Spotlight on Ayurveda: Abhyanga Self Massage

Guest posting today is, Kristi Blustein, an Ayruvedic specialist and health educator. She is also the founder of KHUS+KHUS, a line of modern herbal skincare infusions. This article will explain all about Ayurvedic self massage or Abhyanga. The practice grounds the body and promotes lasting wellness. Ayurveda has made an increasing presence in my lifestyle and since speaking with Kristi, Abhyanga has become a much loved addition for me as well. 

Daily Oil Massage

Daily oil massage (Abhyanga) is a recommended Ayurvedic practice. I was first introduced to the practice about 6 years ago and have been consistently doing it for about that long as well. Traditionally it's done in the morning with dosha-specific oils, before asana practice -- then you shower. However, this is not practical for most people so it can be modified. Personally, I do it after my shower daily. I like to sleep with the oils on my body, as I find it soothing and the aromatherapy component really assists with calming the mind and relaxing the body.

I recommend using 2-3 pumps of oil per application, {read about my favorite of her oils here!}. Start with the limbs and work in long strokes toward the heart -- keeping in mind lymph movement -- around the chest and neck area, the inside of the arms and legs, followed by lower back and shoulders using long strokes back and forth. 

How to perform self massage and it's benefits.

The Benefits 

Oiling the body combats vata, or gives you grounding energy. The whole process takes about 10 minutes and within this time, you're are creating a routine around wellness, signaling to the mind that you're taking care of myself. This is really important when you are trying to establish routines for your health.

When we use aromatic-infused oils daily, they have a powerful effect on the mind and prana, activating the higher brain center. They assist in calming the mind and opening the heart. Botanicals calm the outer mind and its emotional and sensory overloads, connecting us to a deeper level of feeling.  They build ojas on a subtle level, by transferring their constituents into the bloodstream, taking action on our mind via the central nervous system as well as the endocrine system. 

Abhyanga relies upon the external application of oil, particularly those infused with high-quality oils and essential oils which are considered to be the most concentrated form of botanical medicine. On a pharmaceutical level, we are literally infusing our bodies with the immune system of our botanical allies. We attain nourishment and rejuvenation on a bio-rhythmic basis. However, if the botanical material has been contaminated by unethical growing practices that information is also being translated in the body, so it's important to really understand the oils you choose and how they are being sourced. {Take a peek at the entire KHUS + KHUS Body Oil collection here}.

Routines and lifestyle practices are the foundation of Ayurvedic living and the guiding principles of balance and health.  A daily Abyangha practice nourishes the deeper tissues of the body and facilitates clarity of the mind, body, and Spirit. It also demonstrates discipline and dedication to caring for yourself which is essential to creating a deeper level of health and unfoldment of our consciousness. This practice assists us in creating purification and detoxification of the mind and body of habits that no longer serve us.

- Kristi Blustein, KHUS+KHUS Founder and Ayruvedic Specialist + Educator. 

Over the last 15 years, Blustein transitioned from having a successful real estate career in Miami to living a simpler, healthier lifestyle – culminating in the creation of KHUS+KHUS. Blustein has a formal education in ayurvedic medicine, yogic and vedic science and eastern and western herbalism, as well as extensive studies in aromatherapy.
 Blustein develops each 100% plant-based product for KHUS+ KHUS using the highest-quality organic, eco-certified, wildcrafted, sustainable and fair trade ingredients available. Shecombines her Ayruvedic knowledge with these hand-selected ingredients to deliver healthy, vibrant skin, along with energetic healing and holistic healthcare.

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