Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Review

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation and Concealer Review

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When I was a young teen I remember being enamored with visiting the cosmetics departments of department stores. The glass display counters filled with perfectly stacked boxes of goodies and the tester displays with hundreds of colors. The M.A.C counter was my particular fav...the women who worked there had the most outrageous bright makeup and their displays were the best. Sleek black metal holders to perfectly grip each makeup container by its lid...oh how I wanted the same thing in my bedroom. It would be like barbies dream salon in my own home.

Needless to say over the years I acquired a quite extensive collection of M.A.C. makeup...then I started looking into detoxifying my makeup routine because I was getting acne. Low and behold M.A.C. and all the other makeup I had was full of chemicals and nasty stuff. If you remember from this post these chemicals soak into our skin and cause all sorts of issues. So, I embarked on the adventure of cleaning up my beauty routine. 

However, years ago the selection of clean makeup and beauty products was pretty dismal...poor coverage foundation, boring eyeshadow colors, and subpar creams and lotions. I went through many beauty brands and have found the ones that really perform. Fortunately, during the last few years clean beauty has exploded and there are many reputable websites, and brick and mortar stores, consisting entirely of nontoxic beauty products. There is a healthy selection of just about anything you could need. However, because there are so many brands it can be difficult to choose what to buy. So, today I am going to share with you which brand I use for my foundation and concealer and why. If you are in the market for clean foundation...which really should be where you start because it covers your entire face meaning more surface area for toxins to soak into...then I suggest you try Vapour Organic Beauty. 

Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Review

The Low Down

Vapour Organic Beauty hails for Taos, New Mexico with their product line made entirely in the USA.  Their packaging is made from recycled products and cruelty free. All of their products have at least 70% organic ingredients, some carry the USDA organic seal, and all adhere to the Standards of Clean

Illusionist Concealer

Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer Review

The first product I use almost daily is their Illusionist Concealer. This concealer is a light creamy formula packaged in a roll up stick. It offers a medium coverage and works great for covering dark spots and fading acne marks. Although it is not heavy enough to cover my under eye circles, I would imagine for someone without a 10 month old baby it would work just fine. The ingredients are full of skin loving herbs and essential oils, specifically designed to calm and soothe skin...hello acne spots. The packaging makes it easy to apply without brushes and it stores conveniently. Plus it's sturdy enough to withstand being tossed in a purse or dropped on the ground. I always apply the Illusionist Concealer on top of my foundation and it blends smoothly with both of their foundations. 

Soft Focus Foundation from Vapour Beauty Review

Soft Focus Foundation

Vapour has two foundaitons in their lineup, I have both and use them frequently. First the Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. This is a liquid medium to full coverage formula packaged in an easy pump bottle. While all skin types can use it, I would recommend this one if you have oily skin as it is drier than their other foundation. Let’s talk about the formula...it is wonderfully smooth and light, blending easily.  My skin seems to soak it up, loving its skin nourishing ingredients.  It leaves the skin with a soft satin finish and smooths pores. For me it smooths fine lines best with primer underneath it, however, I most often use it without because well, I am too lazy. My only complaint is the smell, which is that of strong patchouli...a scent I have never been drawn to. However, because the product is great otherwise I overlook it.  Overall, I give this a 4 out of 5 stars, but if I had oily skin I would lean more towards five stars.

Luminous Foundation

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation from Vapour Beauty Review

Lastly is my favorite product of theirs, the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. This lovely stuff is packaged again in a stick, like the concealer, which makes it super easy for on the go use. It also offers medium coverage but the packaging makes it easy to build upon itself for more coverage. The formula is extra creamy and thicker than the soft focus. It is more suitable for dry, sensitive, or mature skin. However, this works great on my normal skin, I just don’t apply moisturizer prior or it will feel too heavy. The finish is different that the liquid, it gives more of a glowing appearance. A perfect soft radiant glow, not at all greasy or overdone. I find it applies best with a blender like this one but finger application works fine if you don't have a blender. Another plus is the Luminous Foundation has no scent, therefore I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. This products keeps me coming back time and time and is my go to choice for daily wear. 

Vapour Organic Beauty has many other products as well. Lipsticks, blushes, nail polish all of which I hear rave reviews for. What other Vapour products have you all tried? What are you favorites?

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