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I was a balm virgin...until two weeks ago when on the same day I received two unexpected packages. Each contained gloriously fragrant & inviting balms, coincidentally both from Hawaii. One from Beauty Heroes with this months feature of Mahalo Skincare and the other from Leahlani Skincare (more on that one at a later date). 

Why hadn't I used balms before? I was scared, honestly. I always pictured balms as heavy, greasy, and nothing my skin would react well to. I had visions of blackheads a plenty and oil slicks across my forehead by noon. But these two balms were just so inviting I dared to try them. Boy was I wrong about my negative expectations, it's pretty safe to say I am now reaching for one of these beauties at minimum once a day if not more...quite the 180. 

May Beauty Heroes box review

So, May-yes May I don’t know how the year is almost half way over either-is a perfect month for Beauty Heroes to feature The Rare Indigo™ by Mahalo Skin Care. This balm echoes spring in full bloom bringing rebirth, floral notes, and sensory experiences to full height. It’s an ultra luxe indigo hued balm that is teeming with exotic botanicals to nourish, revive, and protect our skin. The sidekick, is travel size Petal Mask that pairs remarkably with The Rare Indigo™ to boost glow and youthfulness. 

Mahalo Skin Care

Founded by Hawaiian resident, Maryna, Mahalo is designed to work in healing a trifecta of physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies. This brand evokes our beauty from within by focusing heavily on our energy and the effects it has on our skin. Mahalo is an amazing representation of whole beauty, where we understand that the mingling of each part is necessary to create a vibrant wellbeing. Each of Mahalo Skin Care’s products are meant to invite us to enjoy sacred beauty so that each day we crave our beauty rituals which nourishes not only our skin, but soul. Like so many in the green beauty world, Mahalo Skin Care understands that beauty is much deeper than skin. 

Here’s a short video, that Myrna has specially recorded of us to take a peek into Mahalo and the process of making The Rare Indigo™.

The Rare Indigo™

A tropical emulsion of indigo colored hydration The Rare Indigo™ is nothing short of heavenly. The indigo color correlates with the third eye chakra which allows for us to have a larger awareness of the world around and within us. The scent is calming, mellow, and soothing with soft floral aromas of iris bathed in ylang ylang, frankincense and vanilla. It’s never overpowering and always inviting, sometimes I find myself just opening the jar to take a whiff…it is that wonderful. 

The Rare Indigo Mahalo Skin Care

The oils, infusions, botanicals, and butters that are blended to create The Rare Indigo™ are combined to provide hefty doses of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Hemp, kukui, murumuru, helichrysum, acai, CoQ10, and indigo, to name a few, are teeming inside this balm to provide repair and protection to any skin type. They renew deep inside our cells to reveal hydrated and restored skin. 

The Rare Indigo

The balm is to be applied to freshly washed skin and just a small scoop (which comes with the balm) is warmed between the palms. I love to inhale deeply a few times before I apply it to my skin as the scent is transformative and mellows my nerves. I then apply The Rare Indigo™ by pressing it into my skin and then gently massaging it for a minute or so in circular motions.  Instantly I feel happy and even-keeled, as if sitting on a white sand beach in Hawaii. My skin appears hydrated, prepped, and has a nice glow. The Rare Indigo™ wears beautifully under makeup making it great in the am or pm. 

Going back to my fear of balms and that they'd be overly heavy, greasy,or pore clogging... Rare Indigo™ is anything but. Within 10-15 minutes the product is soaked in, it always feels light, and has never caused any pore mishaps. Rather, it is anti-inflammatory and ultra calming thanks to the indigo, helichrysum and other botanicals. What a special treat we have in store for us this month. The Rare Indigo™ retails for $110, but as always it's a steal with Beauty Heroes. Join Beauty Heroes here to receive this months box delivered to your door. 

As a note Beauty Heroes is changing their payment structures. They will no longer be offering a one month subscription. But as they always have, 3, 6, and 9 months are available and the longer you purchase the more you'll save. Originally it was $39 for a one month subscription. Now $115 for 3 months it breaks down to a tad bit of savings for $38.33/mo, but the 6 and 9 month prices are even more of a savings. Purchase your subscription here. 

Mahalo Skincare The Petal review

The Petal

A muted desert rose in color The Petal mask is a beta-hydroxy treatment that naturally exfoliates, detoxes, and hydrates the skin. The scent is like a blend of chocolate and flowers with earthy undertones and the mask leaves the skin amazingly soft and even. 

Formulated in a base of honey (one of my favorite things for a home DIY) the mask is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating which makes it great for every skin type, especially acne prone. Rose clay, sodium hyaluronate, cacao, algae, and a blend of rose in multiple forms make this mask super power-packed and luscious

The Petal coupon

Just a teaspoon is all that’s needed for the entire face. Apply it with fingers or a brush and let sit for 10-30 minutes, or even longer if you prefer as doesn’t dry out quickly. Wash with a warm cloth and admire the hydrated and decongested skin it reveals. 

Together the mask and balm make great partners. Apply The Petal, let sit on your skin for a morning meditation or prayer and rinse. Follow with a spritz of your favorite toner and bathe your skin and nerves in the calming cloak of The Rare Indigo™. After makeup your ready to conquer your day, renewed and glowing. 

Order your Beauty Heroes subscription by the 20th of May to receive Mahalo’s delights. 

What do you think of this months box? Is your skin singing praises just like mine?

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