WellBody Body Oils Review

WellBody Body Oils Review, litsea peppermint, jasmine clary sage

I don’t have an addictive personality, for the most part. Except for those few things that well, I’m addicted to. 

I am addicted to coconut…anything and all things coconut…especially the oil of the nut….it is a badass multitasker. I spread it on toast, sautee veggies in it, oil cutting boards, put it in my hair, use it as shaving cream and as a body oil. That is until I found WellBody’s Body Oils…then I gave up a small portion of my addiction and will never go back.

I guess it says something about a product if it turns one away from her multiyear addiction….I guess it say that the product is well, more badass than the prior one…haha so I guess I am now a WellBody addict, hmm maybe I have more of an addictive personality than I thought. 

So what’s with these lovely Body Oils? And whats the scoop on WellBody? Well, keep reading and all will be revealed…even an exclusive interview with the companies founder. 

The Basics

These dry winter months have left my skin often looking for an extra boost of moisture, and when it is I turn to the Body Oils from WellBody. Since getting these lovely oils in the mail I have used them daily…or more…as they supply my skin with the perfect amount of moisture. And unlike many body oils, or even lotions, they leave no oil slicks behind, your counters, clothes, and hands will thank you. Jackie Parks, the founder of WellBody, really hit the nail on the head with these sublime body oils. 

Well Body Body Oil Review and Interview with founder

She created two scents, litsea + peppermint and jasmine + clary sage, both which are great to have on hand as their scents serve opposite purposes. The litsea + peppermint is perfect for the mornings when you need a pick me up as it has an invigorating lemon scent. The other, jasmine + clary sage, I prefer in the evenings when I am ready to wind down as the scent is earthy, centering, and grounding. 

The Low Down

Both of the oils are blended with the same base, apricot kernel oil and golden jojoba oil, which combine to form just the right combo of moisture, anti-inflammatory properties, and skin loving vitamins. Apricot kernel oil is a light oil that gets absorbed by the skin quickly. It has vitamins A and E and is high in oleic and linoleic acid. It firms the skin and is great for rehydrating both dry and oily skin. 

Golden jojoba oil is another dry oil that leaves the skin feeling soothed with the perfect amount of hydration. This oil is very similar to our own sebum which allows it to easily assimilate with the skin. It has anti-inflammatory compounds and is known to decrease fine lines and soothe irritations (like acne and eczema). When Jackie blended these two oils together she clearly knew what she was doing, as they combine to form a wonderfully light but moisturizing body oil. Both of WellBody’s body oils offer the skin a much needed drink of soothing vitamins and fatty acids. Now for the difficult part of choosing which scent you are going to buy. 

The litsea + peppermint is a bright and refreshing scent. As I mentioned it is a great way to start the day on the right foot. The litsea essential oil has a bright citrus scent, quite similar to lemon, but more robust. It is known by aromatherapists to sooth and uplift the mind and bring about positive emotions. It is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which makes is great for irritated skin…hello body acne.

The peppermint essential oil is another powerhouse that is known to improve concentration and alertness as well as reduce stress. Peppermint is also a pain reducer and great for upset stomachs. You can see why when these essential oils are blended together they produce such an uplifting ready to start the day experience. 

The other scent, jasmine + clary sage, is wonderful to use after that nighttime shower or bath when you need some mental relaxation. The clary sage essential oil is anti-depressive and sedating. It helps with PMS, insomnia, and headaches. The smell is herbal, dry, and somewhat bitter. However, when it blends with jasmine the bitterness is cut out leaving the more floral notes singing. Jasmine essential oil smells well, like jasmine, rich and floral. It combines incredibly well with clary sage and goes to show what a gifted aromatherapist Jackie is. The jasmine + clary sage oil is intoxicating and quite possible my fav of the two…unless you ask me in the morning then I will say the litsea + peppermint. 

