Complete Green Beauty Skincare Kit in 4 Steps

It's giveaway time my dears, this time a four piece skin care kit from Maeve's All Natural

Maeve's is an entirely natural and mostly organic skin and body care brand from Ohio. Maeve’s All Natural was founded by Mimi after the birth of her daughter who was born with a genetic abnormality. When researching about the causes of the genetic error she learned how many toxins are in our skin care products and that they may have contributed to her daughters genetic changes. Mimi, is a delight to communicate with and her compassion spreads to all of her products and interactions. Each product is formulated with the best in mind, no fillers or unneeded junk, each ingredient has a purpose and each product has minimal ingredients. Made entirely by hand in small batches and packaging is eco friendly, all glass with beautiful labels that represent the gentle soft nature of her products. You can find her entire line on her site or at her Etsy shop

Maeve's skincare review

The Complete Skincare Kit

With a beautiful face wash, makeup remover, toner, and serum Maeve's can be the beginning and end to your clean beauty routine. I love that Maeve's prices are approachable too, with products between $10 and $36. Plus, you can purchase the kit of all four for $75 here. 

A-N-D the first 10 people to use the code Cleansthenewblack at checkout on Etsy will get the kit 50% off, making it a super duper steal at $37.50...oh' and the kit contains an extra goodie I've yet to try, her Sea Salt and Lemon Facial Scrub. 

Aloe & Rose Purifying Facial Cleanser

I am a hard sell on a face wash, in fact I still regularly use Dr. Woods, my tried and true wash for over four years it’s the most simple of simple face washes you could find. However, Maeve's Purifying Facial Cleanser has changed this-yeah. While I still use Dr. Woods a few times a week...mostly out of convenience as I hate jumping out of my shower to grab a bottle on my bathroom counter, I prefer and frequent Maeve's. This dusky rose minty cleanser is ultra gentle, soothing, and great at cleansing and washing away makeup and oil. 

Maeve's purifying cleanser review

Soothing and anti-inflammatory aloe vera blends with a fusion of organic sponifed oils to hydrate, calm, and cleanse. Then rose and kaolin clays are added to remove impurities and toxins from deep within the skin. These clays are great for acne but still wonderful for sensitive skin as they’re gentle. The cleanser is completed with a blend of skin benefiting essential oils like rose, ylang ylang, chamomile, and jasmine which all act both topically and internally to balance the mind, lift the sprits, and calm the skin. 

The finish on the cleanser is with minty menthol, giving the cleanser a minty smell and cooling feel on the skin. The menthol is an unexpected addition and something that I have grown to really like. It does have a strange cooling feeling on the eyes, and I honestly expected it to sting, however, it doesn't in the least...it's just an unusual feeling to have a cold feeling around the eyes…even after washing. The Purifying Facial Cleanser can be purchased for $22 for 4 oz. 

Maeve's Refresh Facial Toner review

Refresh Facial Toner

The next step in the Maeve's experience is to tone. Crystal clear and scented of light rose Maeve's Refresh rose water and aloe toner had me at hello. It's gentle, calming, skin finishing, and lightly hydrating. A blend of three flower hydrosols, witch hazel, aloe, and elderberry extract there nothing this toner contains that doesn't boost the skin. Overall it has healing and calming properties as well as pore reducing and hydrating. 

In general I use toner like it's going out of style. A heavy dose in the am and pm plus various mini doses during the day if I'm home and sans makeup. I prefer to spray directly from the bottle onto my face, although you could easily apply it with a cotton puff. The Refresh Toner resets my skin and on hot days is just perfect alone with no other product or serum. It gives my skin a nice glowy finish, and it's never tight or drying. It retails for $15 here. 

Regenerating Facial Serum

Maeve's Regenerating Facial Serum review

Finish the skin with Maeve's Sea Buckthorn Facial Serum, it's 84% organic and packed with hydrating properties. Jojoba, squalane, grape seed, rosehip, and argan oils all have superior moisturizing and healing abilities for the skin, all while not being overly heavy. Sea Buckthorn is added to bring over 60 antioxidants and multiple vitamins plus it gives the orange yellow hue to the oil. The essential oil blend contains multiple queens of skin soothing like frankincense, helichrysum, sandalwood, and myrrh. The Regenerating Serum is an anti-aging oil and wonderful for mature skin. 

For me a half a pump is sufficient to hydrate my skin. A full pump was overkill and the oils didn't absorb at the rate I like. The scent is light and fades immediately upon application. It hydrates wonderfully and absorbs at a moderate rate, which makes my preference to use at night only. The day time I like a light oil only. For more mature or dry skin this would be suited for day use as well. Individually it retails for $36

Instant Eye Makeup Remover

I've always been one to take my makeup off with my cleanser, so if my cleanser doesn't do the job it's goodbye to you. However, I know many of you prefer an eye makeup remover on a day to day basis and for me those nights I wear heavy dark eye makeup cleansers often don’t cut it. So, I have been on the hunt for a makeup remover that needs to meet a high list of criteria. Not only should it remove makeup effortlessly with minimal rubbing, it shouldn't burn the eyes, nor be greasy, plus it needs to double as a nutrient bath for the eyes. Well, my ladies Maeve's Eye Makeup Remover does all these things and then some. I LOVE it! 

Formulated to be dual acting it moves makeup instantly in part to the coconut oil plus it tones and hydrates the delicate eye skin secondary to the rose water and witch hazel. The formula is more watery than any eye makeup remover I've tried, which is absolutely awesome! I detest a remover that's all oil and feels like a thick serum, as they leave behind an eye clouding oil slick that's sure to annoy. Maeve’s is light in both color and viscosity and glides smoothly over the eye area. 

The formula does separate in the bottle so you must shake prior to use…no big deal but worth mentioning. Apply the remover to a cotton puff, two to four swipes over the eye and you're done. No more makeup, no eye sting or cloudy vision, and the eyes are gently hydrated and soothed. For anyone with extra sensitive eyes like mine Maeve's Eye Makeup Remover is a winner. Individually it retails for $10. 

The Giveaway

To enter head on over to Instagram and find the recent post on Maeve’s. You’ll find entry details there. One lucky winner will be chosen Friday the 27st of May to win the complete kit I reviewed above. Good Luck!

Don't forget, the fist 10 readers to use the code Cleansthenewblack at checkout in her etsy shop will get the kit for 50% off!

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