Wintertime Body Care

Winter is coming…

and with that changes in our skin. Heels and elbows full of dry, leathery spots. Hands cracked and rough. Legs somewhat resembling the skin of a cold blooded creature. Lips, well they’re the same as all the others…parched. 

Here’s my four winter skin savers that keeps everything as it should be, hydrated and soft. 

Marin Bee Honey Polish

Soothe the skin with this honey based polish. Specially formulated for extra dry spots like heels, elbows, hands, and feet it buffs skin and hydrates. With 1/3 wildflower honey plus sea salt, aloe, olive oil, and oats this polish is thick, gooey, and very powerful. The sea salt, oats, and silica exfoliate deeply and really work on dehydrated areas exceptionally. Then the natural humectant, honey, draws moisture into the skin and locks in there. 

My favorite way to use the Marin Bee Honey Polish is pre shower on slightly damp skin. Marin Bee does suggest to apply to wet skin, but I find the product washes away too easily that way. So I just wet my hands but not the area where I’m applying it. This, for me, has been a perfect combo to yield soft renewed skin. The polish can be found here for $38.  

best winter body moisturizer

Ixmucane All Over Body Cream

A white heavenly scented All Over Cream, this beauty is my favorite hand treatment. With a medium density and firm oily texture the Ixmucane cream is the best defense against dry winter skin. Organic oils, beeswax, and essential oils are combined to treat extra dry skin. 

The smell is what had me at hello, a blend of lavender and rose otto, it doesn’t smell like either flower to me but an inciting nostalgic blend I cannot put my nose on. Combined with its awesome hydrating powers it relaxes me just before bed. The cream is so hydrating that it absorbs rather slowly, so I find it only suitable before bed if applied to the hands. Find the cream here for $20

KHUS KHUS copious body serum review

KHUS + KHUS Copious Body Serum

Not just any serum the KHUS + KHUS COPIOUS Body Serum is a therapeutic medicinal body treatment. Formulated with both Ayurvedic and Western Herbalism its blend of botanicals hydrate while treating the body and mind. 

Organic olive, black cumin seed, and hemp oils are full of antioxidants and skin protectants. They act as the carrier and moisturizer. Organic CBD oil is then added to reduce inflammation and exert its multitude of health benefits. The other numerous organic herbs are an infusion of immune modulators as well as psychic and spiritual cleansing essential oils with both pain and therapeutic uses. COPIOUS helps to decrease pain, depression, exhaustion, and nervousness all of which can rear their ugly heads in winter time. 

To my surprise COPIOUS has a very neutral smell. A medium weight golden toned oil comes with a roller ball for lymph and muscle massage. The roller ball can be easily removed if more oil is desired. When using copious I find my skin of course well moisturized but also the calming experience of the roller ball application relaxing. I especially like it during my period so soothe tension and pain. 

Another of my favorite ways to use the serum is prior to mediation. The frankincense stills the mind and aids in meditation. Myrrh, lavender, and licorice brings tranquility and peace to the mind. Sacred jatamansi is a nerve tonic and memory enhancer making it a perfect herb to assist with meditation and centeredness. I like to apply the serum to my pulse points and upper chest to assist in blood absorption via skin and inhalation just prior to meditation. 

COPIOUS pairs very well with an Ayurvedic lifestyle and is perfect for abhyanga (self-massage). To learn more about Ayurveda check this post out. COPIOUS can be found here for $45.

Cocokind Cinnamon Lip Balm

Bring in the traditional holiday smell and keeps those kissers hydrated with Cocokind’s organic Cinnamon Lip Balm. Cocokind's lip balms are one of my all time favorites, their thick and lasting formula protects from wind and weather any time of year. The formula spreads easily and doesn’t run off the lips once applied. Plus you can’t beat the $2.99 price point!

Their Cinnamon scented balm is extra spicy and perfect for holiday cheer. Because of the invigorating effects of the spice it actually tingles slightly and plumps and pinks their appearance. The other benefit of cinnamon essential oil is that it’s immune boosting, perfect for cold and flu season. And it’s awakening to the mind, so it gives a little mental pick me up when applied. I actually can’t apply this scent before bed as it will keep me from falling asleep! But the day time, it’s perfect, as everyone can use a little energy boost. Get your Cocokind Cinnamon Lip Balm here. 

There's my winter body care picks. What are you favorite winter time skin savers?

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