The best body oils I have tried to date

It's no secret that I love body oils, from my previous posts about Beauty Counter and WellBody it's clear that I always prefer oils. I have pretty much tossed body lotions to the wayside actually, except under extremely dry circumstances. I prefer oils to lotions for a few reasons. One, they're easier to apply and hydrate longer. They also absorb much swifter and leave a glow to the skin that's irreplicable with a lotion. Another great bonus is that they’re easier to formulate so they often don't require preservatives and emulsifiers. Lastly, body oils can double as perfumes as their scent is released for hours after application. 

So, for all you other body oil addicts like me here are three more options from pAra to add to your collection...because I couldn't try just one. 

pAra body oil review

pAra Apothecary

Before we get to the three oils, first lets look into the brand behind these wonderful oils, pAra. Because one of the attractions to green beauty is the face behind the brand, right? 

As I browsed pAra’s website for the first time my intuition gently nudged me. It’s not often that I reach out to brands anymore, my inbox is flooded with inquiries for partnerships. But pAra was different, I knew something about this brand was uniquely special as the warm and healing energy seeped from its every page. And I knew there was a reason I stumbled upon this brand. So, I reached out on Instagram and here we are…some wonderful conversations and three bottles of body oil later I truly feel more healed and whole each time I partake in pAra. This is something to be shared and passed along, for we all need a little healing. 

pAra slik scarves horse print

They are just amazing! pAra is an artisanal company that offers finely crafted goods to help fund horse rescue and recovery (amazing thing #1). Christy, the face behind the brand, believes powerfully in the protection of American horses that are biproducts of irresponsible ownership from show, racing, pharma, and meat industries. These horses are forgotten, treated with zero dignity, and sent to slaughter.  Through the Unwanted Project Christy wishes to illuminate the healing relationship between horse and human with which our ancestors once had. Christy's professional photography skills capture the horses whom have been rescued in fine art prints and scarves (amazing thing #2). A portion of each print’s proceeds are given directly back to the Unwanted Project, which was founded by Christy, to further its efforts (amazing thing #3). 

pAra sells not only fine art prints but a carefully crafted skin and body care line and fine silk scarves featuring photos of the horses. Indie beauty at it's finest, I love that this brand encompasses multiple passions (amazing thing #4) and melds them into one cohesive unit. It’s amazing heartwarming work Christy does and the love shines through in every product I've sampled. 

All of the apothecary goods are non-toxic, cruelty free, and formulated for organic or wildcrafted botanicals (#5). Plus packaging is all glass and of course what's inside is made by hand. And most importantly pAra’s goods are each infused with healing energy so that our skin is bathed in this light each time we use their goods (#6).  To quote pAra “we are committed to shining our brightest light on you, knowing that it will promote a balanced, happy and healthy place for all beings.” Amen and keep it coming!

Back to the Oils...

Jasmine Woods Body Oil

Two of my favorite scents entrance this oil, jasmine and sandalwood. Blended with vanilla, ylang ylang, and a touch of soft rose the smell of the pAra Jasmine Woods Body Oil is captivating, deep, and warm. These scents are given birth from fine organic essential oils, so no worry that you're covering your body in any toxic artificial perfumes. The beauty of this, as with any essential oil, is you also reap the medicinal benefits of their use. Jasmine is hydrating, balances hormones, and calms, ylang ylang balances skins oil production, and sandalwood is known for is superb healing properties. Together these oils are blended in a hydrating base of apricot kernel oils, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and sea buckthorn extract. Apricot and grapeseed oils are dry light oils that lends to Jasmine Woods quick absorption yet glistening skin. And coconut...need I say more...it's a welcomed addition to anything food or skin product. 

My experience with this oil...LOVE it. I crave to use it as the scent is just addicting. It is a wonderful hydrator and yields soft moist skin. Even alligator skin is no match. Plus, not a greasy feel in sight, three blinks of the eye and volia' hydrated beautiful skin. This luxurious aphrodisiac can be bought from the pAra apothecary here for $14-24.

para juniper gingko body oil review

Juniper Ginkgo Body Oil

The pAra Juniper Ginkgo Oil is a great addition to a detox routine or those looking to stimulate the lymph system. An uplifting blend of grapefruit, ginger, juniper, and thyme the scent is herbal and citrus which energizes with each use. This oil is entirely organic or wildcrafted (except a dash of vitamin e) and blended to eliminate toxins by kickstarting the lymph system (the body system that carries toxins back to the heart and is the defense of the immune system). Gingko, ginger, and juniper are all especially stimulating to this system and help our bodies natural detoxification process. 

Grapeseed, sweet almond, avocado, and jojoba make the pAra Juniper Ginkgo Body Oil also light but a bit more moisturizing than the Jasmine Woods. It too is speedy to absorb as I've never had an issue with residue. I love to use this oil after I dry brush and shower because dry brushing also stimulates the lymph. It is great rubbed on tender neck lymph nodes during times of illness as it's also warming to the skin, giving a soothing relief to the area all while boosting lymph function. It can be found for $14-24 here

Kava Coco Massage Oil

Formulated with a blend of herbs to relax and ease tension both mental and muscular this massage oil works wonders before bed…or anytime really. It also works as a body oil and just like the other oils doubles as a perfume because the lingering aroma floats off the skin for hours after application. The scent is nutty and wooded with notes of creamy vanilla that makes this my favorite of the three…but it’s a close choice. The aroma is derived from organic botanicals like sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, and cedar.

The hydration of pAra’s Kava Coco Massage Oil is from a blend of coconut, sesame and apricot oils giving it great glide for massages but wonderful absorbing power as well. A harmonious blend of relaxing organic herbs of lemon balm, kava kava, lavender, calendula, and ashwagandha yield the user super calm and easy feeling. I am just head over heels for Kava Coco, I’ve even been skipping my favorite Leahlani perfume and using this as my a.m. body oil that smells too good to cover up. Kava Coco can be purchased here for $14-24. 

Which oil do you think sounds the best? Remember you can win a Kava Coco Oil by entering my 2 year Blogiversary Giveaway until May 2nd. 

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