressed with the quality of their fish oil. Here’s what they told me:

HUM OMG review
  • We do extensive lab tests for contaminants, heavy metals, and PCBs. All our fish oil is free of any of these. 
  • Our 2:1 EPA:DHA ratio is lab tested and ensured for quality.
  • The tiny mackerel, sardines, and anchovies are sourced from the southern coast of Peru in protected waters regulated with quotas to ensure sustainability
  • The fish oil is extracted through cold-pressing and molecular distillation to ensure removal of impurities 
  • The vitamin E as an extract of the sunflower seed oil is GMO-free

I have really enjoyed taking OMG. I will admit the break from FCLO has been nice. OMG is easy to take, easy to use on-to-go, and has no smell.  Plus I have never once had fishy burps or aftertaste. The pills themselves have no scent, no taste, and are smooth going down. A serving is two soft gels and together they provide 1380 mg omega 3’s: 800 mg of EPA and 400 mg of DHA. This ratio is the correct 2:1 ratio that many studies link to heart, brain, and skin health. HUM lab tests to ensure this ratio is exact, so you don't have to worry. 

OMG should be taken with food, this helps absorption and to ward off any stomach ache. I choose to take mine in the am with breakfast

HUM Daily Cleanse Review

Daily Cleanse 

Containing 15 detoxification herbs this nutrient rich blend is formulated to detox skin, liver, lungs, bowels, lymph, and kidneys. A powerful blend of chlorella, red clover, bladderwack, milk thistle, copper, ALA, and more it is a great way to detox the organs vital to healthy skin. Daily Cleanse is non-GMO, gluten free, sustainably sourced, and has some organic ingredients. The serving size is two vegan medium sized capsules. Green in color they are easy on the stomach and also have no scent or flavor. The Daily Cleanse must be taken on an empty stomach, so I choose to take them just before bed. I never get a belly ache or strange symptoms like other detox pills I have tried. 

The Changes

I have noticed positive changes in the three weeks I have been taking this combo. I haven't gotten any new breakouts, even during my period, and my entire skin is less dry (even with this dry Cali weather). I have also noticed more energy overall, which is surprising because my work schedule has been ferocious lately. 

Now, I will say that my baseline skin is mostly clear and I already took fish oil on a daily basis prior. So the changes I saw in comparison to someone who doesn't take fish oil on a regular basis are probably not as drastic. However, I have no doubt that those with acne will see amazing results with this nutrient profile offered between the two supplements. When I was struggling with acne fish oil and cleanses were two major game changers for my skin. Always remember that equally important to supplementation, those with acne must also fully address their gut health to conquer acne fully. 

Being that HUM now offers this powerful combo in a convenient 14 day individual packaged trial pack for $29 it's convenient to get started and keep up with this daily regimen. You will need to take these supplements for at least a month or more before you see lasting changes. So, once the trial is finished they have individual bottles of OMG and Daily Cleanse for $25-30 each. Click here to check out Flawless and Fearless. 

💕 Jena

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