Improved Energy & Immunity in a one small Cup

I am always looking for ways to boost my immunity and to feel energized. From the foods I eat, to the water I drink, to meditation there are many ways to do both at once. And ya’all know I’m a multitasking queen. Well, today I’m gonna let you in on a new secret, a company that brings ease to boosting both immunity and energy at once. 

Why is our immunity important? Well, for one I’ve never met a single person that likes to be sick. A robust immune system fights off foreign invaders and we go without noticing anything is happening. It’s when our immune system is overworked or under-functioning that we notice sickness setting in. Perhaps swollen and tender neck lymph nodes, and a slight tickle in the back of the throat? Then it escalates to a full blown “I can’t even crawl out of bed let alone make breakfast for the kids” kinda sickness. And ain’t no one got time for that. 

Another reason our immune system should be in tip top shape is to prevent chronic disease and autoimmune disorders. From diabetes to thyroid issues to cancer many diseases have a strong relation to the immune system and its dysfunction. For these reasons it is best to be conscious about the actions you take and how they effect your immunity.

When our immune system is in best working order we will also have more energy to get through the day. Unfortunately, there will still always be those days that we need some extra help in the energy department…that one last show before bed turned into a binge watching marathon until 1 am and that 6am alarm clock comes real early don’t it? Then what? Are you going to risk falling asleep driving to work or bite the bullet and drink something that will keep your car on the road? I think I know which one we’ll all choose. 

Coffee without a crash or jitters that also boosts immunity?

So what do you drink?

I most often choose tea, thanks to a genetic snafu that makes me uber sensitive to caffeine. A nice organic green tea or yerba mate usually does the trick. But sometimes that coffee monster is calling my name and for sake of politeness I oblige him. But only with a special immune boosting, adaptogenic, caffeine containing drink, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps (Keep reading for a speacial coupon code!). This smooth nutty drink is a supercharged extra special blend that negates many of the negatives to coffee and keeps all the goods. Forcing coffee towards the healthier end of the food spectrum. 

Hang on, hang on…I can hear you thinking already…drinking mushrooms sounds well kinda gross…and the taste how weird that must be. 

Let me ASSURE you, it tastes just like coffee actually smoother, nothing weird or gross about it. And once you add cream and honey it’s more like a super special delicious cup of hot immune boosting energy. Totally good, totally delicious, totally perfect for keeping you awake without the jitters and crash all while boosting your immune system. 

Four Sigmatic coupon

Here’s the scoop: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps is a blend of just three ingredients. Arabica coffee (not certified organic but lab tested to contain ZERO pesticides as their coffee is treated as organic just not certified), wild-crafted Siberian Chaga Mushroom, and Cordyceps Mushroom.  

The Siberian Chaga is super cool for a few reasons, its very alkaline so it helps to balance the acidic nature of coffee (acid=not good for body) and gives it that smooth taste I was talking about. Plus it’s anti-viral, boosts immunity, and a great source of antioxidants. 

The Cordyceps Mushroom, well he’s the superpower ingredient that is adaptogenic (meaning it helps balance the adrenal glads) and is a brain stimulant. This mushroom has been prized for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for its restorative qualities and amazingness in boosting the immune system. It’s a supercool mushroom and if your gonna be drinking mushroom, you better make sure it’s a Cordycep. (For all you mushroom lovers out there Four Sigmatic only uses the best type of Cordycep, Cs-4 strain that’s dual-extracted, suitable for vegans and at least 40% polysaccharides).

This super awesome coffee drink is $15 for a box of 10 packets, making it $1.50 a cup…cheaper than most pesticide laden acidic non-immune boosting cup o’joe you can find at any coffee house. Find it for purchase here. 

Coffee with no crash, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
A-N-D...to save yourself 15% use the code clean at checkout! This is valid on your entire order. 

What else do these cool Mushroom dudes make?

Loads of other drinkable products, from mushroom lemonade, smoothie mixers, to Mushroom Hot Cacao’s. 

Hot Cacao with Reishi

The Hot Cacao is just delicious, I’ve tried the Four Sigmatic Cacao with Reishi and I love it! It’s rich, chocolately, creamy, and promotes a very mellow mood. While this drink is marketed as a calming drink before bed, thanks to the calming effects of Reishi, I find it slightly stimulating. This goes back to that genetic snafu I referred to earlier, even cacao has enough caffeine in it for me to feel. 

However, you really can feel an intense relaxed easygoing feeling after drinking it. I find that because of the cacao if I drink it at least two hours before bed it sends me into an easy sleep, but if it’s closer to bedtime than that it’s counterproductive.  Nonetheless, Four Sigmatic Cacao with Reishi is a warm hug in a mug that’s yummy and nourishing. 

Of course, as with anything I recommend you to try this product is clean with great ingredients. Reishi is also an adaptogen and immunity booster. It’s also known for supporting liver function, calming the nervous system, and lowering stress levels. Cacao is of course a great source of antioxidants and magnesium. It sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar, stevia, and flavored with cinnamon and cardamom. 

Four Sigmatic recommends mixing it in just 3 oz of water, which makes it a thick chocletely drink. I like to add a bit of coconut milk to mine, and since it is already sweetened with coconut sugar it’s the perfect balance of creamy nostalgic goodness. It’s sold here for $20 for 10 packets, and by using our speacial discount code, clean, at checkout you will save 15%, bringing this delicious drink to $16.50 a box. 

Next up in the Four Sigmatic lineup is their Chaga Elixir 

Just straight Chaga mushroom powder, siberian ginseng, rose hips, and mint in a packet, this herbal immune booster can help keep you healthy and feeling your best. This is the most “crunchy” of the three products, keeping it real with an earthy and robust taste. I think of it as a tea of sorts, as some tea without the addition of sweetener is rather strong tasting just like the Chaga Elixir. 

Chaga? He’s another stellar mushroom that’s full of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral compounds. In facts he is one of the most studied mushrooms in the world. It contains zinc, copper, phytosterols, B vitamins, and superoxide dismutase which all promote whole body wellness. The ginseng in the Chaga Elixir is a strong adaptogen as well and boosts immunity. Rose hips gives a small amount of vitamin C and helps us absorb the mushroom. Lastly, mint is added for flavor. 

I like to blend Four Sigmatic Chaga Elixir in my smoothies or take it straight in hot water. The flavor is woody and bitter, but it’s pepped up with a bit of cream and sweetener. Upon drinking the it I feel mildly energized but in a calm alert kinda way...super perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up but still want to sleep tonight kinda day. Changa Elixer is great throughout the year, but especially during cold and flu season to really kick the immune system into high gear. It can be found here for $35 for 20 packets. 

The code, clean, at checkout will save you 15% off your entire order. 

So, there you have it…how I keep myself energized for early mornings and keep my immunity in tip-top shape. The guys over at Four Sigmatic are making it easy to incorporate such a powerful food into our daily diets, without sacrificing taste. What changes will you notice after trying out Four Sigmatic? 

Disclosure:  In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary or other types of compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. However, I always give my honest opinion and findings of the products and would not recommend anything that I do not use for myself or family. All of the products recommended will adhere to the Standards of Clean, listed here.

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