A Sweet Balanced All Veggie Green Juice

A all veggie green juice that tastes sweet

Do you juice? I received an amazing masticating juicer for my birthday in June and have been juicing up a storm since. However, after a week of juicing I was left wondering why my supposed healthy green juice was making me feel like taking a nap. It then dawned on me that the amount of sugar from the fruit (without fiber to help slow digestion) was the issue. 

So with lots of experimenting I have come up with a juicing recipe that is on the sweeter side but still palatable for those of us that like the sweetness of fruits in our juice. Now, don’t expect something as sweet as juices with apple or pineapple bases. You will be disappointed. This juice still has a “green” flavor but is very mellow and only slightly bitter. I was able to add two secret ingredients that really make this 100% green juice sweet. 

Head on over to Scratch Mommy for the full scoop. 

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