5 Homeopathic Remedies Every Holistic Home Should Have

5 homeopathic remedies to have on hand. How to get started with homeopathy

Like many things in the holistic wellness realm, homeopathy, is rifled with strong denial from western medicine. In nursing school my teachers spent a total of perhaps 10 minutes covering alternative medicine, and one of those minutes brushed over homeopathy — boiling it down to snake oil and hocus-pocus. 

Interestingly homeopathy and orthodox medicine did start with similar roots, and many early homeopaths were also MDs. However, homeopathy and Western medicine eventually developed a deep seeded feud between one another. Which, is the main reason for the dogmatic way of thinking toward homeopathy many conventionally trained practitioners have today. 

However, homeopathy is a very powerful medical treatment with hundreds of years of use. I know a fair amount about it because my Dad is a homeopath. I grew up taking remedies, and I contribute them to my strong health and only having taken antibiotics once in my life time. I have seen homeopathy resolve my pericarditis in under a day, dissolve bruises, stop vomiting in it's tracks, and drastically reduce nerve pain in a C6 nerve root impingement...just to name a few.

Homeopathy is powerful and it works. It can be tricky at times and for chronic conditions needs the guidance of a trained homeopath. However, there are many remedies that are great to have on hand for acute situations that work amazingly. And thankfully, with just a little knowledge you won’t need the help of a homeopath to use. 

Remedies are available at your local health food store or online. The most common brands are Boiron and Hylands (Standard Homeopathic), which are reputable brands and a great place to start. 

With all oral homeopathic remedies here are a few points to know

  • Never touch the actual pellet with your hands/fingers. Use the cap to dispense it and then place it under your tongue. Let it dissolve there until gone. Don’t chew
  • Don’t eat or drink 15 min before or after taking the remedy (oral only)
  • Start with a 30C dosage for oral remedies (unless told otherwise by a homeopath)
  • Don't pay too much attention to the "use this for" labels on the remedies. While it can be used for those conditions, there are also a boat load of other uses for each remedy. However, the FDA requires all medications to be labeled for indicated use. And since you can’t have a two paged list attached to each small vile, one was picked.  
  • You cannot overdose on a remedy
  • If the symptoms get better after dosing and then returns again, the remedy should be repeated. They may be taken anywhere from 1-24 hours apart. 
  • If the symptoms do not improve after dosing it is the incorrect remedy. Many ailments have multiple remedies that would appear, at first glance, to treat it. However, there is only one correct remedy for each situation and a close examination by a homeopath may be necessary. This is why, sometimes, no changes are noticed after dosing. 
  • Thankfully, the five remedies below can be easily taken without the help of a homeopath. I always have these five on hand in my medicine cabinet for when the need arises. 
How to use homeopathy

The Five Remedies


The accident remedy and for closed wounds. It is great orally for shock, injuries, bruising, muscle aches and sprains. Topically this is stellar for bruises and muscle soreness. I am an easy bruiser and I go through this stuff regularly. It speeds up the healing time of a bruise significantly. A good point to remember is massage the arnica into the bruise. This also breaks up the blood under the skin and increases healing time. Orally, it is great immediately after an injury and also pre and post surgically. No joke this is the best remedy for any injury. 


A soothing remedy derived from the Yellow Marigold this is the open wound remedy. It’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Topically, (I use this brand) it is a go to for scrapes, cuts, burns, and wounds. I use it as a sub for Neosporin as it increases tissue healing and decreases inflammation. It is also great postpartum as a spray on the perineum as it is both calming and healing. Internally it can be taken at first sign of wound infection to speed healing and reduce infection. 


Curious about the benefits of homeopathy for your family. Here is a quick and dirty starter guide.

The nerve soothing remedy. This remedy is taken orally immediately after injury to help calm bothered nerves. This is a great one for any sprain, sharp shooting pains, burning nerve pain, or puncture wounds. Does wonders with a twisted ankle, crushed finger, or pain from nerves being pinched. It, along with arnica, are great pre and post surgery. This is the one I use

Arsenicum Album

This is a food poisoning remedy and is great for vomiting of any kind including the flu or other virus. Other symptoms that point to arsenicum being the correct remedy are coated white tongue, nervousness, deathly feeling, not wanting to be left alone, thirst but immediate vomiting after, and worse at night. You may or may not have diarrhea. Here's what I have on hand


This is the diarrhea remedy I always have on hand. It works best for explosive, watery, toilet splattering diarrhea...graphic sorry. Typically you will feel the urge to go coming on suddenly and in large amounts. Belly cramping and pain get better after going and are worse just before and during. Always taken orally, like this one

Are you experienced with any of these remedies? What are your favorites to have on hand? Comment below! 

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