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You may remember from two weeks ago just how much I am loving Studio Aroma. Their expertly blended skincare is unique in every way. Well, today Jennifer Chow a certified aromatherpist and the founder of Studio Aroma spills the vision behind her company.

When was your brand founded and why did you start your company?

Studio Aroma was officially launched online in October 2014. We are a small company focusing on aromatherapy services and customized aromatic skin care products. Our products were first seen at craft show one month later in Vancouver.

I have been customizing skin care products with essential oils for over 10 years. After further study in aromatherapy and essential oils, I formulated and prepared my own skin care products all from raw and basic ingredients and shared with family and friends.

The idea of establishing my own brand was after years of observation and trying many products on the market. I found that many others just like myself were not satisfied with products manufactured for the general public. Therefore, I decided to have my own workshop producing hand crafted skincare products that could fill the market gaps. Combining my expertise in aromatherapy and my own creations of aromatic personal care products, Studio Aroma was born.

Why is clean beauty important to you?

Polluted environment, chemicals or artificial substances within many personal care products make our body sick, and weaken our immune system.

We can’t fully change the environment the way we want but we must stay away from consuming non-natural products. I believe using proper natural healing properties can help repair, rejuvenate, and balance our body without side effects, while allowing us to glow from the inside out.

Briefly, what is your clean beauty story?

During my teenage years, I was suffering with acne on my face until I start using a facial product manufactured by a famous Asian brand. I thought I found the best product to resolve my problem, but within two weeks time I noticed other body issues starting to affect me. My family doctor told me those issues were caused by the steroid that was in the “famous” product, and that I must stop using it.

With no hope in pre-made facial products or prescriptions from doctor, I picked up essential oils and learned how to blended them to fix my acne. Soon I tried blending essential oils and mixed them into unscented skin products for daily use.

Have you noticed a difference in your skin and body since you have been using clean products?

Definitely, essential oils and hydrosols not only fixed my acne gradually but caused no other skin issues since then. Essential oils I used balanced my hormones, and I felt a bit healthier from the inside out, (more on balancing your hormones here).

What is your favorite product in your line right now?

Hydrosol Tonic (more on that below) would be my choice. Hydrosol (also called hydrolat) is a by-product of essential oil distillation, with similar effects but more gentle and non-oil based. Hydrosols themselves can be used as a cleanser, mask, body spray, and as a natural toner to help balance and improve the condition of our skin. It’s almost a must for my daily used item.

We distill hydrosols in our workshop from raw natural ingredients that are free of artificial additives, alcohol, preservatives or coloring. The Hydrosol Tonic usually blended with up to three hydrosols according to customer’s choice or with our consultation to match their skin type or special needs.

Can you give us any hints as to what new things we may expect from your brand in the future?

Studio Aroma produces pre-formulated and ready-made products. However, we also value our customers’ comments so we keep improving our products base on customers’ needs.

We have many seasonal products produced base on in season ingredients, or tailored only for summer and winter’s use. Brand new seasonal products can be found at trade-shows and craft shows we attend while reproductions can be found on our website and retail locations.

An upcoming new product will be a collection of perfume oils with the theme of “constellations”. They will be made of all natural ingredients as well and each type of perfume will come with a matching crystal stone. And yes, the concept is related to the 12 constellations of the zodiac, for more product detail and time of availability please stay tuned on our website and Facebook.

What would you suggest we try first from your line? 

I will suggest lip-glosses, hydrosol, and bath soaks for all consumers.

Studio Aroma Lip Gloss contains various types of roses and natural ingredients, not only hydrates our lips but also heal chapped lips rapidly. This product is very suitable for North American weather all year round.

As I mentioned previously, Hydrosol Tonic is my favorite product so I hope everyone can try and get the benefit from it. Just as simple as spray on face and body skins except eye area, and let it penetrate into your skin. Don’t forget to store in cool places like the fridge for best use.

Bath Soaks are also my recommendation. We hope every customer can enjoy a spa-graded hot bath at home to rejuvenate their body and soul; the base is Himalayan pink salts and Dead Sea salts, available with pre-mixed or customer’s choice of clays, herbs, and energy infused essential oil blends.  One scoop of the bath salts and soak for 20 to 30 minutes, wash and rinse after soaking and you will feel refreshed and relaxed.

What one product is your best seller?

Eye Serum (review here) is one of Studio Aroma’s signature products and is our best seller. Customers from different age groups purchase our eye serum, as it helps any age. I am glad to see that many young ladies are taking care of their skin in their early twenties to prevent wrinkles. Some of our customers, like flight attendants, need to put on makeup almost everyday, they find that our Eye Serum effectively soothes and hydrates their skin after remove their makeup.

Where can we find your products? 

