JMA B3 Anti-aging Serum and Lip Balm Review

JMA B3 Serum and Lip Balm Review


The new kid on the block…JMA. This mother daughter team, Jenny and Josette, have only just begun marketing their products to the general public but behind the scenes they’ve been formulating powerful skin care for 5 years. Jenny, started out making her own skin care formulas after she was fed up with conventional products not living up to their claims. Her friends noticed such positive changes in her complexion they asked for their own products to take home. Soon word spread like wildfire, and eventually JMA was born. Their packaging is sleek and logo a perfect minimalistic design. This nods to their formulations, minimal organic ingredients but all of the ingredients purpose driven. No fluff or fillers, simple results oriented products. 

I have been lucky enough to be contacted by JMA to try out a couple of their products…and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. 

B3 antiaging serum review from JMA
JMA B3 Serum for fine lines, dark spots, and acne

Bottled in cobalt glass this translucent pale amber liquid is power packed with B3. A vitamin known for reducing fine lines, boosting hydration, preventing acne, and fading dark spots. Who knew? Plus, fresh brewed green tea offers the skin antioxidants to fight free radicals and signs of aging. 

With only three simple ingredients: B3, organic glycerine, and organic brewed green tea this formula yields maximum benefits. After just one use I noticed a tightening of my skin...in a good way. My forehead lines were less noticeable and my skin balanced. Within three days of use any small pimples I had were gone and their red marks fading much quicker than normal. 

Its now been two weeks and can say I am loving it. I delight in the fact that it lets my skin balance itself out, so much so that I forgo moisturizer 50% of the time. My T-zone is not in the least bit oily and my cheeks are hydrated….everything is even. The JMA B3 Serum also cleared up some minor pore congestion on my forehead. This product is great for those with acne, breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, or aging skin…so I guess almost everyone.

I use the JMA B3 Serum in the morning and night directly after cleansing. I apply about 1/3 of a dropper full to my palm and then use my fingers to gently apply it over my entire face and neck. It soaks in rapidly and leaves a thin hydrating layer behind. When I do use moisturizer it applies seamlessly over the top of the B3 Serum. Used alone it acts as a great prep for the skin prior to foundation. Allowing, at least the foundation I use (check the review out here) to be applied evenly and smoothly.

JMA Signature Lip Balm Review

The Signature Lip Balm

I am a full on princess about my lip balms, quite picky about both what it contains and how the product performs. JMA’s Signature Lip Balm fulfills this princess’ tall order. With entirely cold pressed organic ingredients it’s as green and clean as could be. Almond oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, lanolin, and beeswax is the complete ingredients profile. Stellar right?

This creamy balm is scentless and a perfect consistency of moderately thick pale yellow wonderfulness. I apply it directly from jar to lips, but I imagine once the product gets low I will have to use my finger for application. Something I am not too excited about, but I’ll put my princess aside and do it anyway because I l-o-v-e this balm. 

JMA Signature Lip Balm instantly hydrates my lips and provides intense moisture for hours. What I love most about it is how long it lasts, I cannot stand when a lip balm soaks in within 30 minutes or even an hour. I except the product to do its job so I can go about my merry way. Reapplying lip balm every hour to two is not my thing…probably not yours either. I use this balm probably twice in the day and every night before bed. During the day my lips always feel soft, never dry.  And when I wake up they are perfectly supple. 

For an extra stellar spa lip treatment I use my favorite facial scrub, The Brown Dirt (read about it here), on my lips for a minute or two and then apply JMAs Lip Balm before bed. Ladies, watch out because the next morning my lips mean business, hydrated to the core and wonderfully smooth. I don’t even need lip balm during the day because this process works so well. You’ve got to try it!

As a side note, I am reading back over this and had no idea I cared this much about lip balm, ha. #bloggerproblems

JMA Review. Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and acne with their B3 serum. And get supple hydrated lips with their signature lip balm.

You can find both the Vitamin B3 Anti-aging Serum and the Signature Lip Balm at JMA’s website. They do offer a full line of skincare so be sure to check out all of their products. Just know that a great place to start is with the B3 Serum. I think almost everyone could gain from it as its benefits are many…including fine line reduction, hydration, dark spot and acne reduction. And if lip balms are your thing give theirs a try, for only $3 you can’t really go wrong. But since I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction anyway that $3 will be well spent. Although they are the new kid on the block, JMA has proven that they will be around for a long time. Any brand that gives results like this is sure to take off like wild fire. 

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