100% Safe Products for Babies and Children

Young kids and babies don't need much in the way of beauty and skincare products. However, the things they do need it’s important that they’re non-toxic. Children’s little bodies are at an increased risk for toxin overload because of their size and organ function. 

In fact, what initially draws many women into the world of clean beauty is when they are pregnant and looking for gentle products for their new babies. Many of us soon learn the risks of using conventional products not only on their children but also themselves. And then a new era is born to find green beauty for the whole family. 

One of my favorite green beauty boutiques, Shop Conscious Beauty, and I have teamed up again to share with you an amazing mother baby brand, Zoe Organics. With products like diaper rash cream, nipple balm, and bug repellent this brand is a wonderful addition to yours and your child’s skin. 

Many of Zoe Organics products are available right here at Shop Conscious Beauty. If you remember from previous posts I have reviewed ISUN and One Love Organics Eye Cream which they sell as well. Use code "clean" to get 10% off your first order specially for my lovely readers. 

Zoe Organics Breathe Balm and Bath Wash

Zoe Organics is a California based brand driven by mom and entrepreneur, Heather Hamilton. They use pure and organic ingredients that make their entire line safe to use during pregnancy, on newborns, and children alike. All of their products are something I feel safe endorsing as each one contains nourishing, organic, and non-toxic ingredients from start to finish. No hidden preservatives, harsh surfactants, or formaldehyde donors here. Zoe Organics is truly non-toxic and 100% safe. 

Zoe Organics Breathe Balm Review

Breathe Balm

Perfect timing for the winter cold/flu season Zoe Organics Breathe Balm is a handy little helper to have when kids (and adults alike!) cannot get comfortable because they’re congested, coughing, or and having a hard time breathing.

With eucalyptus, lavender, cedar, tea tree, and grapefruit essential oils this balm is cooling and opens up the airways. Somewhat similar to a vapor rub but completely non-toxic and even more powerful because the essential oils have a direct effect inside the body. 

Breathe Balm not only relaxes congestion but is very effective at relieving a cough. I found it incredibly effective at stopping a nagging dry nighttime cough I had a few weeks back. Applied before bed and I fell right to sleep without battling my cough. At one point Ieven woke up in the middle of the night to apply it…within 3 or so minutes by cough was relieved — mind you this was after 15 minutes of non-stop coughing. Quite effective indeed!

Packaged in a roll up stick Zoe Organics Breathe Balm is easy to apply and store without the hassle of greasy hands and over application. Because it’s the power of the essential oils that ease breathing the Balms is best applied like you would any other essential oil. On the soles of feet, chest, back, wrists, or neck. The formula is made with wonderful nourishing ingredients and is always gentle on babies skin, unlike typical vapour balms that are full of petroleum byproducts. Immediately after application congestion is eased and the effects last for 1-3 ish hours. It has never let us down around my house and I recommend it to all moms a like. Get it here! 

Zoe Organics Bath Wash Review

Bath Wash

A foaming Bath Wash that gentile, effective, and fun to use! My little ones are in love with this wonderful foam. So much so that I actually have to ration it at bath time otherwise the entire bottle would have been gone in two uses. 

Zoe Organics Bath Wash is one of the most gentile children's cleansers I have used. Even when it gets in eyes (although I don't recommend it) it doesn't sting nearly as bad as our Dr. Bronners or Dr. Woods Black Soap. Which, is why I prefer to Zoe on my littles and save the Drs. for the adults.

It’s also very gentle on the skin and doesn't leave it dry or irritated. I can fell confident each time my girls use it that they will be squeaky clean without needing lotions and potions afterwards. Basically, this wash has everything I look for in a kids soap: non-toxic, effective, foaming, fun, and gentle.

The Bath Wash has some great ingredients like sponifed coconut oil, sunflower and castor oils. The packaging is genius and the foam dispenser disperses just the right amount of foam for little hands. Shop Conscious Beauty sells the wash in three sizes: a 1.7 oz travel size (like pictured), the regular 5.25 oz size , and the refill 32oz economy size. A little goes a long way with this wash, our travel size lasted about a month with pretty regular use. Find it here at Shop Conscious Beauty. 

And don’t forget to use code "clean" at checkout to get 10% off your order. Or until Nov 30th at midnight use code ‘holiday’ and get 20% off purchases of $99 or less and code ‘holiday100’ for 30% off orders more than $100!!

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