  • Our products are available to online order at our company website studioaroma.com, Etsy shop etsy.com/shop/StudioAroma, and online retailer tuttione.com/product-tag/studio-aroma/.
  • If you need a consultation or customized product please email us or fill out the online form at our website.
  • For those who are planning to travel to Vancouver, they can purchase our products at certain consigned retail locations and craft shows we attend. For the latest locations please visit our website event and contact pages.
  • We constantly update at Facebook and Instagram, please find us at Facebook and Instagram

Jen also sent me quite a few samples. All of which have been so wonderful to use...here’s a little info on my favorites. 

Studio Aroma Jasmine Cleanser Review

Jasmine Cleanser

This is my favorite of the samples. Coming in powder form just a few drops of water and the cleanser works of buff away dead skin and remove dirt and grime. This tan powder is scented like sandalwood and is very earthy. It provides a silky smooth lather and mild exfoliation. Containing Sandalwood Powder, Jasmine Powder, Mild Powder, Flaxseed, Vitamin B3, Orris Root Powder, Aritha Powder, and Adlay Seed Powder. These all blend together to create a unique and heavenly cleansing experience.

During cleansing I can feel my skin becoming moisturized and evened. It's not drying, over exfoliating, or irritating. Plus I enjoy the scent of the cleanser a great deal . Afterwards my skin is refreshed, cleansed and balanced. It does also remove light makeup, but any heavy eye makeup or lipstick should be taken off with a makeup remover.  I follow with a toner and serum to seal the deal. 

Studio Aroma Seaweed Mask Review

Hydrating Seaweed Mask

This mask is a great detoxing and cleansing mask. Also, coming in powder form it makes it easily customizable to your skin needs. Perhaps mixing with yogurt for dry skin or apple cider vinegar for acnegenic. The clays dray out impurities, including black and white heads and dirt and debris. This mask has been great during my cycle when I get the occasional breakout, it draws out the blemishes making them heal quicker. 

The hydration comes from the seaweed, which you can see rehydrate when you mix the mask. The trick is to leave it on the skin for only 10ish minutes. Don’t let it dry, or the moisture will be removed from your skin. But, if you use it correctly the seaweed gives its moisture to the skin to leave hydrated and plumped skin. Find it here.

Roman Chamomile Hydrosol

This tonic is a great little toning mist that is packed with active ingredients. Suited for all skin types and customizable when ordering you can add optional ingredients like helichryshum, rosemary, neroli, or rose. To make this lovely toner Jen uses 1 kg of plant material per one liter of water. This ensures maximum nutrients and compounds are delivered to your skin.

I love to use this toner just after washing my face or during the day when I need extra refreshment. It evens moisture levels a leaves a perfect canvas for serum or moisturizer. Find it here. 

Studio Aroma Coffee Body Scrub Review

Coffee Body Scrub

I have really been into body scrubs lately. I DIY'd my own a few months ago and saw such great results in the amount of dry skin on my legs. So when I receiving Studio Aroma’s Coffee Body Scrub I was deleted to try it out. I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed and in fact I realized just how skilled Jen is at product formulation…when in comparison to my scrub. 

This coffee based scrub detoxes, invigorates, and cleanses all while waking up your sense with the smell of coffee. The ingredients are Ground Coffee, Lavender Bud Powder, Lemon Peel Powder, Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus Paradisii), Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Milk Powder, Demerara Sugar, Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis). A combo that forms a medium abrasive dark brown exfoliator. It buffs away dead skin cells and increases blood flow to the skin to revitalize tired uneven skin. Find it here. 

Ginger Rose Bath Soak

Stuido Aroma Bath Soak Review

Completely customizable, Studio Aroma, lets you pick one base salt, one herb, one powder, and one essential oil blend. By placing one large scoop in your bath water the tub is transformed into a heavenly spa experience. Perhaps you want an uplifting soak choose the ginger powder and the uplifting essential oil blend. Or looking for a relaxing nighttime bath perhaps the combo of goat milk and calendula will have you ready for a good night sleep. 

Mine combo was Ginger Rose which I found uplifting and soothing. My muscles felt relaxed and soothed as the water was filled with detoxing dead sea salt. Rose petals floated atop the water and ginger/rose scent filled the air. Studio Aromas Bath Soaks are most definitely a great addition to any bath. Find yours here. 

Studio Aroma has definitely captivated my love for green beauty. I love that many of their products are customizable to suit your preference from skin type and fragrance desires. Also, most of their masks and washes come in powder form which enables us to choose our liquid add it. Allowing each time we use the products to suit our skin’s needs at that moment. Studio Aroma makes it easy to intuitively fulfill your skins desires and does so with no harsh ingredients. Check out more of my favorite products here. 

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