A Safe Place for Our Daughters To Learn The Importance of Green Beauty

I think so many of us started down the path of a cleaner lifestyle when we became pregnant. We quickly realized that what we put in and on our bodies go directly to our unborn child, effecting them for the rest of their lives. 

After they are born we are often meticulous about what goes on our babies skin and in their mouths. No plastic toys, non-toxic diapers, safe skin creams, and on and on. Then they start to grow and soon you have a child that makes choices on their own. This is when our roles as mothers ignite and we must teach them to not only make appropriate choices in everyday life but also for the things they put in and on their bodies. 

Even at the young age of three and four our daughters (and sons) are capable of understanding the basic concepts of the holistic green home. And it's through us that they learn and mimic these choices. With this we are left searching for safe and healthy skin and body care choices from toddlerhood to teen years. 

With malls and drug stores pretty much out of the picture for consistently green choices we are left with online stores. Unfortunately, most of these stores are geared towards adult women and offer few choices for growing littles. So, are we to turn back to the Bath & Body’s and CVS’s of the world, leaving our children behind without a place they can look for green goodies? Not at all, because that’s where The Choosy Chick comes in. Choosy Chick has a passion for our little ones as well and offers a wide selection (the biggest I’ve seen) for every kid, infant to teen.

Stemming from her own personal realization that conventional beauty is anything but safe, Margot of Choosy Chick, educated herself on the ins and outs of ingredients and formulations. Seeking a safer alternative for her family of six Choosy Chick has become a go-to destination for the finest non-toxic personal care products for the entire family as well as a wonderful resource for education about green beauty. Here is a great little video about the company as well. 

The Choosy Chick not only offers a great selection of women's green beauty items but they offer the largest selection of kids items I've seen in one storefront. Here is a short selection of some of my favorite items for growing girls. 

Teen green beauty shop

Jack and Jill Toothbrush and Paste

First off, aren't these brushes too cute! I love the little animals and my girls love that they each have their own unique animal. These brushes are made from nylon bristles and non-gmo corn starch handles. The handles are compostable in 90 days and the heads recyclable. Jack and Jill Toothbrush is truly non-toxic. With so many other children’s brushes and bristles made from plastic and other toxic compounds the actual brush is very important.

And now for the paste, this paste! IT is my girls favorite of any kids paste they've tried. It’s honestly hard to stop my girls from wanting to brush their teeth more than three times a day with this stuff...I suppose there's worse things. The paste is non-gmo, completely unique, and always safe (even to swallow). Jack and Jill Toothpaste is a clear thick paste with no foam and available in 5 flavors. We tried with Black Currant and loved it's bright berry flavor. This is the safest paste for the littles in my opinion, and safe paste is a must in our home. As we mom’s know, kids love to over-do it on the paste aspect of brushing, don’t they? 

Suncoat Girl Nail Polish

So sadly there's really no non-toxic nail polish, it's just not possible to formulate. However, I do allow my girls to polish their nails ever so often because I know how special it makes them feel and how I loved to do so when I was younger. Suncoat Girl Nail Polish is by FAR the safest I've seen and it doesn't smell! Imagine that! Made from water, polyurethane, acrylate copolymer, carmine, and non FD&C color the Suncoat polish is water based, VOC free, and far beyond 7-free. The Gorgeous Green color we tried is still transparent after two coats but super cute on little nails. Plus, it’s easy to take off too, just soak hands in water and peel the polish off. My girls first polish job lasted well over two weeks on their toes, the hands a few days. 

Jack and Jill Toothpaste review

Badger Sunscreen

Thoroughly impressed! These two sunscreens quite easily top the list for the best sunscreens I've used. The first is a completely non-greasy everyday formula. It’s SPF 25, unscented, and of coarse made with uncoated non-nano Zinc. It does go on with a slightly white cast but fine for young kids in the yard or on a hike. I was the most impressed with how un-greasy it is. It actually leans on the dry side and absorbs so quickly that you must be swift about rubbing it in. It lasts and works just like any sunscreen should and has become our go-to for out and about sunny days. 

The other Badger sunscreen is for water days, touting a 40 minute water resistant time! This Vanilla & Tangerine SPF 30 is oil based (to stay on in water) so it's definitely a different feel that the other. However, I didn't find it overly greasy or heavy. It too leaves a white cast, but that fades in probably 10 or so minutes. The smell is pleasant, like warm vanilla and the formula is medium weight. I tested this awesome product on a five hour river float trip where we were in and out of the water of course. And with only two applications there was ZERO burning! Super impressive for sure! If you have't tried Badger Sunscreens you must! And Choosy Chick carries even more of their line here.

Indie Girl Hair Ties

Choosy Chick even offers super cute Indie Girl Hair Ties. I told you Choosy Chick is a great resource for kids! With multiple styles and varieties these hair ties are our favorite type. This particular style of tie with wide elastic is all we’ve used in our house for years. They look cute on the wrist, crease hair minimally, pull less, and don’t get tangled. 

Buttercup & Jake Lip Balm

Another stellar option for school aged kiddos, Buttercup & Jake balm is a great alternative to the toxic flavored balms so popular with that age group. Made of all organic nourishing ingredients and organic flavor this balm is the bomb. My daughter loves the smell, texture, flavor, and its cute loop cap to attach to bags. 

Choosy chick anniversary goodie bag

To Sweeten the Deal

Starting now until supplies last, orders over $85 will get a free goodie bag in celebration of Choosy Chick’s Anniversary! Just use the code BDAYBAG at checkout and you’ll get a goodie bag with travel sizes and samples valued at over $35, check out the awesome contents above. Hurry on over to get your bag, something for yourself, and the little ones of the home. 

In Good Health!

   -Jena 💕

Disclosure:  In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary or other types of compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. However, I always give my honest opinion and findings of the products and would not recommend anything that I do not use for myself or family. All of the products recommended will adhere to the Standards of Clean, listed here.

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