Hair Of Paradise

When I was a kid I remember seeing those V05 Hot Oil hair treatment commercials and thinking how luxurious they looked. Warm oil on the scalp, a gentle massage, and hydrated beautiful locks. To this day I’ve never tried the actual V05 treatment because it’s riddled with super toxic ingredients. From artificial fragrance to EDTA to formaldehyde producing preservatives…super yuck. Thankfully, Hair of Paradise makes a 100% organic alternative that not only nourishes the hair and scalp but battles dandruff, itchness, brittle hair, lessens hair loss and darkens grays. 

Hair of Paradise oil, a natural dandruff and hair loss treatment

Hair of Paradise is a company based in England that was born out of a struggle for effective haircare. After lots of experimenting they settled on a powerful and unique formulation of organic ingredients. Just mustard oil, aloe vera, and lavender and tea tree essential oils- beautifully simple. 

The process to make this golden oil takes 2-3 days in which the aloe vera is infused into the oils. Each bottle is made to order, so you know you’re getting the freshest batch possible. Plus, packaging is always in a beautiful glass bottle so there’s no worry about plastic toxins leaching into the product. 

As mentioned above Hair of Paradise is great for multiple hair and scalp issues as well as maintaining already healthy locks. Mustard oil is anti-bacterial, high in vitamin E, selenium, zinc and beta carotene plus it’s anti-inflammatory. This combination makes it stimulating to the hair follicle encouraging faster hair growth and strong hydrated locks. The aloe vera soothes the scalp and calms dandruff. The two essential oils are known to fight against dandruff and itchiness because they are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. 

My Experience

The oil is thick, opaque, and slippery with a neutral fatty scent, applied either in the palm or directly to the scalp it’s massaged in and soaked from root to end. I massage my scalp for 10 minutes, which is an important step to invigorate the scalp and also drive the oils deep into the skin. I then leave it on for 2-12 hours. I prefer to apply it before bed and wash the next morning as the oils have longer to do their jobs. Although it’s not super pleasant to sleep in a shower cap, your shiny hydrated locks will be thankful in the morning. 

After washing (sometimes twice) I notice an immediate difference in my scalps itchiness and softness of hair. The biggest difference was seen in the man of the house who battles with dandruff. After just one application he noticed relief from flakes and itchiness for about five continuous days. He now reapplies every 1-2 weeks to maintain. He is super thankful for Hair of Paradise as it’s one of the few products that really work.

You can also heat the oil gently before application, which is the most luxurious way to enjoy Hair of Paradise. This mimics the V05 treatments but with no stress as you know what you’re putting on your body is actually benefitting it. 

Find Hair of Paradise here, it sells for $35 and ships fresh from the UK each time. 

What’s your favorite scalp rescue remedy? 

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