Take a trip around the world with Pearlesque box

Hands up if you like to save money, try luxury beauty items, love green beauty, and understand that sample sized items aren't much help. Hands up high over here at the Clean's the New Black headquarters 🙋 And the hands are up over Pearlesque Box as well. They, just like us, love all these things and have created a subscription box service to fulfill each of these desires. 

For $39.95 a month Pearlesque Box hand picks a luxury clean beauty brand from around the world and delivers full sized items (the same you'd buy in the store) valued at over $70. In the past they've featured ModelCo Cosmetics from Australia, Honey Girl Organics from Hawaii, and this month it's my right hand man of clean beauty, Bottega Organica from Italy. With Pearlesque Box you can rest assured knowing each item is non-toxic, high quality, cruelty free, and 100% safe. 

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You can read my gushing reviews of Bottega Organica here, here, and here's my interview with their formulator. It's no secret Bottega is favorite of mine in the green beauty scene. From their farm-to-face commitment, science backed formulas, to unique and powerful botanicals like prawn sage, French lilac, and wild carrot. They grow a majority of their botanicals on their two private organic farms and are just the crème of the crop. 

This months Pearlesque Box features three full sized B.O. products. Their Orange Body Oil, Orange Body Spray, and Olive Oil Soap. None of these items I had tried until I received my box and like usual with Bottega Organica there was nothing amiss. 

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Body Oil

A bright orange scent this oil contains olive oil with extracts of apricot, carrot, orange peel, French lilac, sage, and prawn sage. Formulated to restore a radiant glow and revitalize the cells. It's perfect anytime of year as it offers great hydration yet absorbs well. The Bottega Organica Orange Body Oil is best applied just after the shower, when the skin is damp this way it locks the moisture into the skin. 

The Body Spray

Oh my word, the smell of orange blossoms that dominates this body spray is nostalgic and inviting. Like driving through an orange field in spring when the tiny white flowers are in full bloom...ahh, there's no scent I love more. I crave to use this spray day and night and am delighted in the light dose of hydration it gives my skin. The Prawn Sage effortlessly battles signs of aging which makes it perfect for the decollate and neck areas. Boost its performance even more by applying the Orange Body Oil on top, this way the anti-aging power of the sage is sealed by oil. 

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100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Orange Face Bar 

A mellow and cleansing blend of olive oil, grape leaves, orange, and golden and prawn sage. The Olive Oil soap is specially designed for the face. This low foaming face soap removes daily grime and makeup. If you’re not a fan of oil cleansing and haven't found the right cleanser for you this may be the ticket. 

These three goodies are valued at $128. But subscribe to Pearlesque by the 5th and get all three for $40! A great deal for amazing luxury beauty goodies. 

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