Curious about switching out your current conventional body wash or soap? Did you know the average conventional body cleanser contains multiple toxic ingredients?

Irritating Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), hormone disrupting fragrances and preservatives, and drying surfactants can leave the skin feeling over worked and the body working double time to reduce its toxic load.

Switching out your families soap/gel is one of the easiest steps in the Beauty Cabinet Detox, as the safe alternatives are affordable, readily available at stores and online, and work even better than their counterparts.

Here's are some of my tops picks with options for every budget and cleanser type.



The most economical and versatile is Dr. Jacobs Liquid Castile soap. I love this particular brand because their formula is thicker than Dr. Bronners making it easy to pour without spillage and it goes right into your current pump dispenser without issues of clogging or spraying. Plus it's great for household DIY cleaning. Dr. Woods is also another great option, just less thick but more moisturizing due to the addition is shea. 

Both brands are hydrating, have a moderate foam, and smell delicious. Dr. Jacobs is available in multiple scents just be aware that a few of the options contain synthetic fragrance. While they are natural synthetic fragrances I still don't allow those in my house. Especially when they offer multiple scenes derived only from essential oils (like the Peppermint in the photo).

Find Dr Jacobs on Amazon starting at $14 


PLANT Apothecary certified organic Get It On Body Wash a beautifully foaming addictingly fragrant gel option. The PLANT wash is 100% organic, making it the option for the strictest of households.

They offer four frangrances, all essential oil based of course, but the Get It On is my fav. A warming zing from ginger and deep intrigue from sandalwood and cedar keep this body wash invigorating.

Used with a body mit (here's my fav) the foam is absolutely lovely and beyond what I expected. This is a good choice for those used to the high foam of synthetic surfactants like SLS. Don't expect quite the level of lather as SLS but you also won't have dryness or irritation either. The gel doesn't strip the skin or dry, rather leaves a mildly hydrated canvas for lotion or oil (another must have product is PLANTS Ground Control Body Oil).

Find the wash here for $20


For those of us that like bar soaps Indie Goat Soap Co. is THE brand to look into. All their soaps are hand made from the sweetest girl boss ever, Heather Collins. Indie Goat Soaps all feature raw goats milk from her very own goats 🐐 along with other nourishing oils and essential oils. Nothing nasty or artificial. Plus the bars are larger than the typical, a full 5 oz so they last longer than the average. 

The addition of goats milk makes the soaps very hydrating, which I find hard to get out of a bar soap. Plus is yields a nice thick lather. The soap photoed is their newest addition, White Label https://indiegoatsoap.com/collections/facial-bars/products/white-label-goats-milk-soap that adds charcoal and clay to exfoliate.

I'm a huge fan of body (and face) exfoliation and love the idea of the exfoliant in a bar form. Typical body exfoliants are loose and therefore quite messy in the shower. The White Label soap stays mess free and gives a nice even exfoliation to reveal our best and softest skin. Find it here for $9


Back to body wash, this last one is the most luxurious and unique. The Linné Activate Body Wash is a dark as night charcoal detoxing wash.

There's just something addicting about this wash! Between the herbal and woody scent to the invigorating micro exfoliation to the amazing clean feeling it leaves, I LOVE this wash.

Minimal sudsing but offering maximum cleaning ability the black wash is a great one to have on rotation. Its botanicals help body acne by being antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying. You can find it for sale at the Beauty Heroes Store here for $48 AND if you subscribe by the 20th of Oct to Beauty Heroes you will receive this and Linne's Purify Dace Wash for a steal of $38, which is their October box.

I hope these options give you at least one to swap out with your conventional cleanser!

Happy Sudsing Loves!


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