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Leah, the founder of Leahlani Skincare is here today to share a bit more about her company and to let us in on a few secrets of what to expect this summer from the brand. All the way from the north shore of Kauai, Leah Mason Klasovsky, owns it with this fabulous clean beauty brand. Read my review here on her two best selling products and keep scrolling for the very special interview. 

New products from Leahlani Skincare

When was your brand founded and why did you start your company?                

Leah of Leahlani Skincare Interview

This is a tricky question to answer. I have been a holistic esthetician going on about 10 years. I had severe cystic acne and started to create products to help heal my skin, and it worked. One thing I learned working on clients skin is that everyone is unique and different. There are so many different ‘skin types’. I started by mixing and compounding different ingredients to customize my clients facials. I would write down the formula that I used and keep it in their folder and we would make note of the positive changes we would see in their skin. Every client of mine had a customized facial that was theirs.

Leahlani Skincare evolved on its own, and it is still evolving. I never put any emphasis on what the jars or labels looked like, all the emphasis went into what was inside the jars. But this summer, that is all changing. We have been working on rebranding and will launch our new look this summer, along with a bunch of other skin treats I have been working on for almost 15 months. The intention behind Leahlani Skincare is that I want you to fall in love with your skin care ritual, I want you to enjoy the entire experience. The scents, the textures and the application … they are all very different from commercial skin care lines. There’s a connection there, in each jar, and I want you to truly feel it. 

Why is clean beauty important to you?                                                                     

It is important because it’s effective, because its good for you. Clean beauty helps to work in harmony with you, to achieve the balance that we are all seeking. Pure and simple is so much more effective then complex and complicated. It resonates, and it feels good.   

What is your clean beauty story?                                                      

I have to admit, I was raised in a holistic household. I was born and raised vegetarian, and we ate very healthy. My mom used natural cleaning products and treated her children with holistic medicine. Lavender oils, hot compresses.. they were the reg. growing up in my household. But, I got very ill at 25 years old. Its around the same time that my face started to break out into cystic acne. It didn't make sense to me. Why, at 25, was I getting cystic acne? What was the connection? What was my body trying to tell me?

This led to me dropping out of school and moving to Maui to enroll in a holistic esthetician course. I knew nothing about skincare, I had never had a facial, but I was drawn there. I wanted to go deep and get to the root of what was going on, it was the beginning of my healing journey. Now, it makes perfect sense. Our skin is our largest organ, and often times, when our body tries to tell us something we just ignore it or don't have time to really investigate. But when we can physically ‘see’ that something is wrong, we pay attention. When our skin shows us that something is off balance, we take notice.

My clean beauty story is Leahlani Skincare. It's about connection, tapping in and connecting deep within yourself and using products that are pure and seek to work in harmony with your body. 

Have you noticed a difference in your skin and body since you have been using clean products?  

Huge difference. Beyond physical difference, you feel the difference. It feels so much better. 

What is your favorite product in your line right now & why?

I love them all for their unique differences. My heart will always be grateful for the Honey Love 3-in-1 (read the review here), as that is what transformed my skin and cleared my acne. And my Mermaid Mask is a holy grail in our household, for calming, soothing and purifying the skin- every time. 

Can you give us any hints as to what new things we may expect from your brand in the future?  

Oh yes :) This summer, we will be transitioning to all glass containers for all of our facial products (yay!) and we will be releasing quite a few new products.

I am really excited about the balm that I have been working on for a very, very long time. I had always wanted to make a beautiful balm, but it’s one product that should absolutely only be poured into glass (due to the heat of the product) and should never touch plastic. So I am super excited about that! 

I can say that the new products and new reformulations of some of the current products are the most amazing skincare items I have ever used. I know that is a huge claim, but I have literally poured over a year and half into the making of these and they are quite exquisite. Every single ingredient I have been working with is amazing. And we have been using the new products for over a year- they have been tested far and wide and so far, the reviews are amazing! And the main ingredient is on every single one of our new labels, Love.     

I have also been venturing outside of my comfort zone lately, and will be doing more and more venturing as the time goes on. I look forward to sharing more of my story, and more of the personal experiences people have shared with me through using my line. Leahlani Skincare is my healing journey, created with authenticity and the purest of intentions, with a lot of aloha

What would you suggest we try first from your line? And any special directions for use? 

I would suggest trying the Honey Love 3-in-1, The Mermaid Mask and then either the Siren or Champagne Serum. Using those three items, in that order, will make your skin so beautifully soft and leave you with a healthy and happy glow. I always include an instruction card with each order because it is important to make sure that you are using the products correctly so that you get the best results possible from them. Plus, they are quite unique and require specific care for application. 

What one product is your best seller? 

Hmmm… its a tie. The Honey Love, Mermaid Mask and right now, the serums are huge sellers. 

Name one clean beauty item, outside your brand, that you cannot live without?  

Hands down, my moms organic sea salt soaps. Her companies name is Kopa Kauai and her sea salt bars truly are bathing with aloha. I am in love with the lavender mint, it is refreshing and so beautifully effective. 

Were can we find your products?

You can find all our products at leahlaniskincare.com and on instagram @leahlaniskincare Instagram is awesome because its such a beautiful community we have going and it’s a great way to instantly connect with me. I try to use my instagram as a blog platform so I can share my knowledge with everyone and I do my best to get back to everyone I can. 

Facebook: Leahlani Skincare
Twitter: LeahlaniSkin

Wow ladies! Great interview right? Leah's story is so inspiring. You can really see how much love and time goes into her products. It is no wonder they are some of my favorites. If you want to know more about the two best sellers get the full scoop here.  Aloha!!

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