The 6 pregnancy items you didn't know you needed.

There’s various items us women require when pregnant. They vary from individual to individual but there’s definitely a few staples we all NEED.

A good bra? Yes! A whole food based vitamin? Definitely! But listing those things is over done and would probably bore you to death. So, I've complied a list of some non-typical and a few expected items...because I'm typically as non-traditional as it gets and love to introduce you to the unexpected!

While this list may not seem like the obvious must haves of pregnancy, they are definitely things we could all benefit from...and in reality all need. Diving into my alternative health handbag I've come up with some really great options for all of us soon to be mammas. All of which will make our pregnancies smother, more delightful, and empowering. 

Up first is a good belly butter (yes I know this a pretty common request, but these balms are just that good!) as I’m sure 100% of us don’t want itchy over stretched skin. 

Second, a calm centered mentality…yea I know I’m not the only one who’s cried at commercials or snapped at their husbands about cleaning the dryer lint catch.

And last but probably most important...to be free of fear…fear of the unknown, our labor, and the pregnancy process. Who's with me? 

Oh, and I suppose we need a few oversized pants and extra long tees. But I’m clearly not a fashion blogger, so we'll pass on those ones for this post.

Here’s the best in category I’ve found for each of these unexpected must haves. I’ve used them during my last 9 months and found consistent benefits from each and every one. Here it goes.


Belly Butter

Two butters for you here because I’m indecisive and because who doesn’t like two options, right? I rotated them and found they were equally as wonderful at relieving itchiness, irritation, and that over stretched feeling.

AJ Apothecary Blessing Belly Butter

A delicious herb infused butter featuring local grass fed tallow that’s hand rendered by the owner Amanda. AJ Apothecary Blessing Belly Butter is the thicker of the two butters, but texture does vary depending on weather/temp.

I love tallow balms, as tallow is very nourishing, calming, and hydrating. Plus, is stays on the skin for hours…making it perfect to banish itching throughout the day. The AJ Apothecary Blessing Belly Butter is no different, it stops itching immediately and keeps it gone for half a day.

The calming herb infused avo oil features helichrysum, calendula, and marshmallow. All of which are anti-inflammatory, reduce skin irritation, and help reduce stretch mark tendency.

The scent is nutty from the cocoa and light, leaving no trace after application. It also is great on hands and breasts. Find the Blessing Belly Balm here for $18 for a large 4 oz glass jar.

Plus use code CLEANS15 to save 15% off your order on the balm and any of their other treats. (Baby post coming soon featuring two other AJ Products I LOVE!).

Bask & Co. Kokum Belly & Body Balm

A more pliable but none less powerful belly balm, Bask & Co. Kokum Belly & Body Balm is a great choice for nourishing that stretched skin. Of the two this would be the choice for vegans, as it’s animal product free. The butter stars kokum butter which is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant filled botanical found in India.

I find the balm ultra soothing and slightly faster absorbing than the AJ Balm. It’s combo of cocoa, shea, grapeseed, and coconut make a pale yellow whipped like texture balm that melts on contact. Fragranced with bergamot, lavender, and tea tree these essential oils also calming and promote healthy skin. The scent is light and fades quickly  

Just as any good balm should, it stops itching, keeps skin baby soft and deeply hydrates. You can find it here in a 4oz glass jar for $21.

Calm Centered Mentality

Keeping calm wilst hormones are surging to levels never achieved outside of pregnancy can be a difficult task, right!?

The two products I use for this are the Ground Control Body Oil and Max & Madeline Focus Roller Ball. While these probably aren’t the first things you’d think to reach for when emotions are soaring I’ve found these unconventional treatments super useful. They work especially well coupled with meditation, grounding, other stress relief modalities. (Please make sure to check with your health care provider before using essential oils in pregnancy)

Max & Madeline FOCUS

FOCUS is a great and affordable option for fast relief with the power of essential oils. Made more for helping improve focus, concentration and reducing anxiety I find it helpful when overwhelmed by being pulled in multiple directions (hello second or third time mommies) and when emotions are on high.

