Ayurvedic Tonics to Support Body Wide Wellness

Ayurbotanicals Clear Skin Review

I’ve spoken about Ayurvedic medicine a few times before, and am a huge believer in its incredible power to reset health back on the right track.  Ayurvedic medicine is an age old holistic way of treating disease and ailments. It dates to more than 5000 years ago sourcing from India and is based on life forces or dosahs. Similar to most holistic forms of medicine, they understand the body is energy and a robust state of health is achieved when this energy is in perfect alignment, flowing freely and easily throughout the body. I personally have had great success with very basic Ayurveda in helping treat my adult acne many years ago and I still incorporate it into my health regime on a daily basis. 

Ayurbotanicals Balanced Energy Review

One of the mainstays in Ayurveda is knowing your dosah type, a simple test can give you an idea for your type. Here is a nice through one, you do have to give your email address to get the results, however. If you’re not into that option, a simple google search can find you one perhaps not as in-depth but I’m sure it would suffice. 

Throughout Ayurveda herbs and spices maintain a strong center for treatment of various ailments and to manage the dosahs. Botanicals like turmeric, tulsi, and shatavari for example are mainstays that help keep the body flowing smoothly. Not long ago I came across 9 beautiful Tonic blends of organic herbs and spices by Ayurbotanicals. These Tonics are formulated by an Ayurvedic practitioner and two times stronger than typical steeped tea. Blended to target skin, respiratory, digestive, sleeping issues and each of the dosahs these Tonics are a simple and easy way to incorporate Ayurveda into your own life. 

Ayurbotanicals mission is to reconnect us with our strong intuition we all have inside us. The Tonics cleanse and nourish to bring balance back to our lives. And continuing with the holistic approach they also offer multiple avenues of education. They offer twice yearly cleanse program (one starting in October), weekly videos, health consultations, and a Living Ayurveda Course for knowledge on how to incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life. 

Aurybotanicals tonics, which is best for your health?

The Tonics

Ayurbotanicals recommends to start with one Tonic, the choice guided by your intuition, and allow your body to reap the benefits for at least 4-7 days before changing. Of course just one Tonic can be used for longer than a week. Each packet has 30 days worth of servings. See which Tonic calls to you here

The Tonics are in powder form and made to be drank hot or mixed into raw treats (like my favorite raw coconut balls). I take mine each morning with hot water, a splash of homemake coconut milk, and if I’m feeling spunky a dash of raw local honey. The powder dissolves, but not completely, so it’s best if you have a spoon on hand to stir as you get near the bottom of the cup. Each Tonic has a different taste, some sour, others malty, and others bitter. And if your familiar with Ayurveda you already know that the taste of food is specific to each dosah, either calming or activating. 

The Tonics should either be chosen by body need or intuition, which are often one and the same. I’ll discuss their Signature Blend, Balanced Energy, and Clear Skin Tonics below, but remember these aren’t necessarily the Tonics your body needs, take a look at their entire selection and let your intuition guide you. 

Ayrubotanicals Balanced energy review

Balanced Energy/Sthirabala

Providing clean stable energy without caffeine is always something I look for. Ayurbotanicals Balanced Energy Tonic helps do just that. Reducing Vata, promoting Kaptha, and evening Pita this Tonic is perfect for a Vata-Pita like myself….if you have no idea what I’m talking about, remember take this dosha quiz to discover your Ayurvedic Constitution. With adaptogenic herbs and uplifting spices Balanced Energy has become a favorite of mine in the mornings. Herbs like Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, ginger, and cumin support lasting energy for the whole day. No crash, just light aware feeling. Plus, I feel happy knowing my adrenals are nourished as motherhood can wear them out in a hurry!

Clear Skin/Raktasara

Naturally sweet, with fruity notes and a beautiful desert rose pink I just love this Pita pacifying Tonic. Herbs to reduce inflammation and promote detoxification via lymph and liver Ayurbotanicals Clear Skin helps to put your best skin forward. I drank this tea for about 5 days in a row after I over stimulated my Pita, which resulted in a few blemishes. By day three my skin was noticeably calmer, with less redness. And after 5 days the issues with completely resolved. Clear Skin is my choice for summer-time support, as this hot Cali weather makes an easy path toward Pita aggravation. 

Ayurbotanicals Signature Blend review

Signature Blend/Matcha 

Ayurbotanicals review

A blend which soothes and benefits all dosahs it's a creamy alkaline Tonic that gives an extra boost with the caffeine from Matcha. Keeping it simple with just three organic herbs: matcha, shatavari, and raw carob Ayurbotanicals Signature Blend focuses on body wide health and not a specific system like the other Tonics.

I am already a fan of Matcha, and didn’t know until Ayurbotanicals taught me that it can aggravate both Pita and Vata dosahs, which is not good for my constitution. Thankfully, they have now made matcha drinkable for me again with the addition of the other herbs. The taste of the Ayurbotanicals Signature Blend is similar to matcha, but with a smoother finish and more mellow note. I love this one without any sweetener on work days when that 4:30am alarm sounds like gravel in my ear. A light pick-me-up from the caffeine and a delicious taste, my drive to work comes easy.  

Whether you’re new to Ayurveda or an old timer, Ayurbotanicals is sure to help you on your path to wellness. With 9 Tonics to choose from all body systems can be nourished. I highly encourage anyone living a holistic lifestyle discover more about Ayurveda, as it’s a highly effective medicine that can be done mostly in home. Balance and harmony can be yours if you seek it.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate Ayurveda into your life?

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