Caught my eye from over 100 booths: Native Atlas

Mid-year I attended that Indio Beauty Expo in LA. Upon walking in the room I was meet with an overwhelming array of colors, vibes, and aromas as each vendors booth presented like a small glimpse into the world of the brand. From flowers, to glitter, to macaroons many of the booths were bright, cheery, and ultra-feminine. Which, I love don’t get me wrong, but when you're met with over 100 booths of this it’s nice to see something a bit against the grain. 

This is why I happened upon Native Atlas, their booth immediately caught my attention with its black and gold scheme, refined feel, and polished look. And bam, sure enough I was as captured by the products as I was the booth. A Liquid Exfoliant, yes please! A mens Serum, wonderful. And the product that really had me smiling was the Muscle Rub Concentrate…it was like icy hot but actually good for you. WHAT!? Where have you been all these years?

Let me expose the beauty behind Native Atlas to you a bit more…

Native Atlas Liquid Refiner review

Refiner Liquid Exfoliant

A mighty blend of organic liquid exfoliators this in ALWAYS in my skin routine…like everyday. This beauty works to restore the complexion and slough dead skin cells. Which, leads to brighter, smoother, and healthier skin. While I do like my mechanical exfoliants, the simplicity and ease of a daily liquid exfoliant is my preference most of the time. 

Green papaya, pineapple, willow bark, and orange papaya all loosen surface skin cells and promotes new cell growth. Aloe and arnica soothe, and witch hazel closes pores and evens oil. Native Atlas Refiner combats fine lines and did so noticeably after my first week of use. It keeps my skin fresh and soft, and I just love its uniqueness. Exfoliation is important to me, my skin always looks best when I do it regularly, Refiner, helps me to stay on track and keep my best skin forward. It’s available here for $54. 

Native Atlas Antioxidant Toning Mist Review

Antioxidant Toning Mist

An addictingly earthy toner the Native Atlas Antioxidant Toning Mist is a beautiful inside as it is out. The antioxidant and anti-aging powers of neroli, rose, and rosehip hydrolats soothe every skin type. The formula gives moisture and locks it in the skin, which smooths fine lines and irritations…making way for healthy skin to shine through. 

Reminiscent of a deep forest walk with damp earth filling the air, the scent is both inviting and grounding. I love this mist anytime of day, but especially before and after my am serums. Yes, I double dose my skin in toners both pre and post moisturizer. Trust me, try it and you’ll never go back because the level the awesomeness it gives the skin is just, awesome. The Antioxidant Toning Mist can be found here for $52.

Native Atlas Muscle Rub Concentrate review

Muscle Rub Concentrate

As you may know I was a ballerina for quite sometime, and with 6 hours a day of dance comes some mighty sore muscles. Literally there were times every muscle from my neck down was excruciatingly sore. Staying away of Icy Hot because of its questionable ingredients, I always turned to arnica both orally and topically. And let me tell you what I would have given to have known about Native Atlas Muscle Rub Concentrate, well actually it wasn’t even in existence yet but you get the picture. 

On to the Concentrate, this beautifully packaged slide top lid tin contains the most fragrant and powerful sore muscle soother. Capsicum, arnica, menthol, cinnamon, eucalyptus, katrafey, and peppermint make up this heating and cooling balm. The texture is easily spreadable, massage-able, and thick. Perfect for an at home massage, quick spot treatment, or to take with you to your massage therapist. 

The relieving sensation works immediately to give natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory support to the overworked tissues. The Concentrate is my one and only go-to for aching muscles post exercise. It’s available here for $32.

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