What's Lyme Got To Do With It?

If you’ve been apart of the CTNB community for a while you probably know that I am big on supporting companies that give back. It must be that nurse mentality ingrained deeply into my core, but there’s just something extra special about using a companies products that gives some of their funds to help others. It’s all about that circle ‘ya know?

The month of May is Lyme Disease awareness month, and I’ve discovered a company who’s mission is to promote awareness about the disease. Lyme disease is an unfortunate disease due to a tick bite, while in some it is only an acute illness for many it becomes a chronic condition that is debilitating, to say the least. The bacteria that causes the disease, B. burgdorferi, is introduced into the body from a tick bite and can harbor in the body for a lifetime. It's effects are widespread, anything from eyes or nerves, to joints. 

With approximately 300,000 new cases a year lyme disease is something we all should be aware of. Prevention is super important if you are a frequent of the outdoors. Start with dressing in long sleeves and pants when in the outdoors and inspect yourself for ticks once your home. Here are more tips that can help. 

Ina dayle pucker up review

Back to the brand though, I’d love to introduce you to a newly established green beauty brand, INA DAYLE. The company is founded by a chronic lyme sufferer and giving back to the cause. INA DAYLE has launched a kickstarter campain to help boost her companies foundation and I’d love for you to help support her cause. You can read about the specifics and donate to the campaign here. Also, feel good in knowing that $1 for each product purchased from INA DAYLE (at anytime not just for the kickstarter) goes toward Lyme research and awareness. Purchasing or contributing to INA DAYLES kickstarter fund is not only a way to get some green beauty items in your cabinet, but support awareness for the incredibly unfortunate disease. 

A Bit About The Brand

INA DAYLE offers body care products ranging from scrubs to lip treatments to bug spray. Each product is hand crafted from entirely organic ingredients in Miami, FL. Giving back is as important to Ina as the organic products she formulates, which is why, as I mentioned above $1 from each purchased product is given to lyme research. INA DAYLE is a company you can feel good about using. As for the quality of her products, they are everything I expected…brilliant.

I’ve tried two of her products, the GIMMIE LIFE hair repairing serum and PUCKER UP lip scrub. Both are well formulated, do their jobs wonderfully, and leave me feeling great after using them. 

Ina Dayle gimmie Life hair serum review

The GIMMIE LIFE triple threat hair treatment is both a hair/scalp treatment, hair serum, and detangler. The ingredients are as follows and all organic: coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, rosemary, lavender, geranium, white fir, clary sage, cedar wood, cypress, peppermint and thyme essential oils. 

The blend of essential oils invigorate the scalp, balance oil levels, and promote hair growth. Plus the carrier oils moisturize, nourish, and calm the scalp and hair. I have used this twice now on an itchy scalp and after 30 minutes of treatment my irritated scalp was gone! This treatment would be great for anyone with dandruff, irritated scalp from coloring, or itchy irritated skin.

Between the scalp massage you get while applying it and the soothing herbal scent when it’s sitting the whole experience is uber relaxing. As a serum, just two or three drops will do and flyways are tamed and ends smoothed. Do note that at cooler temps the coconut oil does solidify at the bottom, but by running it under hot water for a few minutes, the serum will be back to new and it no way altered. 

Ina Dayle Pucker Up lip scrub review

As for the PUCKER UP this coffee and brown sugar based lip scrub really dose the trick to keep those lips smooth and lipstick ready. Again, with all organic ingredients the scrub is heavy on exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time. Plus the cinnamon and peppermint essential oils perk up the lips. Just a small scoop and a few minutes of exfoliation will leave lips smoother than you’ve ever felt them. PUCKER UP is a must have pretreatment anytime I am using lipstick, as no one likes the chapped flaky lips look under lipstick…well at least not me. 

INA DAYLE offers her entire line of body products here and you can contribute to her kickstarter fund here. By offering as little at $2 to her fund you can help bring this altruistic company to the next level. And if you donate $10 or more you get various full sized INA DAYLE products sent to you! 

Cheers my dears! 💕

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