Sea Salt Scrub For Summer Skin Prep

I seem to be on a scrub kick lately, ya know gotta get that summer skin prepped and ready to be T-A-A-N-N. Gentle exfoliation dose wonders for sunned or pre-sunned skin or pre-tanning lotion. Plus, who doesn't like soft, hydrated legs? 

In the spirit of my current scrub kick JMA launched a new Dead Sea Salt Scrub just for me...actually that's not true in the least...but they did just launch a new scrub. So this scrub queen thought it would be a perfect fit being that their lip balm is my nightly go-to and their B3 Serum (review here) and Vitamin C serums are splendid. 

JMA Dead Sea salt scrub

Lemme tell you...they didn't disappoint!

Just two ingredients make up this scrub, you get your choice of organic oil, I chose macadamia nut, why?.. because I love macadamia nuts. Come to find out that the oil of the nut is very nourishing to the skin because of the balanced fatty acid profile and phytosterols. The other oil choices are coconut and almond. Whichever oil you choose it’s then blended with a heavy hand of Dead Sea salt. This scrub is just the right balance of oil and salt making it spread nicely with good scrubbing power. 

JMA Dead Sea Salt organic body scrub

Dead Sea salt has a detoxing effect and draws out impurities and water. It also provides gentle but adequate exfoliation, the beauty is that just like the Bottega Organica Rejuvenating Sea Salt Face Scrub it transforms as you scrub because the salt melts, so it gets lighter the more you scrub. This will prevent that dreaded "my skin hates me because I over scrubbed the hell out of it" syndrome. 

It's a beautiful thing really, perfect exfoliation, hydrated smooth skin, and a dewy glow from the oil. My skin is loving JMA Dead Sea Salt Scrub and it's now super ready for this May gloom to go away so I can T-A-N. 

Because the salt melts completely, I wonder if this scrub could be used out of the shower and not rinsed? What do you think?

The one and only thing I would change about this scrub...is the small size, 4 oz. The jar is easily used up in three full body scrubs, so a jar like 4 times the size would probably suffice. Find it for purchase here for $16. 

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