Drop into a Fruity PM Skin Treatment

It’s that time of the month again to Hero-On to another new Beauty Heroes Box. Haven’t heard of Beauty Heroes yet? Come see what all of the clamor is about here or in my first post about them here. Already a subscriber? Keep reading to see what the hero and sidekick are for March and make sure to let me know what you think, too! 
March Beauty Heroes Review, Skin Owl Mangosteen Beauty Drops


Tart and sweet this clear nectar fills the room with a fruity aroma. Skin Owl’s simple formula contains just two powerful and unusual cold pressed ingredients. Organic Baobab oil and Mangosteen oil. Hailing from Africa and Asia respectively these super-fruits are making their way out of our smoothies and into skincare for a good reason. High in antioxidants, vitamin C, and polyphenols these fruits are incredibly powerful at lowering inflammation and fighting free-radicals. These oils are blended to boost the skins oxygen combating lifeless wearisome skin. 

Skin Owls Mangosteen Drops are designed for nighttime use so the skin can absorb the nutrients with minimum disturbance. Although, they suggest to use 8-10 drops of the oil and massage it into the skin I find that’s far too much oil for my skin. At max four drops are good for my normal skin-type, anymore and I find my skin too oily and over hydrated. 

However, when I use just four drops wow is my skin happy! First off applying the oil is such a pleasing experience because of the delicious smell and its quick absorption. The next morning is even better…my skin looks and feels hydrated with fine lines filled in and oil levels evened. The Mangosteen Beauty Drops are like a supercharger for the skin, boosting what we love about it and reducing what we don’t. 

This oil is suited for any skin type and especially great for acne (the oils are both antimicrobial), over stressed, or aging types. Mangosteen Beauty Drops PM is a great fit for all of us Beauty Heroes. If you aren’t a Beauty Hero yet, check out more about this amazing subscription box here. This months Drops retail for $85, but with Beauty Heroes it’s always $39, making it easy for us to discover which luxury green beauty items work for our skin before spending too much hard earned money on products that aren’t suited for us. 

Heroic Helichrysum Facial Steam

The sidekick this month is an exclusive facial steam blend from Skin Owl. Titled Heroic Helichrysum, this organic facial steam is contains yarrow, helichrysum, cornflower, calendula petals, rose petals and buds, French lavender super blue, and chamomile. The product is made to be tossed into a steaming pot of water and the steam to be directed onto the face to start an amazing at home spa treatment. I absolutely love facial steams, and it’s one of those things I wish I did more often as it opens the pores and decongests the skin. A steam preps the skin perfectly for a mask and then your favorite night treatment, such as the Mangosteen Beauty Drops PM. 

How do you get the steam onto your face?

Set a large pot of steaming water on your dinning room table, sit down and place a large towel over your head. Then lean your head over the steaming pot using the towel to cover the pot as well. This, in effect, makes a tent for your head and the steam.  Keep your head over the bowl for 10 or so minutes until the steam dies down. To boost the steam at any point during the process gently blow towards the water and you will find the steam is reinvigorated for minutes more. 

Have you joined Beauty Heroes yet? What do you love most about the boxes?

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