Let the Power of The Ocean Heal Your Skin

Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.
— Christopher Reeve

Being born in Southern California I’ve grown up with a close fondness for the ocean. There is just something magical and nostalgic about the heavy waves, the blending of sounds, the water and salt, and dense moist air. Whether sunny or rainy, hot or cold, the beach is always where I feel most calm and settled. The same goes for OSEA, a skincare company also with a rich history and love for the ocean. 

OSEA, stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere, and works to use nature to heal our bodies. With deep respect for the four elements of our world OSEA has been creating nature based skincare products since the early 80’s. They are a family owned business, with a beautiful story of the healing powers of the ocean in the 20’s that makes it’s way to my own back yard, Murrieta Hot Springs Spa, where the first OSEA products were created. 

Throughout OSEA’s line you will find rich active ingredients, powerful botanicals, and a trio of organic Patagonian seaweeds. These seaweeds are incredibly rich in nutrients because they absorb them from the clean oceans of Patagonia. Known for hydrating, plumping, age reducing, and protecting abilities seaweed is an essential skin health plant. 

Now onto the beautiful products of OSEA

OSEA skincare Ocean Cleanser review, vitamin sea review, atmosphere protection cream review

Ocean Cleanser

Rich in minerals and uplifting with the scent of lime this no-foam light creamy cleanser is never far from my reach. OSEA Ocean Cleanser is rich in red algae which gently cleanses, remove grime, and offers the skin amino acids and vitamins to soak up for anti-aging benefits. The cleanser is formulated for normal, dry, and combo skin and is one of three in the OSEA lineup. 

The Ocean Cleanser has allowed my skin to stay balanced and not stripped, so common after cleansing. I use two pumps and massage it on my damp face. It removes makeup (not heavy eye makeup) and washes away the days grime. The combination of the cooling lime scent and creamy hydrating feel has me bewitched. I reach for this lovely mint green bottle 75% of the time I cleanse my face. Never a dry patch or stressed area, this is THE cleanser to try and keep. 

A whopping 6oz bottle (lasting multiple months) retails for $44 here or the 1 oz travel size for $16 here.

Vitamin Sea Serum

Hello golden savior! A powerful punch in a small bottle, OSEA Vitamin Sea Serum is a great way to retain moisture and keep skin glowing. With hyaluronic acid, turmeric, green tea, and 7 seaweed extracts there’s no match for dull depressed skin. It plumps, hydrates without being obvious, and is an all around all-star. 

Let the power of the ocean revive your skin, OSEA skincare is a green beauty brand packed with skin loving nutrients from the sea.

I featured the serum on a recent Instagram post, of my Las Vegas Skin Savers. Honestly, this golden magic in a bottle saved my over worked, over partied, under hydrated skin from having any issues in Vegas and afterwards. One pump in morning and night to combat aging and amp up cellular hydration. 

A little hot summer weather trick to keep oil based serums lighter is mixing them in the palm with a water based serum…like the Vitamin Sea Serum. It keeps the oil serums from becoming heavy when you sweat by diluting them with a high quality nutrient packed alternative. The OSEA serum blends wonderfully with oils, like Vintner’s Daughter or Wonderland Organics and can be the last step in your skincare routine. It retails here for $68

Atmosphere Protection Cream

For those who prefer a cream moisturizer OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream is a light-weight every day companion who protects and hydrates. An ultra light floral scent this white silky cream blends easily, is absorbed in a flash, and lasts throughout the day. Boosted with algae, macadamia oil, vitamin E, amino acids, and avocado oil there’s only good things to say here. Youth promoting, toxin protecting, and cellularly hydrating this is a daily moisturizer that is always on duty. 

The Atmosphere Protection Cream can be used day or night, although I prefer the daytime only. One pump massaged into skin after the Vitamin Sea Serum gives my skin great daytime protection from the environment. The cream blends well with foundation and isn’t heavy. It’s available here for $48

A trio of skin products inspired by the ocean and perfect from start to finish, OSEA charges it home. This set is a great complete skincare kit for normal skin like mine. They also carry a beautiful acne/oily line, here’s the essentials, that I’ve heard nothing but great things about. OSEA’s products are consistent with approachable pricing and effective ingredients. It's time to let the ocean heal you as well, start that journey with OSEA.

Disclosure:  In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary or other types of compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. However, I always give my honest opinion and findings of the products and would not recommend anything that I do not use for myself or family. All of the products recommended will adhere to the Standards of Clean, listed here.

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