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Lillian Eve Nail Polish Review

I always feel so glamorous when I have nail polish on. There’s just something about the perfectly manicured nail and chip free polish that screams beauty. It trends with the season and is a great way to personalize your fashion statement. Plus, the colors…oh how I love color! There are endless options and endless ways to combine them from a singular color to a french tip to a chevron design. Nail polish makes my heart skip a beat…for real. 

However, one huge problem for us clean beauties out there is the toxins nail polish contains. Did you know that the typical store bought nail polish contains loads of chemicals, as if your couldn’t guess right? I always knew that headache I got was an indication something wasn’t good. 

Fortunately, with the world of green beauty taking off like wild fire these past years less toxic nail polish has started to make it’s way onto the scene. One issue I have found however is the quality. Often times clean nail polishes will wear terribly, chipping in just the first day. Or they are such gooey mess that it looks like you got into a fight with the polish bottle once you’ve finished your mani session. All of this really leads me to choosing between bare nails or toxic polish…and for years I have chosen bare nails. Until now! I have finally found a great toxin free nail polish brand that wears beautifully and lasts for a major amount of time…Lillian Eve

Lillian Eve 5-free nail polish long lasting

Lillian Eve

Lillian Eve is a 5-free nail polish company based out of Atlanta. This company is green, made and sourced 100% in the USA, and supports other artisanal companies. A brand I can already get behind without even trying their products. Amazingly, Tiffany, the founder still hand makes each batch of nail polish. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they are small time…no Lillian Eve means business. They have exploded on social media and have a quite a cult following on Instagram. People love Lillian Eve, and I am one of them. 

Their products are phenomenal from start to finish. Take a peek at their extensive color collections here. From nude to vibrant coral they rock the rainbow to it’s fullest. Plus, they release new color collections seasonally and they carry treatments like cuticle oil, quick dry drops, and polish remover. Lillian Eve can really become your one stop shop for all things nails. I can’t resist to say, they really nailed it. 

Non-toxic nail polish, 5-free

It Wears Like a Dream 

The point I am most impressed with is how long Lillian Eve nail polishes last. They last and last and then when you think there should be a chip they last some more. On my toes three weeks without a chip, no lies. On my hands, and this is the clincher, five and a half days…without a top coat! I have never had a polish, even a toxic one, perform this well on my fingers. It must be some sort of world record. For all of you nail polish addicts out there, they are going to be your new love. 

What is 5-Free Anyway?

5-free means all of their nail polishes are made without the top toxic offenders most nail polishes contain. These are formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). These chemicals are known to cause: cancer, endocrine disruption/reproductive harm, they are neurotoxins (read here how neurotoxins cause depression), developmental damage to fetuses, respiratory irritation, skin and mucous membrane irritation, and liver damage.

So, now that you see just how toxic nail polish is you understand why I have gone bare nailed for all these years…sad but worth it. Especially during my pregnancies. 

Lillian Eve Duo Box Review, monthly subscription nail polish box

LE Duo Box

A magical box appeared at my door step one afternoon and upon opening it I whirled in excitement. A monthly subscription box from Lillian Eve, a nail polish addicts dreams. Champagne and Peonies was the theme of this months LE Duo Box, strings of ivory crinkly paper surrounded two beautifully creamy shades of polish. One ivory with a hint of gold shimmer and the other a creamy and soft lilac…spring had arrived. 

LE Duo Box is a monthly mail subscription of the best 5-free nail polish. Long lasting and amazing colors.

So, the Duo Box…what’s the deal? Well, Lillian Eve has come up with such an awesome idea…its genius really. A monthly subscription box delivered to your door. For $12.99 a month you will get two surprise colors. Shipping is free and you're saving big here because the retail value is $24! 

Plus, included in the subscription is a Welcome Box that comes to you in just three days. The Welcome Box is everything you need to get started with a top or base coat and a limited edition polish. Then when the end of the month comes around you will receive your regular monthly Duo Box right on time. Also, as if it couldn’t get better, they also include free samples when new products launch

Start your Duo Box subscription here. 

Between the extensive color range, the budget friendly Duo Box, and the performance of the polish I doubt I will ever look for another brand of 5-free polish. Lillian Eve exceeded my wildest expectations in every way. Get yours here and make sure to share your manis and pedis at #lillianeve on Instagram. Now the only question left is will you go for the Duo Box or something from their new collection?

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