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Stuido Aroma Eye Serum Review, Q10 Dew review, and Lip Gloss Review

You know when you come across those brands that you really gravitate toward? They just resonate with you for some reason...everything about them speaks to you and you cannot wait to get your hands on their products? Well, Studio Aroma is one of those brands for me. From the sleek minimalistic packaging to straightforward ingredients, approachable pricing, and formulation concept I was drawn to it from the moment I ran across their lip gloss on Etsy.

Studio Aroma Review. With unique ingredients and a background in aromatherapy this company produces wonderful green beauty products

Studio Aroma is founded by Jenny, a Canadian certified aromatherapist who has an aromatherapy studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Studio Aroma specializes in aromatherapy services and customized aromatic skin care products. Each product is hand-crafted and created with amazing herbs, oils, and butters, many of which are unfamiliar to me. Jen puts patience and love into all of the products with some ingredients taking up to a year to make. Oils, honeys, and waters are soaked in herbs and flowers for months on end and some products are offered only seasonally due to the long process with which they are made. 

Studio Aroma offers a unique perspective on skincare with unusual ingredients married with our most loved and favorited ones. This allows the customer to have an experience only available from Studio Aroma. I just wish I lived in Canada so I could partake in her one of her aromatherapy sessions at her studio. However, for now my desire is squelched with her fabulous packaged products. 

Stay tuned next week for her interview and a few more products. 

Studio Aroma Q10 Dew Review. Fight blackheads, sun spots, and wrinkles naturally.

The Q10 Dew

A Dew…just the sound of a dew invites memories of young morning flowers and fresh grasses coated in featherlight droplets. An image which captures the essence of this product perfectly. Something airy, fresh, and light. 

Studio Aroma's Q10 Dew is a scentless airy white cream that melts into a semi-liquid the moment it is touched. The texture reminds me of egg whites whipped into soft peaks...never have I seen a lighter product. It is just do-die-for. These hot summer days I am all about light products, I find that my skin does better the less I have on it.  

What is in this airy light formula? An amazing blend of ingredients that all benefit the skin in one way or another, no ingredient is present unnecessarily. Here’s the down and dirty on them. 

  • CoQ10 is an essential part of collagen and elastin production plus it's an antioxidant. This makes it great for firming and smoothing skin as well as reversing photo-aging, (source).
  • Calendula is an herb that has been used for thousands of years to soothe irritated and reddened skin. It also boosts healing so problem areas are resolved faster and noticeable for a shorter amount of time. 
  • Vitamin C is another antioxidant, I have raved about it here and here. It's great at reversing sun damage, aging, and hyper-pigmentation.
  • Vitamin A is great for anti-aging and acne prone skin. It increases cellular turnover and reduces blackheads.
  • Vitamin E is another antioxidant that fights sun damage and free radicals. It is useful for fine lines, dark spots, scars.
  • Marine Collagen Protein is rich in A, B's, C, E, and K vitamins, folic acid, niacin and pantothenic acid and other minerals. All of which promote healthy skin production. Plus it detoxifies and draws out toxins. Making it great for acnegenic and overstressed skin.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract, antibacterial and antiviral it is an alternative to toxic preservatives.
Studio Aroma Q10 Dew

I am using this Dew morning and night and have seen great results. Within a few days of use the few blackheads and congestion were gone plus red areas were evened. The Q10 Dew soaks into the skin right away and leaves it instantly baby smooth. This makes it a favorite of mine before I apply foundation. It fills in any imperfections to allow for a more even application of makeup. 

Also, over time my skin has become less congested especially during my cycle. It also has a mattifying effect, which lasts for most of the day. My t-zone is balanced and doesn’t appear oily or over hydrated. 

I can see that this product would really benefit acne prone and environmentally damaged skin. Being full of damage reversing nutrients it is strong on performance but feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Plus it is so light that there is never an issue of heavy greasy residue left over. Find it here for $17.

Studio Aroma Lip gloss Review

Lip Gloss

Made of Rosehips, blueberry seed oil, jojoba oil, CoQ10, and a rose essential oil blend Studio Aroma Lip Gloss provides a light shine with a soft rose scent. This gloss comes in very cleaver packaging…a click to dispense brush tip. It is easy to take on the go and offers unique application for this liquid lip treatment. 

The three oils it’s made from are light and absorb fairly quickly. This prevents it from ever being sticky or over applied. Yet it still leaves a nice clear shine to the lips. The oils are all high in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and moisturizing compounds which work to combat the major reasons lips age.

Studio Aroma Lip Gloss, shiny hydrated lips

When I use Studio Aroma’s Lip Gloss my lips are gently hydrated and revived. I like to alternate it with JMAs Lip Balm to give my lips an alternating dose of light and heavy moisture. 

My only complaint is that the gloss has an oily taste to it, a combo of the three oils leaves a mild fatty bitter taste in my mouth. However, it isn't overwhelming nor does it prevent me from using it. Plus, when you look at the alternatives I definitely prefer an oily taste to artificial flavors. 

Being that this is such a lightweight gloss it is great for the summer. It gives a nice finished look to daytime makeup but makes you forget you are wearing anything at all. It softens and soothes the lips and goes great over Erzulie Colorsticks for a pop of color and shine. Find yours here for $8.5.

Studio Aroma Eye Serum Review, reduce puffiness, fine lines, and congestion naturally

Eye Serum

I have been on the lookout for a great gel like eye serum...and Studio Aroma has found it for me. Antioxidant and phytonutrient rich this gel firms, depuffs, and hydrates tired eyes. Coming in a small glass dropper bottle, Studio Aroma’s Eye Serum is of medium thickness and translucent brown in color. It is also scentless, which I love because fragrance (even natural) can often irritate my eyes.

With spectacular ingredients like Aloe, Samphire extract, Arnica, and Aspen Bark Extract it really has made a difference on my eyes. I prefer to use it only in the mornings as I prefer a more hydrating cream like One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm for the nighttime. I have been using this gel faithfully each am since receiving it and see both a long and short term difference. 

I can feel Studio Aroma’s Eye Serum working almost immediately as it tightens the eye area as the gel dries. It reduces puffiness and firms the delicate eye skin. I haven't noticed any difference in my dark circles, but they also haven't been aggravated by it either…as some products do.

To use it takes about two small drops of the serum on the ring finger. I rub it between my fingers and dab in under and over my eye. I then gently massage in an upward circular motion to help stimulate blood flow and further reduce puffiness (this part is key to really reducing bags). I love that this gel fully absorbs in minutes, making it easy to apply makeup over without any negative effects. 

Studio Aroma's Eye Serum has never once irritated my sensitive eyes, which I am so thankful for. Probably a combination of the amazing ingredients and the quick absorbing behavior that leads to zero irritation. I know my eyes will thank me years down the road of this serum, as it prevents aging at the cellular level. It’s available to purchase here for $18.

Studio Aroma Review, a good green beauty brand

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