Close to My Heart

You know what you won't find at your department store beauty department or drugstore beauty isle? Love, compassion, and soul. 

You might find bright colors bottles, fancy fonts, and smells galore but care and love for the customers and for the world around will be far far off in Neverland. 

Safe non-toxic skincare aside, green beauty is a passion of mine because of its altruism and general concern for the world around us. From donating to horse rescuse to funding orphanages the green beauty industry is filled with heart and soul. Supporting companies like this is close to many of our hearts and one of the reasons the industry is booming. Compassion for the less privileged and more unfortunate is imperative for the health of our community and world. 

Violets Are Blue Skincare

Violets Are Blue is one of those brands. Their heartfelt compassion seeps from it’s pores in every direction. Not only do they care about the safety of their customers by creating healthy skincare they also pass the love of green beauty into the hands of women starting treatment for breast cancer. Founded by Cynthia Besteman in 2011 after her own breast cancer diagnosis, Violets Are Blue, stems from the realization that just because the packaging says natural or organic doesn’t mean it is truly safe. Ripe with greenwashing the beauty industry has fooled many, unfortunately at the cost of their health. Breast cancer has a strong link to toxins we willingly choose to put on our skin each day. Violets Are Blue strives to not only teach women about this connection but provide them with a product that is truly safe. 

Violets Are Blue works with New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital to donate a gift package from their Beloved Line (especially formulated for those undergoing cancer treatment) to each and every woman on her first day of breast cancer treatment. Bringing a glimmer of happiness to their face on what many probably consider their most challenging day of their lives. Violets Are Blue has figured out how to truly “be the light”. 

They have also formulated a Signature Line, for those not undergoing chemotherapy. This line is fragranced, but lightly so with essential oils, entirely safe and gentle for any skin type. From lip balm, to facial serum, to deodorant this line is straightforward, simple, and effective. I encourage you to not only sample this line for yourself, but to donate to the fund that so generously gives each breast cancer patient at Mount Sinai a skincare gift

A quick sampling of some of their most loved products. 

Violets Are Blue Facial Cleanser review

White Tea & Carrot Seed Facial Cleanser

A cream cleanser with minimal scent and ultra gentle to the skin, Violets Are Blue Facial Cleanser keeps it straightforward. A blend of green and white tea and highly prized oils the formula has no foam but easily removes dirt and makeup. Carrot Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil are both highly anti-aging and anti-inflammatory while silk amino acids and citric acid work to soften the skin. 

Just two or three pumps massaged into damp skin impart an easy cleansing experience that preserves the skins natural oil balance. After use my skin always feels gently clean, soft, and balanced. I love that it doesn’t strip the oil from my skin or leave me feeling overly dry. The Facial Cleanser can be found here starting at $38. 

Violets Are Blue Smoothing Clay Mask Review

Powdered Coconut Milk & Rockrose Smoothing Clay Mask

Another ultra gentle experience for our skin, this powdered mask draws out impurities and softens skin. Suited for any skin type but especially great for aging or irritated skin. Violets Are Blue Smoothing Clay Mask’s mild nature won my heart as a go to when I’m looking for the detoxifying benefits of a clay but still need something gentle enough for my summer skin, which tends to be on the dryer side. 

Quinoa, Rice, and Coconut Milk powders all work to soften and calm the skin while offering a great profile of vitamins and minerals for the skin to soak up. The most gentle of clays, kaolin, detoxifies and their special essential oil blend offers hydration, anti-aging, and calming benefits.  

A light weight white mask mixes with water or another favorite liquid (such as rose water or yogurt) to form a nice paste that is applied to the face with fingers or a mask brush.  Simply let sit for 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water. I also love to rub in a circular motion to add gentle exfoliation to the process, buffing way dead skin cell which only helps to soften the skin more. Afterwards my skin feels refreshed, refined, and silky smooth. The Smoothing Mask is found here for $45.  

Violets Are Blue Foot Salve Review

Peppermint Leaf & Rosemary Foot Salve

Fiercely hydrating and wonderfully refreshing with it’s cooling essential oils Violets Are Blue Foot Salve saves cracked heels and dehydrated feet, naturally. Incredibly thick, thanks to a combo of shea and coco butters and beeswax, the salve is best applied before bed (even better with socks!) so it can absorb slowly over multiple hours. I love to give myself a 10 minute foot massage with it before applying socks as this not only drives the oils deeper into the skin but relaxes the entire body. 

The herbaceous and minty scent of this salve, from peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus, also imparts a cooling feeling to the feet. Which relaxes them even further to deepen the experience. Suitable for everyone, this Foot Salve is one of my favorite products of the line. Not only are feet hydrated in the morning, with cracks lessened and flakes gone, but the ritual of applying it with a massage and the cooling sensation from the oils becomes a whole body affair that melts away the stresses of the day. It can be purchased here starting at $15

Natural and safe Foot Salve Review

Lemongrass & Tea Tree Extra Strength Deodorant

It’s safe to say that there’s no longer a lack of effective non-toxic deodorants on the market. Some of my favorites are Soapwalla, Green Tidings, and Cee Cee & Bee. However, Violets Are Blue has also made the cut. This Extra Strength Deodorant is safe to use, lasts for 8-10 hours, and is gentle on the skin. What sets it apart is the roller ball formula. Coming in liquid form the roller ball is a perfect way to apply this deodorant which also makes it fast with no mess. The formula is hydrating, non-irritating, and even ok immediately after shaving. The scent is also wonderful, an uplifting and clean aroma from the lemongrass, orange, and tea tree. It’s available for $16 here.

Disclosure:  In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary or other types of compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. However, I always give my honest opinion and findings of the products and would not recommend anything that I do not use for myself or family. All of the products recommended will adhere to the Standards of Clean, listed here.

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