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True nature botanicals in april beauty heroes box

Unique, is the perfect word to capture True Nature Botanicals. An effective blend of unusual ingredients, research, and commitment have created an entire line I am yearning to try. Just one scroll through their products page has me wishing for a bigger medicine cabinet and unlimited budget…there’s at least 10 products I would happily welcome into my routine. Which is why, my clean beauties, I feel blessed to have April’s Beauty Heroes box contain two of those 10 I’ve been eyeing. (Haven’t heard of the awesome deals over at Beauty Heroes? Learn more here)

Oh, how I hope you love the mask and face oil from True Nature Botanicals as much as I, because the results I’ve seen are nothing short of pleasing. The hero this moth is their Exfoliating Moisture Mask and the sidekick their Face Oil. I am really enjoying the positive effects they both have had on my skin, especially the mask. With the exfoliating lactic acid unlocking younger and brighter skin beneath the surface of my complexion... just in time for Spring.

Absolutely no kidding or exaggerating, the day after I used this mask I had two patients at work comment how young I looked. And then during the rest of the week (I used the mask twice that week) more strangers commenting that I must be too young to be a nurse or buy alcohol or have kids or what-have you. Normally, I get comments like that maybe once a week, not everyday! I give my fresh looking skin credit to TNB Exfoliating Moisture Mask plus a new supplement I have started. 

exfoliating moisture mask review

Exfoliating Moisture Mask

The Exfoliating Moisture Mask is both brightening and hydrating as it contains moisturizing mango and avocado butters, potato flour for brightening, green tea and astaxanthin which are antioxidant powerhouses, and lactic acid a moisturizing AHA exfoliant. The texture is like egg yolk and it smells to me like chili peppers (which I am not sure where this comes from because there are definitely no chilies in this mask) with a pale reddish orange hue from the astaxanthin. I realize as I describe it the texture may sound a bit off-putting, however, it definitely isn’t in any way. The thickness and scent are what make it unique and one reason it’s such a stand out product.

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This mask is simple to put on, just a thin layer applied with the fingers over the face and neck. Leave it on for only 3-5 minutes with the possibility of some tingling. Rinse with warm water and a cloth to reveal incredibly smooth and bright skin. Be sure to hydrate properly afterwards with a serum or oil (like this months sidekick!) because that baby new skin will need extra love. 

I would recommend to start with less application time vs. more, especially if you have sensitive skin. The first time I applied it for five minutes which was probably too much for me, as I had two irritated itchy spots for a few hours afterwards. However, my skin must have built up a tolerance because I can now go 10 minutes without any reaction. 

The changes I have noticed in my skin are pleasing to say the least, immediate differences are diminished fine lines, evened tone, and the most glowing appearance. It is such a special treat for us Beauty Heroes to try this $90 mask for only $39, and be able to purchase it again for 15% off at the Beauty Heroes store. This is because TNB holds their collection tightly, only selling at 5 other spas plus their own website. Sign up for Beauty Heroes while the subscriptions are still available because this exclusive box will be capped soon. 

True nature botanicals face oil review

True Nature Botanicals Face Oil

The sidekick of the month is a travel size of TNB Face Oil suited for all skin types. With unusual seed oils and marine essential fatty acids this oil is just as unique as the Hero Exfoliating Moisture Mask. It is formulated to recharge the top layers of skin so its stronger against sun, toxins, and wind. 

I am amazed by the outstanding ingredients this oil contains, here is the full list, but the standouts are oils of: chia seed, kiwi seed, hemp seed, passionfruit, watermelon seed, red pine needle, and red raspberry seed. This light cantaloupe orange oil is so packed with goodness you get a hefty dose of the ever important omega fatty acids, 3, 6, and 9. To which the skin responds by pulling in water and nutrients creating a stronger barrier that’s plump and internally protected. 

I find this oil is great both day or night, as it’s light and quick absorbing. It goes perfectly after the Moisture Mask or under makeup creating a smooth canvas. The hydration it provides lasts all day, even in cold windy weather and it’s calms stubborn areas of irritation. Protection for our environment is ever important to our skins aging process and this Face Oil offers just that.

This one-two combination in Aprils Beauty Heroes box makes it easy for any skin type to radiate. I am so glad TNB has introduced us to new and unique ingredients that allow us to continue to use our intuition in our skin care selections. With newly bloomed flowers, baby birds, and fresh warm wind Spring is in full swing and TNB allows us to continue that feeling internally by putting our freshest skin forward.  

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