3 Steps to Better Oral Health

I know what you're thinking...three steps to brush my teeth? That seems like a lot, I'll just stick with one. 🙌🏼 But hold up, you need this 3 Step Protocol from Essential Oxygen... lemme tell you why.

Besides being certified organic, vegan, and free of gluten, SLS, and Fluoride it's customizable and address ALL oral health issues!

Yes, ALL oral health issues. Gum disease, check. Tartar build up, check. Enamel loss, yep. And the list keeps going. It's modifiable  to your mouths needs and easily checks off everything's your need in your oral care routine. 


 Step one

The Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse is the #1 selling natural mouth wash for a reason. It's hydrogen peroxide, essential oil, and aloe based combo dive deep into pockets while whitening and freshening. Perfect for periodontal disease and really everyone with a mouth!

I've been a repeat customer for a year now and can attest to how quickly it resolved canker sores and its whitening abilities. Many times I only use this to brush my teeth with and my deadly morning breath is fresh and teeth squeaky. 

Extra tip: gargle with the Brushing Rinse during times of sickness and help the illness resolve in no time! 

Step 2

Formulated to be low abrasion the Essential Oxygen Toothpaste gel covers all the wants in a toothpaste (whitening, tarter control, etc) plus it's gentle on enamel and carrageenan free!

The taste is a mellow mint and it freshens nicely. I do prefer the combo of the Rinse and Paste do freshen breath the most  

Why low abrasion? Because according the teeth experts (dentists😉) many pastes are too abrasive and are one contributing factor to enamel decay. Essential Oxygen was mindful of this and took the abrasive cleansers out, putting them in step 3 so you can have a deeper brush on demand as many or as few days a week as you like.

Step 3

Like I mentioned above the Essential Oxygen Tooth Polish is an on demand way to get that just went to the dentist feel but only as much as you need it.

Have poor enamel? Use it once weekly. Drink coffee like a boat captain? Use it 5 times a week. Its minty freshness can be sprinkled on the Toothpaste or used alone. And let me say the clean feel it leaves is so refreshing. 

The pristine protocol can be bought Essential Oxygen or Amazon . Each product individually starting at 7.64 for the paste and polish and 11.46 for the rinse or bundle them all for $24 here 

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