November Beauty Heroes Box - Haircare Trio!

Beauty Heroes Novemeber Box

The struggle is real — for us clean beauties to find a truly clean hair care line that preforms amazingly and doesn’t have hidden toxic ingredients. A non-toxic, organic, and nourishing hair regimen is worth its weight in gold. For me at least, when my hair is on-point I feel put together and confident. It all begins with the hair. 

Josh Rosebrook has set the bar very high for organic haircare. In this months Beauty Heroes box the full sized Balance Shampoo and Conditioner performs, nourishes, cleanses, and hydrates. They both contain almost entirely certified organic ingredients (about 95%) and have amazing superpower ingredients like african black soap, rose hip seed oil, alfalfa, chamomile, hemp seed oil, and aloe to name just a few. 

Let’s take a sec to ogle over Josh Rosebrook Skin and Haircare. Josh, the magic behind the company, started his career as a hair stylist and evolved his way into creating his first product a cacao antioxidant face mask. This eventually gave way to an entire skincare line full of day cremes, hydrating accelerators, and eye serums. With the success of this line he then delved back into hair, creating a revolutionary organic hair care line with two types of shampoo/conditioners and a host of other styling products. Josh Rosebrook’s haircare utilizes powerful botanical ingredients to bring out the best in everyones hair. They are products that clean but also heal and nourish the hair to allow us to put our best foot forward. 

Beauty Heroes Josh Rosebook Review

My experience with the Balance duo has been nothing short of wonderful. My naturally wavy hair (type 2B) has been redirected back to frizz free and smooth waves/curls I used to have. 

Prior to using Rosebrook I was becoming more frustrated with my hair as the months passed. My once smooth and wavy hair was no longer curling like it had. Normally my waves were smooth and frizz free, as long as I followed a particular technique, called Devachan, I learned years ago. However, over the past 9 months my air dried hair morphed into a frizzy fluff ball. Super frustrating because I loved my naturally bouncy beach waves hair. I had tried changing haircare products and cuts, but nothing seemed to help much. Until I used Josh’s Balance Shampoo. 

Josh actually sent me his Balance Shampoo last month to try, so I was familiar with the product before the Beauty Heroes box. With using only the Shampoo, my hair was transformed after just one time of using it. Using the exact same technique I had been for years my hair air dried into the smooth waves I once knew. I was so happy and relieved. But wasn’t a believer until I duplicated the look a few times, with only the Balance Shampoo to thank. My prayers were answered!

As you can guess, once I received this months Beauty Heroes box I was excited to try the Balance Conditioner as well. And it only strengthened my belief in Josh’s products. The conditioner works amazingly with the Shampoo to hydrate and smooth even more. The duo is my go to for any day I wear my hair naturally curly. 

Josh rosebrook balance shampoo review

Balance Shampoo

Strong grapefruit notes with an herbal finish dominate this aromatic cleanser. Transparent white in color and a semi thick consistency, the formula pours easily in the palm of the hand without running or spilling….never have I been a fan of watery shampoo than spills out of your palm and all over the tub…ugg.

Using Josh’s recommended technique for cleansing I divide the hair into four sections and apply a nickel sized amount to each area. Massaging into the scalp it has a mild foam and fills the shower with citrus scent. I leave it on for 3 minutes, like suggested, and let the botanicals nourish my scalp. It rinses easily and my hair is left clean, non-oily, light, and refreshed. 

Balance conditioner

Josh Rosebrook Balance Conditioner Review

With the same herbal grapefruit scent as the shampoo this conditioner is crisp opaque white. It is a light weight conditioner and applies easily when dispersed throughout the palms and fingers. I use it from the midshaft to ends and let it sit for a minimal of 3 minutes. The conditioner does detangle, but not the best I have seen, and it leaves a non-weighing, non-oily hydration to the hair. Overall it’s a great treatment and I know that my hair is actually benefitting from all of the amazing herbs and oils it contains. It pairs with the Shampoo nicely and they make a great combo in any green beauties shower. 


The sidekick this month is Josh Rosebrook’s Strong Hold Hairspray in a 2 oz travel size. This is the only natural hairspray I have found and liked. Honestly, hairspray is the only thing I have left in my beauty routine that is very far removed from non-toxic. Thankfully, I use it only on a rare occasion but have always wanted to find a substitute that was green. Josh Rosebrook’s Hairspray has finally allowed me to bridge the gap to non-toxic. The formula is strong hold, it sprays evenly in a light mist and lasts just as long as my toxic counterpart. 

Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray Review

The light herbal scent fades quickly and leaves no residue behind on the hair. It doesn’t flake or feel sticky and gives a semi-matte finish. The secret ingredients behind this awesome spray are yucca, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, and other herbs that not only hold the hair in place but protect and nourish it at the same time. According to Josh, the products simulates the hair shaft which promotes stronger more beautiful hair. Finally a hairspray that I don’t have to shoo my kids from the bathroom when I use…yes I really do that. 

So there you have it the November Beauty Heroes box has three items from Josh Rosebrook! If you’ve been needing to make the switch to clean haircare there is no better time than now with this great deal from Beauty Heroes. Josh Rosebrook’s collection will bring out the best qualities your hair has to offer all while strengthening and protecting. Also, remember by using the code CTNB at checkout you can get $10 off your subscription. Making this months box only $29, which is 50% off retail of the hair care duo plus the bonus hairspray. Get the box here!

Hero On Clean Beauties!

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