DIY Non-toxic Ant Spray

DIY Non-toxic Ant Spray

Have you ever seen a line of ants so thick you thought daughter was getting overzealous with the black sidewalk chalk? If you haven't and are interested in seeing one come to my house any time the weather changes. When it rains they come out, when it gets really hot they come out, I have no idea why but they come looking for food with the weather changes. It is fascinating and frustrating all at once...especially when they end up in my kitchen, then it is really just more frustrating. Unless, you are equipt with my DIY Ant Spray recipe. 

If you've got ant troubles, this Will be your saving grace. My DIY Ant Spray is a simple effective formula that kills ants on contact.

It is actually a variation of my DIY Kitchen Counter Spray and contains simple non-toxic ingredients you can feel good about using around your family. 

To see the full recipe and learn more about it head on over to Scratch Mommy for my monthly guest post. 

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