MAHALO: Huge savings on the brand and a limited edition release

A brand I've spoken about before, rife with Hawaiian Aloha, love, and light...Mahalo Skincare.


While, I do share with you new brands I am trying lately to refocus on the tried and true brands that I use on a consistent basis. Mahalo is one of the later. My skin craves Mahalo when I go on sebaticals from the brand, and time and time again it is one to put my skin back on track. From their Hawiian Vacation body oil to Rare Indigo Balm each product it the highest quality you can find.


 My Favorite Of the Line

My favorite Mahalo products are Rare Indigo, Pele Mask, and Petal Mask. Although, I've tried the entire line and each product is well worth the investment.

The Rare Indigo is one of my go-to hydrators. A fragrant and captivating indigo balm, it's swiftly absorbed, evens blemishs and scars, and keeps moistures levels to perfection! A perfect combo of tropical botanicals for my combo/sensitive skin. Definitly my top Mahalo product if I had to pick.

The Pele Mask I use once a week as a deep detox and exfoliation treatment. The powder mask is amazing for quelling blemishes and if removed in circular motion it buffs dry areas to a baby smooth feel. It's will always have a frequent spot in my routine as my skin becomes congested without it. 

Lastly hydrating Petal Mask is my newest Mahalo obsession. Like each and every Mahalo product its color, scent, and ritual are captivating. The rose pettle pink souffle mask is as fragrant as the day is long and so hydrating.

In a hawiian honey base the humectant qualities of the honey draw water into the skin. While, the gentle clays and herbs detox and give a beautiful glow. It's gentle enough to be used daily for 5 min or weekly for a 15-20 min treatment. A must for any mask junkie like myself. Plus, the HUGE 100ml jar will last for many months to come.

All of these skin treats can be found at Mahalo or the Beauty Heroes store which members save 15% off everyday on every product! 


Where to Start

Whether you would need the Mahalo Balm for dry skin, Indigo for combo/oily, or Vitaity Elixer for environmentally stressed skin one of these three hydrators are bound to be all your skin needs. Then pick one mask depending on your skin type and presto! Your full skincare routine is done! Keeping your daily routine simple and tightly edited.

New Things From Mahalo and Ways to Save

Mahalo has recently released a special Summer Edition Heart of Summer Toning Spray. This limited release will only be available for a short time. Its a special blend of organic house crafted hydrasols and hyluronic acid.

The toner is lightly floral scented and leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed. No tackyness once it has dried making it great anytime for day. You can find it here for $55

Another special treat is Mahalo is featured in Beauty Heroes this month. If you are already a member your Bean Mask and mask brush are at your home by now. If not you can join here and get the Bean and mask brush for an incredible price of $38. This is a HUGE savings as together they are $100. BUT make sure to order by the deadline of the 20th or sooner because it's lible to sell out.

The Bean is a delicious detoxifying and toning black mask. In a base of hawiian honey, charcoal, coffee, and turmeric this potent 31 ingredient mask keeps my skin acne free. The highlights of the mask are it's premixed, its mildly exfoliating, it draws out impurties, and it looks pretty rad on. Plus the skin is nourished with a range of antioxidants  and anti-aging nutrients to give a long term glow. 

If it's in your budget I highly encourage you to join BH now and try this lovely treat from Mahalo.

Have you tried Mahalo? What is your favorite from the line? 


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