The vetiver is grounding and has a great calming ability to emotions. Cedar, also grounding, promotes relaxation and increased wellbeing. Lastly, orange uplifts and energizes. While, they may not be the typical go-to’s for emotional times, the blend works great for this. Just a few swipes on pulse points and the blend starts working immediately. Yay for essential oils!

Find it via Just Living Naturally my go-to seller of Max & Madeline products. It retails here for the great price of $9.

PLANT Apothecary Bergamot & Rosemary Ground Control Body Oil

Super grounding to keep us feeling stable, secure, and safe the PLANT Apothecary Bergamot & Rosemary Ground Control Body Oil is my choice for frequent use to keep a calmer state.

Certified organic sunflower, apricot, and jojoba oils make a silky feeling oil that never leaves a greasy residue yet keeps skin moisturized. But the beauty is in the organic essential oils, rosemary and bergamot. The combo of benefits reduces sadness and anxieties, calms and tethers us to the nourishing mother earth.

Ground Control’s scent is herbal and vibrant. I like to rub the oil between my palms and take a few deep breaths before applying. This allows the oils to go directly to the limbic system to have immediate effect. 

Please note that the use of rosemary in pregnancy is a no-no for some. After doing my own research, and getting approval from my midwife (both an aromatherapist and herbalist) I felt safe using this body oil after my fist trimester. Please ask your health care provider if rosemary is safe for your individual body before use!  

Find the Body Oil here for $38.

Fear Release

Calling on the power of flower essences here, I reach for my Bach Aspen essence and Flora Remedia Let Go Roller Ball.

Floral essences work energetically within the body to reset and release emotions. If you’re new to their power please read this brief article written by experts in the field. I’ve also spoken about them here for rebalancing your chakras.

Bach’s Aspen

Aspen is one of the fear based Bach floral essence remedies. The description of Aspen is "Vague unknown fears, for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. Yet the patient may be terrified of something terrible going to happen, he knows not what." For me this description fits perfectly into my labor thought process. For others not so much. However, I do know that many women are quite fearful of childbirth. If you are one of them I would emplor you to look at each of the Bach remedies that relate to different fear types (here's a great jumping off point).

Perhaps Minimalis would suit you, as your fears may be more specific. Something that you can state. Or if it's more fear for the wellbeing of your baby Red Chestnut would be a good choice. Essentially, these an essence to help every new mom to be. Plus, use them postpartum for great mental stability! 

Looking for a custom Floral Essence formulated to your exact emotional needs? I highly suggest the talented Ava of Earthwise Beauty to formulate a blend just for you.

Extremely knowledgeable regarding not only herbs and skincare, Ava is a wonderful floral essence creator.  I had her blend one to my specific needs in my final month of pregnancy and I am so thankful I did. The essence has helped me grasp some emotional issues I couldn't on my own  making me feel more centered and calm in a very stressful time of my life. You can explore custom blending here via Earthwise Beauty!

Flora Remedia Let Go

A floral essences and essential oil roller ball, the Flora Remedia Let Go treatment combines two of my favorite emotional wellbeing treatments into one. Formulated to balance and center moods. The blend specifically helps us to let go of specific thought patterns...perfect for letting go of that pre-labor fear. Which, will allow us to have a more calm, fast, and comfortable birth.

A deep orange and lime fragrance meet a weighty floral note from rose, ylang ylang, and geranium. The fragrance is quite intoxicating and lasts for a surprisingly long time on the skin. All while working on our emotions, helping us to release.

Coupled with the willow, honeysuckle, and star of bethlehem essences the formula is a definite must have in our labor bag and antepartum arsenal.

Find it here for $26.

That concludes my atypical pregnancy must haves list. I'd tried to avoid the standard here, and introduce you to perhaps a new treatment modality or two that can really help to stabilize our mental well being before those beautiful babies arrive!


  Jena 💕

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