My New Haircare Routine

Loba Mane's got me like 💞✊🏼💆🏼

Two-in-One never worked so good!

Never a fan myself of 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners I initially had hesitations with Loba Mane's Hair Cleanser. Thoughts of either a greasy mess or tangled mane went running through my head. What's worse than a bad hair day, right?

Coming from a girl with extremely tangle prone hair I am WOWED with the results of their cleanser. It cleanses without harsh detergents, untangles, softens, and keeps my hair looking clean for three days! Without dry shampoo…mind blown!

Loba Mane Hair Cleanser's multi-functional product cuts shower time down thanks to its 2-in-1 powers. A definite plus after long 12 hours days at the hospital or rushed a.m. showers cause my kids are (whining) asking politely for breakfast.

The Hair Cleanser formula is moderately thick, opaque pale yellow with a delicious tropical floral scent. Filled with nourishing oils of buriti, argan, tucuma, and coconut the hair becomes softer and more manageable. Plus with amino acids color damaged and stressed hair is strengthened and repaired internally. This 2-in-1 has minimal sudsing, but don't let it fool you. All oil and grime will be washed away. Leaving lightweight beautifully cleansed and nourished hair.

There is nothing else like it on the market. Plus it's an incredible value for $20 per large bottle! Find it here.


About the Company

Before I dive into their other products I wanted to tell you about the Loba Mane and the lovely owner Heidi Pernett. Her and her partner founded the company after frustrations with the performance of natural haircare.

Her chemist boyfriend Mehdi, designer self, and hair stylist mom Linda put their heads together and almost two years later the final Loba Mane line was launched. They officially launched this past March but prior to that sold out so quickly in her mother’s salon, they had to ramp up production.

Loba Mane is the choice for multiple hair types and styles. They are committed to ethical sourcing, cruelty free, and give back to the community. Formulated with color treated hair in mind all products are color safe and strengthen from scalp to tip.

There are four products in their hair care system. However, not everyone will require all four, some just one.  Whichever you find fitting for your hair type Loba Mane is sure to become a regular in your routine.


Loba Mane Transformative Mask

Hello soft hair! This once weekly Loba Mane Transformative Mask is a great addition to the 2-in-1 treatment. I use it weekly on my color treated hair to keep ends healthy and hair more manageable.

Thankfully, it rinses easily and leaves no heavy or greasy residue behind. It even helps a blow out look especially top notch!

Formulated with coconut, tucuma, and avocado oils it's made to penetrate deep inside the shaft and close follicles. Helping color last longer and preventing breakage. It's available here for $24.

The two finishing products in Loba Mane’s line are the Styling Cream and Illuminating Hair Oil. I’ve become fond of the cream when I wear my hair naturally curly and the oil to finish a blow out.

The Illuminating Oil manages frizz and gives a great finished look to straight ironed hair. Its scent is similar to the others, a tropical floral scent that isn't overpowering.The oil is Medium weight, orange in color, and only requires a few drops.

Loba Mane’s Styling Cream is great as a curl cream, and I usually apply it to my sopping wet hair and let it air dry. Below are the results of using the Loba Mane system when my hair is worn naturally curly. Here I used the 2-in-1 cleanser, hair cream, and a touch of hair oil. Although I hadn't used the mask that day, I had within the same week.

 Loba Mane naturally wavy hair day

Loba Mane naturally wavy hair day

One More Note

So often I find a hair care system working for either days I wear my hair curly or days I blow it out. Not both 😫 Which forces me to regularly rotate my hair system, even up to a daily basis.

Often my curly hair system will leave my hair feeling to heavy and greasy if I use it on blow out days. And if I use my blow out hair products on curly days my hair will be overly frizzy and I end up tossing it up in a bun.

With Loba Mane I struggle no more! Yay! Finally, finally there's a haircare system that works for any hair style day. Perfectly cleansed and light for blowout days and tamed and defined curls for natural days. Thank you hair gods, and the lovely creator Heidi for Loba Mane.

What Loba Mane products sound intriguing to you? Are you liking the idea of a 2-in-1?

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