Superstar Botanical Kigelia: Great for Acne and Aging

Just like I, you may have never heard of the African tree Kigelia Africana. Not only is it highly antimicrobial making it perfect from acne/blemish prone skin but it has loads of antioxidants, antiimflammatory, and damage repairing nutrients making it a top choice for aging skin. Double win. 

It's probably a botanical you'll see popping up in many skincare lines in a few years. But let's not wait, shall we? Why not be some of the first to use products containing Kigelia? It's always fun to be a trend setter, I think anyways.

LUXE Botanics review

Actually, I would be lying if I said we would be the first. In reality Kigelia has been used for centuries by the Malawi women. Used in both food and medicinal areas Kigelia has a long history of use. But LUXE Botanics is one of the first companies to formulate beauty products with it. Their entire range features three botanicals, for varying skin types. One being Kigelia for blemish prone or oily skin. And they really hit it out of the park with the Kigelia range...it's effective, light, and given my skin some welcomed relief to pregnancy hormones. 

LUXE Botanics is a great collision of green beauty and science. Founded and formulated by a cosmetic chemist girl boss, the line is a knockout. From cleansers to a variety of serums and moisturizers the new line is winning awards and features as fast as they come.

Matter a fact they just launched at Neiman Marcus last week and if you purchase there you will be one of the first to try their new Camu Brightening Mist...FREE with purchase of $100 or more!

Back to Kigelia though

Reason 1

Supported with research of course, Kigelia, is shown to be effective against a variety of bacteria and microbials. According to the South African Journal of Botany Kigelia has, "antibacterial activity against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria [p.acnes is gram+]...these results confirm antibacterial activity of K. africana fruits and stembark, and support the traditional use of the plant in therapy of bacterial infections," (source).

And again in the Journal of Ethnopharmocology Kigelia is strongly effective against multiple microbes, including yeast and staph, (source).

These antimicrobial effects work for acne prone skin because acne in part is an infective process, (more on natural acne relief here) with blemishes in fact being tiny infections under the skin. The beauty of Kigelia is that it's not drying or harsh like almost every other traditional acne fighting treatment out there. Rather it nourishes and calms.

Luxe botanics kigelia review

Reason 2

Kigelia is great for aging skin...meaning those of us in our 20's and 30's mindful about aging but also still getting blemishes it's a perfect match. Its elevated antioxidant activity and photochemicals work to combat the aging process and strengthen collagen production. It also reduces sun spots and increases tightness of the skin, (source). Yes, I've noticed all these changes in my skin since using the range for 30 days!

Kigelia also works by increasing the skins circulation, allowing our ever precious blood flow to bathe the skin in our bodies own healing properties. So, by my count that's four reasons alone Kigelia should be used for aging skin.

Reason 3

Kigelia's third wonder is its anti-inflammatory properties. It works by way of reducing prostaglandin and COX-2 formation, (source) ...for those science needs like me who wanna know. Meaning this botanical is great for calming sensitive and irritated skin, hello acne.

Quelling inflammation is also important in the aging process, so here agin we find Kigelia is great for those in betweens like me who have blemishes but are also looking for a product to reduce aging.

Don't you just love science? To me these studies make Kigelia a shoe-in for skincare. Which, makes LUXE Botanics a shoe-in considering they are the only green beauty line featuring the botanical. Being that blemishes and aging are my two biggest skin concerns Kigelia ranks right up there with Aloe and Vitamin C for botanicals backed by research that bring major skin benefits.

LUXE botanics camu cleanser review

Diving Into The Kigelia Line Up

The KIGELIA Serum and Moisturizer are the two LUXE products that feature the botanical. For cleansing, LUXE offers two, neither in the KIGELIA line. The CAMU Brightening is my choice for acne or oily skin, and is the one I've been loving. 

The beauty of using LUXE Botanics KIGELIA line is that between their serum and moisturizer their formulas also contain some other amazing skin nourishing compounds.

Vitamin C, B3, and hyaluronic acid are my three favorites but the two products also have a host of other skin treats. Since using (almost exclusively) for the past month my pregnancy induced blemished skin has been calmed. I've noticed a marked reduction in number of zits and congested areas without any new irritation, dryness, or sensitivities. My skins feels very smooth and totally balanced.

I will mention that for me I require a foundation prep after the products if I'm going the makeup route. The moisturizer leaves such a clean slate that liquid and cream foundations don't slip enough on the skin. Making blending a struggle. But it's nothing my two favs foundation preps can't handle.  Either Vapor Beauty or Juice Beauty applied over the two KIGELIA products leave a perfectly smooth canvas for foundation while still feeling light.

Both KIGELIA products have a gel like texture, making them lightweight and breathable. I have been on a light moisturizer kick these past many months and the Kigelia line fits right into it. Once absorbed (which is almost immediate) the serum and hydrator feel as if there's nothing there. My skin stays balanced all day long without a glimmer of oil or dry patch. While, this line wouldn't be hydrating enough to dry skin, it suits normal/combo or oily skin wonderfully.

The entire range can be found here.

However, to make it easy here's the KIGELIA Serum retailing for $80 and the KIGELIA Moisturizer retailing for $70.

Do you struggle with aging and breakouts? Do you like to combine treatments or keep them separate?

   Jena 💕

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