Irritable skin? I've got the makeup brand for you!

Find your customizable ingredient needs for makeup in one brand.

Have sensitive skin and looking for makeup free of certain ingredients? Perhaps titanium dioxide free, or zinc free? or both? Or maybe you're just looking for a new green makeup brand with an array of foundation options as you've never really found the right one.

Well...then you MUST take a few minutes to check out Omiana.


A fresh handcrafted makeup line hailing from Ohio, Omiana has more foundation/concealer formulations under one brand than I've ever seen...which who doesn't like that? With 9 formulas to choose from and a huge array of colors, there is truly an option for EVERY skin type.

Sheer to heavy coverage, multiple tones, powder, moose, liquid, it goes on...and the best is that they are super careful to select safe ingredients that keep us healthy. Here's what I tried and loved...oh and let's not forget their amazing exchange policy and that they are there to help with makeup choices (talk or text with a real person) during business hours.

Cashew Intensive Coverage Liquid Foundation 

I received the Cashew Intensive Coverage Liquid Foundation because Omiana swapped it out for the Liquid Mousse I wanted to try, which was out of stock. Before trying it I was disappointed the Mousse wasn't an option and not super stoked to sample this baby.

However, my unenthusiastic approach was quickly changed to excitement as I applied it. First off, the color match was spot on. Second, the formula was somehow light yet offerers moderate-heavy buildable coverage. Third, after it absorbed I felt like I was wearing nothing more than a light tinted moisturizer...not heavy or mask feeling in the least. Definitely not what I was expecting. The full coverage Gods had answered my prayers🙏🏼

The formula is free of mica, bismuth, talc, and gluten. It's over 90% organic, vegan, and works great with my favorite foundation primer, Vapour Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector. While, it does settle somewhat in fine lines after hours it's nothing too drastic, and can be almost eliminated by using a foundation primer like I mentioned. I do notice streaks if I apply it with a foundation brush, but with a blender or fingers it's streak free.

Omiana Liquid Foundation wears throughout the day and doesn't feel too heavy when the weather gets hot. Plus, it's available in 6 shades, so hopefully you can find just the right match, like I did. Find it for sale here for $39.99

Adaptive Pressed Powder in Buff

Omiana's Adaptive Pressed Powder is a super convenient easy to apply formula, and if the color match was perfect it would be my go to daily foundation. Offering medium coverage the pressed powder is packaged in a lovely mirrored case and applied with a kabuki or firm round brush like photoed.

The formula is soft, silky, and made with jojoba oil (but you wouldn't guess it because it's a powder) so it's actually great for dry skin. On myself, powders often are too drying, but not Omiana's Pressed Powder. I have not once in the over a month of wearing it felt like my skin was dry!

For me the convenience of powder application, its lightweight feel, and non-drying nature make it a wonderful choice for daily coverage. Plus, it's free of titanium dioxide, zinc, talc, and more.

It's available in 8 shades and retails for $47.99 here.

 Clockwise from top left: Creamy Matte Foundation, Adaptive Pressed Powder, M.O.T.D Cosmetics Brushes, and Redness Concealer Cream  

Clockwise from top left: Creamy Matte Foundation, Adaptive Pressed Powder, M.O.T.D Cosmetics Brushes, and Redness Concealer Cream  

Creamy Matte Intensive Coverage Foundation/Concealer

This product lives up to its name...non-greasy, matte, and creamy. It offers moderate-full coverage and a great option for concealing pimples and discoloration. It's not my preference for undereye concealing as the coconut oil bleeds into the eyes after a short while and causes my eyes to water and sting. But for those blemishes...it's a champ.

Omiana Creamy Matte Foundation is very buildable, hydrating and doesn't settle into lines. Making it good at both concealing and as a foundation, also it blends easily into the skin. Best applied with a brush if using as a foundation or fingers to conceal. The product can be found here for $38.

Creamy Mineral Lipstick

Breaking away from the foundation for a minute, lets talk lipstick.

Omiana's Lipsticks are a lovely long lasting creamy choice in five formula options. Offered in 17 colors from plums to pinks to reds all the pigments are free of synthetic colorants, yay. Plus, the formula I've tried is quite hydrating and doesn't run.

I choose the Vanilla Subtle Shimmer Pink shade. Which has a gentle sparkle and shine with a warm pink base. Perfect for spring time with great color payoff. All the lipsticks are found here for $24.00.


Redness Concealer Cream

One of Omiana's top selling products, the Redness Concealer Cream is the bees knees at concealing red spots.

The formula is available in only one shade😕, which is an adaptable shade, but it didn't suit my skin tone until the spring sun got to my skin. For this reason I wish there were more color options. However, for now I can be happy knowing just a small dot of this miracle worker on each red spot and my skin will instantly look even.

I love that it takes a minimal amount of product to conceal the trouble spots. No fuss, no mess, and no multiple dips into the product jar.

The Concealing cream is lightweight, staying throughout the day and also a top choice of mine for eye concealing. It's available here for $32.99.

Two Ingredient Loose Powder Shimmer Eyeshadow

Just mica and iron oxides, that's it! The simplicity in these shadows is refreshing. The Brown Shimmer is a nice neutral toned brown that is great in the crease or as a liner. Or foil the shadow for an extra rich color.

There's five colors and they retail for  the great price of $12.99.


Strong Hold Black Mascara

Woo! This babe provides the most voluminous AND lengthening look of any of my mascaras. It keeps me looking awake and my lashes ultra full. 

The formula is a rich black and rarely clumps. Depending on what concealer and eye cream  I wear under my eyes it dose sometimes smudge after hours. However, when I use their Redness Concealer and my Bella Aura Instant Eye Lift Cream the combo keeps the Mascara put. 

 Strong Hold applied to top lashes only  

Strong Hold applied to top lashes only  

Finding the Omiana Strong Hold Mascara was a god send because I had never found that perfect Mascara for nights out or days I want a bolder look. The only drawback I find it that an excessive amount of product comes out on the brush, so much that it oozes off the brush when I reinsert it. Wasting quite a bit of product with each application.  

However, I wouldn't let this deter you. As it won't when I repurchase. The Mascara is available  here for $21.99.  

That's it for my Omiana haul, but there's MANY other makeup options over at their site. Next time you're in the market for a new foundation, I always am 😳, or great choices for picky skin look no further than Omiana.

💕   Jena

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