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I must have tried a new product every few weeks when I had acne…can you relate? Ultimately I think the constant changing of products irritated my skin even further because it wasn’t until I simplified my skincare routine as much as possible that I started to see changes in my skin.

After tossing the harsh and irritating benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid treatments I swapped them for simple products with as few ingredients as possible. Dr. Woods cleanser, DIY apple cider vinegar toner, and minimal moisturizer if any, that was it…I finally gave my skin room to breathe and normalize itself, learning to trust that my body could in fact have clear skin without the help of creams and masks and treatments. And this worked amazingly. (Here’s more about what I did

If I knew what I do now, I would have also tried probiotics both internally and externally to help my recovery process go even faster, because true healing starts by fixing the bacterial imbalances so common in acne. I've been talking a lot about probiotics lately: for your oral health, for your urinary and feminine health, and we all know they are great for gut health. So, why not keep with the theme and delve into topical probiotics for the skin.

Topical probiotics for acne, probiotics on skin

Until now you’ve probably thought probiotics are for internal use only, I know I did. Topical probiotics however are a real, promising, and newly emerging treatment for acne. Essentially, special types of bacteria are applied to the skin to compete with the bacteria that contribute to acne and inflammation.

It’s quite a simple concept really, after all our skin’s are crawling with millions of bacteria day in and day out, and these little guys are one of our first lines of defense against illness and disease. For example, check out this post on how much healthier children are when their parents forgo hand sanitizers and disinfectants. The dermatology community is just starting to enter the world of topical probiotics with studies only published recently on the positive effects they are having against acne, among other skin conditions. 

Tired of struggling with acne? New research shows probiotics applied to your skin banish blemishes fast.

In both this and this study we can see that topical probiotics reduce the severity of acne, which is a godsend for us clean beauties because they can be delivered to our skin with minimal ingredients…just water and the specific bacterial strain, no harsh irritating anything in sight. And if you remember from this post, what a game changer minimal ingredients were for my skin. 

The Low Down

How probiotics for acne work is the good bacteria feast on the sebum, dead skin, and grime which also happens to be the food for p.acnes, the bacteria that contributes to acne. In simple form these good bacteria eat up all the food the bad guys normally eat, which starves them to death leaving minimal skin irritating bacteria left to cause issues. The beauty of this is that there’s no side effects to worry about and it’s so simple to do. Probiotics for acne combined with my other tips for acne, will have everyone’s skin singing praises. 

Since I’m your personal guinea pig and always try everything before I recommend it to you so I tied topical probiotics for myself. Twice a day I sprayed them on my face and upper back. My back is the place I still have some acne. It’s rather minimal, 2-5 spots at a time, but nonetheless it’s annoying and quite stubborn. I pretty much gave up on ever conquering the few constant spots on my back. However, since I have used the topical probiotics of acne my back breakouts have been zero…and the trumpets they go 🎧 I haven’t had a new spot in five weeks. Impressive, period.

As for my face, I only get an occasional few pimples, usually associated with my cycle. But sticking with the guinea pig theme I knew I had to try the probiotics on my face as well. I mean, after all, what if my face broke out into some horrible hairy rash or changed to the color blue? I just wouldn’t feel right saying give it a try unless I’d given it a try. So, I used the topical probiotic for five weeks on my face and my face turned neon green. 

Ha, jk! I am happy to report I had no pimples during my cycle, none! And, girl scouts promise my skin stayed the same old boring peach it’s been all along. Oh, how I wish I had discovered this product years ago, when I did have bad facial acne. I know that it would have helped me tremendously, which is why I wanted to share it with any of you who are still looking for a natural way to conquer your acne. 

Where Do We Get These Probiotics For Acne?

The only company I trust for my topical probiotics is Probiotic Action. They are the leading topical probiotic for acne. What makes them standout is they are careful to choose a shelf stable bacteria, spore forming bifidus bacterium, so that the bacteria don’t render themselves useless while sitting in your medicine cabinet…something so important for any probiotic internal or topical. Also, Probiotic Action is just two simple ingredients, water and bacteria, which leaves zero room for negative reaction from your skin. And like any green beauty would day, less is more. 

Probiotic Action is also unique in that you mix up a fresh batch of spray every two days. They send you a lovely small sprayer and a separate bottle of concentrated probiotic formula. 10-20 drops added to filtered water and you’re ready to spray down your skin. The small size of the spray bottle makes it easy to take with you wherever you go and easy to apply as a midday skin reset. With the differences I saw in my skin I am eager to hear about the positive changes those really battling acne will see. (check out these photos of before and afters from Probiotic Action). Probiotic Action is available here for $14. Also, our friends over at Probiotic Action were kind enough to toss in a little gift for us. 

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Have you tried topical probiotics for acne? Do you think this is a product that could help? If you try Probiotic Action I'd love to see before and after photos and share them with our community! Just drop me a line 🙋

Love, Light, and clear skin 🙏


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