litsea peppermint WellBody oil review

The Use 

These oils work fabulously one of two ways…there are probably more ways, but I’ll stick with two for now. One, I apply them just after the shower to damp skin. Or two before the shower, like Sarita shared with us, for an extra dose of moisture. This way the oil is protecting your skin from the drying hot water.  Oh, and I just remembered way number three…the other day I put a few drops in my bath water, and boy was it a treat. The aromas of the essential oils filled the bathroom and my skin had a bit extra moisture to it. For a major shot of moisture during your bath check out my DIY Lavender Rose Bath Melts

The Exclusive

WellBody Skin Care Review

Founder of WellBody, Jackie Parks, sits down with Clean’s the New Black and shares the magic behind the brand. 

Can you share with us how you got started and why you love clean beauty?

I first experienced my love for essential oils when I discovered the calming benefits of Lavender as a yoga teacher. I was already incorporating a lot of essential oil work into my classes so it was an easy transition. I began to create my own blends for different ailments and when I realized that I had a natural gift for aromatherapy, I started to create an array of products that are now the base for many WellBody products. My sensitive skin benefited from the lack of harmful chemicals and I was quickly converted to a natural approach to skincare. As I learned more about the products on the shelves, I was drawn to a simpler routine and there WellBody was born. It started in January of 2014 while I was living in Brooklyn. We had the coldest winter and my skin was suffering.

My skin is naturally very dry and many of the products I have used in the past just made that worse, especially on my face. Since using only naturally made products that has completely changed. I don’t have any peeling on my face or lips or have any dry patches of skin. I have noticed that my face breaks out less and I rarely need to wear any makeup

I believe that there is a major shift going on in the beauty industry and that more people are turning to natural products. Skin is the largest organ and more people are conscientious about what is being absorbed into their bodies. All of WellBody’s products have less than 5 ingredients and are recognizable to the average person. In fact, most of these products can be found in any medicine cabinet or kitchen. I simply blend them in an effective and meaningful way. Recognizing the patterns of the body and skin will better help the customers understand how to feed it. 

What is your favorite product in your line right now and why?

The jasmine + clary sage body oil is my jam right now, I love it. I just moved to Scottsdale, AZ so my skin is craving a moisturizer after being in the sun. It smells a lot like earl grey tea so it’s subtle but so calming. I use it in the morning and right before bed. 

Can you give us any hints as to what new things we may expect from your brand in the future?

Get rid of that dry winter skin with body oils form WellBody. Plus check out the exclusive interview with the founder.

I just released a toner, cleanser and an after sun spray. I am working on doing a men’s cleanser and toner and maybe some scrubs for next spring! I am also starting a blog where I will be posting a lot of different information about essential oils and some recipes you can make at home. You will be able to find that on my website at wellbodyskincare.com

What would you suggest we try first from your line? And any special directions for use?

I think the oils are the best to start with. They are good for all seasons and every type of skin. You can pour the oil in the bath or apply right to the skin replacing lotion completely. Apricot Kernel Oil soaks right into the skin so you don’t have to worry about any greasy residue or staining clothes. 

The cleanser is different from most cleansers out there. It’s the consistency of water and it doesn’t get sudsy. It’s a different approach to washing to the face. It does the job but it’s gentle. It’s a lot like the oil cleansing method but won’t clog the pores or upset sensitive skin. Once you rub it in and wash it off, follow up with the toner.

What one product is your best seller?

Everyone seems to love the litsea + mint body oil. Litsea cubeba essential oil smells like lemon but sweeter and the peppermint balances it out nicely. It’s uplifting and energizing and has anti-inflammatory properties so it helps calm a lot of different skin issues. 

What is one clean beauty item, outside your brand, that you cannot live without? 

Konjac Sponges, I am obsessed right now. They are super soft but provide a gentle exfoliation on the face when you need it for blackheads or just for little extra glow. I highly recommend them. You can get find a few different types, like charcoal, French Green Clay, or French Pink Clay at Spirit Beauty Lounge.


Jackie Parks, Founder WellBody


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